23 baby sweater design

23 Crochet Baby Sweater Design

Baby clothes are not enough, although you have them too much, whether it is a sweater or other attire. The baby crochet sweaters are more adorable than any other project. There are many beautiful designs and patterns. The crochet sweater and baby jersey can be adjusted for any size, and they are suitable for baby […]

Home Decor

33 DIY Leaf Garland

Add a touch of green in your home with the help of leaf garlands. These garlands are a cost-effective and brilliant way to enhance the grace of interiors. You can choose original or artificial leaves of your choice and create lovely leaf garland. Light up your garland with colorful lights, and it is ready for […]


11 Ripped Jeans for Men and Women

Your knees are the asset that is worth showing off. Initially, the ripped jeans were the sign of overuse, but now it is a fashion. The tears on these jeans make them look unique, and you can continue wearing the jeans for too long. The world of fashion is not ordinary, and the current obsession […]

19 Best Cut T-Shirt Designs

19 Best Cut T-Shirt Designs

Get out your crafted T-shirts in the summertime and show off some skin by shedding the layers. Maybe you are bored with your t-shirts, so it’s time to apply some skills and create new patterns from the same. We have tons of fantastic ideas so you can quickly transform the little worn or faded t-shirts, […]


Tips for Selecting Basic Supplies for Your Initial Cross-Stitch Projects

Sourcing and procuring essential supplies for your cross-stitch projects can be quite challenging and frustrating especially if you’re a beginner. One is spoilt for choice given the sheer variety of materials and products available in brick-and-mortar outlets and across e-commerce sites. However to stay on the safe side and keep things easy and simple you […]

5 Practical Tools for Organizing Your Cross-Stitch Supplies

Of all the various hand-sewing or embroidery patterns that beginner and budding embroiderers and knitters like to master, the cross-stitch is definitely one. Cross-stitch or cross-stitches continue to be extremely popular with youngsters not only because there are near endless patterns to learn but also because mastering the style poses a challenge. The versatility of […]

All about the Garter Stitch

Knitting patterns make use of garter stitch for creating an edge or border that does not curl. Garter stitch is useful for making a strong, thick, and stretchy knit fabric. You need to know this stitch for any project. It is simple and you need to know cast on. Just because garter stitch is easy […]

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