11 Ripped Jeans for Men and Women

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: September 3, 2020

Your knees are the asset that is worth showing off. Initially, the ripped jeans were the sign of overuse, but now it is a fashion. The tears on these jeans make them look unique, and you can continue wearing the jeans for too long. The world of fashion is not ordinary, and the current obsession of people with ripped jeans explains a lot about the fashion world. People are mad about ripped jeans as they are comfy and look fantastic. No matter how you wear the ripped jeans, they will always be comfortable. Pair your ribbed jeans with a lovely bag, and you are all set to stand out.

DIY Ripped Black Skinny Jeans Tutorial

Follow the steps to get the desired results.

DIY to Make Blue Ripped Jeans Easily with Scissors and Razors

Pair this ripped jeans with a rocker tee and a matching handbag, and you are ready for a romantic date.

Homemade Cute Lace Ripped Jeans DIY

Tired of wearing the same ripped jeans? This DIY will give you all new attire, and it is fun to makeover your favorite jeans.

DIY to Make a Cool-looking Ripped Jeans

Rips have an attitude, so pair the jeans with simple T-shirts and matching sneakers. Don’t over complicate things with logos and patterns.

Making a Stylish Ripped Jeans at Home

Pair a stylish ripped jean with a long patterned top and a beautiful handbag for a jazzy look.

How to Rip Your Black Jeans?

Follow the instructions properly and get it complete in a few minutes.


DIY to Make Blue Knee Ripped Jeans

This attire is perfect to wear for casual meetings. Style it up with ankle boots and a bucket bag.

DIY to Make Ripped Jeans for Men

Pair the ripped jeans with a bomber jacket if it is cold outside or with a simple T-shirt and loafers or sneakers for a perfect look.

How to Make Your Own Distressed Ripped Jeans at Home?

Follow the video step by step and show your skills to your friends and family.

DIY Unique Ripped Jeans Pattern

You will be happy to make this ripped jean as it looks stunning and fabulous. Pair it with an oversized tee and bright heels.

How to Make Your Distressed Jeans Ripped?

Follow the steps given in the video to make your distressed ripped jeans.

Step by Step Guide to Make a Pocket-Friendly Torn Jeans for Women

The step by step instructions will guide you to make the torn jeans easily.

How to DIY a Black Torn Jeans for Women?

This video will instruct you to make the torn jeans effortlessly. Follow the step by step instructions for excellent results.

Directions to Make a Dark Blue Torn Up Jeans

Follow the directions properly to make the torn-up jeans.

DIY to Make a Torn Skinny Jeans

Skinny ripped jeans look perfect with a long patterned jacket and high heels. Pair it with a clutch for an eye-catching look.

DIY to Make White Torn Jeans

White torn jean soothes eyes so you can pair it with a white top or contrast jacket.

How to Make Your Jeans Look Tattered?

Follow the instructions properly and get it complete in a few minutes.

DIY Ripped Denim Cut Off Shorts

Shorts look beautiful when paired with a t-shirt. Upgrade your attire with matching shoes.

How to Make a Perfect Ripped Jeans?

Follow the video step by step for a fantastic result.

DIY to Put Patches in Ripped Jeans

Patches in ripped jeans give it a unique look. You can also use colorful patches of your choice.

How to Make Ripped Jeans with Cheese Grater?

Rip your old jeans with a cheese grater and amaze everyone with your creativity.

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