12 Free Embroidery Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: August 20, 2020

12 Free Embroidery Patterns

When you are a beginner in embroidery, then you do not have the little things that can affect your project, and this is where practice makes a difference. Initially, you should start the project that can make you feel successful so that you can have a high spirit and continue the work with excitement.

Here we are compiling some simple yet beautiful embroidery projects that will surely make you a pro in this field. Some designs are even suitable for children who want to learn to stitch. Embroidery is an art, and it is easy to start as you will not need many supplies. Only a few basics will help you completing the attractive project.

Stem Stitch Butterfly Pattern

The adorable small sized embroidered is mesmerizing. The project is attractive and natural.

Modern Simple Flower Pattern

The traditional cross stitch is suitable for shelf designs, wall art, textile bags, and decorative pillows. Enjoy creating a lovely project with ease.

Simply Sausages Free Pattern

The pattern allows you are making the cute little sausage dogs. Decorate your home with beautiful embroidered projects.

Modern Flower Embroidery Pattern

Grab the embroidery kit and begin the lovely project. This project will not disappoint you.

Embroidered Strawberry Pincushion Project

The vintage pincushion is adorable. It is beautiful so you can make the one and showcase your skills.


Butterfly in Stem Stitch Embroidered Sample

Colorful butterflies are God’s unique creation. The stem stitch embroidered butterfly pattern is perfect for your first project.

Single Sashiko Embroidery Motifs

Sashiko, the hand embroidery of Japanese style, has a beautiful intricate pattern that is simply made using a running stitch with the help of Sashiko thread.

Easy Embroidered Strawberry Pincushion

The little and cute strawberry looks lovely with the five felt leaves. The pattern is eye-grabbing and easy to make.

Sly Cat Pattern for Kids

Sly Cat Pattern for Kids
Sly Cat Pattern for Kids

You can reduce or enlarge the sly cat pattern to the size you want. The enlarged pattern will use more thread strands than a smaller one.

Embroider Small Sashiko Designs

This is a traditional pattern that can be upgraded into a more decorative form so you can create this design on clutches, table linens, and dresses.

Easy Embroidered Pillow Project

The modern embroidery of strawberry looks alluring. You can add different colors of your choice and add charm to this design.

Redwork Chicken Weathervane Pattern

Chickens are cute and great pets. If you love them, then start creating a chicken pattern embroidery and make it a part of your room.

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