12 Loom Knitting Hat Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 16, 2019

Loom knitting is very easy even for beginners who have never tried it before. It is pretty easy to make your own loom hat. Our tutorial will make it simpler for you to understand the technique and then you can have a warm winter loom knit hat which will match every outfit you wear. It is a fantastic project for early learners to enjoy the stitching patterns. But one should be extra careful enough while choosing the yarns. Using thinner yarns will make the hat airy and open so you will be prone to catch a cold quite easily. But if you select thick threads then your items will be fuller and tightened, making you cozy and toasty beside giving a traditional look.

Loom Knit Hippo Hat Pattern

This happy little hippo hat can make anyone happy! Pink, purple, and a little bit of white yarns make it great for any head size.

Loom Knit Hippo Hat Pattern

Cute hippopotamus hats are best gifts for toddlers with cute tiny flowers topped and colorful braids hanging along.

Cozy Ribbed Hat Loom Knitting Pattern

Make basic ribbed hats which can be cozy enough for men, women and small children serving as apt Christmas presents.

Cozy Ribbed Hat Loom Knitting Pattern

Cute little girls in rainbow loom hats with multicolored yarn made pompoms. It is an excellent bliss to see them.

Loom Stripe Hat Rib Pattern Design

This two-tone striped loom hat can be your newest pattern to impress everyone in the family. Gift each one of these!

Loom Stripe Hat Rib Pattern

Flaunt a gorgeous look with this pink and white glossy yarn striped hat and add an extra stylish look with the earflaps.

Easy Loom Knit Hat Pattern

It is a step by step process loom knit pattern for making this cute Minnie mouse knit hat for your little Minnie at home.

Loom Knit Hat Pattern

Knit this loom hat easily with a touch of intricacy and all will be awe of your knitting skills. Another feather of talent in your cap!

Loom Knitting Newsboy Hat Pattern

Have this cute candy designed newsboy loom hat for your young lad or his friend and be ready for a theme party.

Loom Knitting Newsboy Hat Pattern

Dark colored yarns are best for loom knitted hats. These are stylish, funky winter accessories suitable for women.

Leaf Top Hat Loom Knitting Pattern

Handmade baby hats look best in leaf top patterns. They look super cute on their tiny heads with a small leaf stitched on top.

Leaf Top Hat Loom Knitting Pattern

If you are searching ideas for gifts for your little ones for a special occasion, then it has to be this handmade leaf top loom hat.

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