130 Crochet Baby Hats

by Ashley // updated on: December 16, 2019

Crochet Baby Hat

One would love to crochet for babies! Both babies and crocheting are the cutest of all. So you must try out some crochet hats for your baby to make them a bit snuggly and more cuddly during the winter months. Sweet crochet hats are quick and easy to make, with adorable looks and are damn cozy to wear. We are sure both your baby and you will appreciate our crochet patterns.  You can knit a beautiful crocheted hat for your little one in no time! You will just fall in love with this and crocheting has the power to be the favorite of even the beginners.

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Knit a sweet crocheted hat for your cutie pie! They will simply make them more adorable and keep them warm too.

Simple Crochet Hat Design

Easy patterns and just a little patience are all that you need to make a simple but cute crochet hat for the babies.

Baby Bear Crochet Hat Pattern

Check the patterns for bear hats available here for all you newly mothers. You need to stitch small ears on them too for the bear effect.

Monster Inc. Crochet Hat

These crocheted monster hats would be perfect for babies for Halloween parties! Some even can go for fancy dress competitions.

Crochet Hat with Braided Tassels

Tassels look incredibly cute on little ones. So make this blue, bright crocheted hat with lovely tassels hanging along.

Cute Bear Hat for Newborns

What is the cutest sight on earth? Of course, it a bear hat on a baby’s little head with two tiny ears stitched on top.

Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Use sweet colored yarns for knitting a baby hat because they are likely to sooth the baby more with its delicacy.

Monster Crochet Baby Hat

Babies will just love these colorful monster hats and they will look like bliss in these! Trust us and make one.

Simple Crochet Baby Hat with Ears

Ears should be weaved on the side tops of the baby hats after the crocheting and you are ready with a cute hat in hand.

Red Pixie Hat

Red is the perfect shade for baby girls! So get set to make a bright red pixie hat for a unique fashion for your baby.

Crochet a Baby Hat

You can quickly learn the methods and with correct measurements of your baby’s head, knit a lovely crochet hat.

Crochet Baby Beanie Hat

The techniques can be readily understood for they are genuinely easy patterns. So you can quickly knit a sweet yellow baby beanie.

Easy Crochet Baby Hat with Pompoms

Pompoms are more than designs to baby hats. Imagine the adorability level of a colorful hat with two little pompom balls on a tiny head.

Crochet Baby Hat without Seam

One may knit baby hats in a new style without any seam to them. Just easy knit and crochet light color yarns and make pretty baby hats.

Crochet Baby Pixie Hat

Look at this eighth wonder of the world! You can too make your baby girl look this adorable with a classy green pixie baby hat.

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

You can use different colorful yarns instead of making a neutral colored hat. Reds, blues and whites make them lovable.

Tutorial for a Blue Crochet Hat

You can get all the necessary information and patterns for quick knitting of a blue baby hat with a bit of crocheting.

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Learn various patterns of knitting and crocheting anytime and new moms can make beautiful crochets in baby hats.

Ribbed Crochet Hat

One must read all the necessary information and follow the instructions as mentioned on the website for the best ribbed and crochet hats.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hat for Baby Boys

You can merely see the happiness on your baby’s face if you gift one of these attractive and colorful turtle hats.

Baby Boy Crochet Hat

Knit a cute baby hat with crochet patterns and yarns of popping colors. Keep your kid toasty in winters.

Minnie Mouse Crochet Hat for Baby Girls

Minnie Mouse is the most favorite of all baby girls! They would crave for this cute pink crochet hat with colorful braids.

Crochet Patterns for a Baby Hat

One can get a variety of patterns for crocheting baby hats. All are available on the site for the betterment of knitters.

Crochet Baby Mickey Hat

And all you proud mothers of baby boys don’t you dare to miss this Mickey Mouse hat for your little superhero.

Crochet Baby Boy Hat

Baby boys will look more adorable and stylish during winters with hand knitted and crocheted classic baby hats.

Crochet Pattern for Baby Santa Hat

Santa hats look best on baby heads. Christmas parties will be more lively and glorious with cute Santa babies jingling along here and there.

Minnie Mouse Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

All the mothers of cute little daughters do not miss to make this Minnie mouse hat and crochet it to delight your baby girls.

Christmas Crochet Hat for Babies

You can make a bunch of these lovely Christmas hats for your little one and other toddlers for December parties.

Crochet Hat for One-Year-Old Baby Girls

NNewbornbaby girls must be kept warm enough during the cold winters hence thick crocheting should be done around the head.

Crochet Baby Cowboy Hat and Boots Pattern

A mother can knit and gift her boy this trendy set of a cowboy hat and little boots on his third month birthday.

Crochet Patterns for Baby Hats

You must preferably choose color changing yarns for baby hat crocheting to provide them with a presentable look.

Baby Girl Crochet Hat

It is true bliss to watch beautiful baby girls with pink and coral crocheted hats, with flowers or other designs for a cuter look.

Pink Crocheted Baby Hat DIY

One should learn the basic steps for making one pretty piece of a crocheted hat and using pink yarns is a must for babies.

Crocheted Baby Hat

One should also maintain proper intricacy and textural richness to enrich the look and keep your baby warm.

Cowboy Hat and Boot Set

Follow our website for the methods and necessary instructions for easy and quick knitting. You can make cowboy set of hats and boots in no time.

Baby Girl Crochet Hat Pattern

Your baby girl feels like a princess with this lovely colorful crocheted hat of pinks, greens and yellows with a tiny flower at a side.

Pink Cluster Hats for Babies

Cluster patterns are much richer in texture and look for its intricacy and tightly knit clusters. Sweet pink yarns are best for cluster crocheting.

Baby Hat Crochet Patterns

You should keep in mind that colors and brightness are must for babies to keep them joyous. A cute pompom on top is the key to more happiness.

Crochet Baby Hats with Flowers

Babies are like flowers. So why not make them crocheted hats with a cute flower knitted with a different color yarn!

Pink Crochet Baby Hat

Babies love pink and they look most adorable in pink too! So make sure to include a pink crocheted one in your baby hat collection.

Crochet Baby Hat with a Topknot

Topknots can look as cute as tiny pompoms on baby hats. So you must knit one top knotted baby hat for your angel.

Crochet Baby Cowboy Hat

Choose up bright greens or turquoise yarns to make the loveliest cowboy hat ever for your tiny head.

Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat

Girl toddlers can turn into angels with a pink or candy coral crocheted baby hat. So make sure to gift them one.

Turban Hat Crocheting

Turban hats are not as hard as they appear to us. Just follow the website for ideas and easy knitting ways and finish in less time.

Easy Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

Crocheting hats are both comfortable and fun task for knitters. You need to use vibrant shades to create best baby hats.

White Beanie Hat for Newborns

Cute beanies are fantastic for babies. Pink is suitable for babies, but white hats make the newborn babies angelic.

White Easy Crochet Baby Hat

White yarns are preferable for knitting baby hats as these are delicate and pure as the newborn babies.

Crochet Hat with a Floral Motif

Floral patterns are always beautiful for any age and baby girls would love to have this blossoming crocheted hat.

Crochet Baby Hat with Bulky Yarns

Bulky yarns may be used to make the hats chunkier. These may help the baby to be warmer and cozier in cold weathers.

Crochet Pattern for a Baby Boy Hat

While baby girls wear cute hats, boys prefer to be trendy in stylish and impressive hat patterns like these.

Pink Crochet Hat with a Black Ribbon

You can knit this pink watermelon baby hat for your girl child with a cute little black ribbon around it tied with a knot.

Crochet Summer Baby Hat

Sweet colored hats are amazingly beautiful on baby girls and these are apt for the sunny summer days.

White and Green Crochet Helmet Hat

Helmet hats are the coolest hats for baby heads yet are the warmest of all for winter conditions!

Newborn Baby Crochet Hat Pattern for 3-6 Months

This green and pink fruity baby hat with polka dotted pink ribbons are the perfect winter accessory for babies.

Crochet Baby Viking Hat Pattern

Viking hats should always be knitted in bright and rich colors for a royal look using dark purples and mustard yellow yarns.

Crochet Elf Hat

This Christmas style elf hat is a great outfit for your baby to have around all through the freezing months.

Crochet Hat for Babies

Besides light shades and delicate yarns, you may also knit a black and white chunky one and stitch a small crocheted red heart in front.

Crochet Baby Stocking Hat Pattern

Stocking hat patterns look the cutest on newborn babies. The long tail hanging behind make them look like elves.

Elephant Crochet Hat

Baby elephant hats are too adorable to miss! Make small eyes and a little trunk to the hat that can fit on the tiny heads.

Crochet Baby Owl Hat Pattern

Owl patterns are the best animal patterns for the toddlers. The colorful patterns with crocheting eyes and mouth make them awesome.

Funny Fox Crochet Hat and Diaper Cover

Fox patterns are amusing and lovable to the newly born. You must stitch a set of hat and diaper cover for your little foxy.

Crochet Baby Hat and Diaper Cover Pattern

Several patterns can be availed from our website for making a set of adorable hats and diapers for your angelic toddlers.

Crochet Baby Viking Hat

Viking hats are great for anyone. And if they are for babies, they have a natural addition to cuteness.

Crochet Baby Baseball Hat

Baseball hats look fantastic on baby heads for their classic color combinations and a sporty look. You should knit one.

Crochet Hat for summer

This looks naturally refreshing as a summer outfit with melon dress set. Summer hats look awesome on little ones.

Crocheted Hat and Cocoon

Cocoons are the warmest things for little ones during the cold Canadian winters so you must knit a set of hat and cocoon.

Double Crochet Hat

Crocheting is itself rich textured. And double crocheting makes the hats richer and warmer for the baby heads and ears.

Crochet Sun Hat Pattern for Baby

Sunhats are suitable for both baby boys and girls during the summers and springs. They are full of vibrancy and liveliness.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Crocheting Baby Hats

One should learn steps one after the other in a correct way for the best creations of baby crochet hats.

Crocheting Baby Hat

Read the instructions and understand the method for crocheting your baby hats. You may use different patterns for designing them.

Crochet Slouchy Baby Hat

Slouches are such patterns that would be loved by all! Even baby girls like a little slouch in their outfits.

Cute Crochet Baby Slouch Hat Pattern

Bright and classic red slouchy hats go perfect with any baby dress and your kid will be the star of the show everywhere.

Crochet Granny Baby Hat

Toddlers would love granny stitches for their colorful pops and designs and beautiful textures.

Double Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

Double crocheting makes them doubly thick and twice cuter in looks. Babies love these on their small heads.

Shell Stitch Crochet Baby Hat

You may take up a unique shell stitching pattern for crocheting the baby hat with sweet green threads and all love!

Royal Blue Crochet Hat

Bright shades must be used for knitting baby hats such as this royal blue cute pompom hat with a tiny white fluff on top.

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern

You can use heart patterns too for the hats. A sweet coral pink baby hat with a cute pink heart stitched is genuinely heart melting!

Crochet Hat with Beard

Toddlers look the coolest and cutest of all with these bearded hipster hats, so all the newly become moms knit one.

Granny Square Baby Hat

Mothers can also choose the most famous granny stitches for baby square hats. But granny patterns need multicolored yarns for sure.

Crochet Baby Hat 6-9 Months

This cute watermelon hat is perfect for any baby girl under the age of one year. In fact, this is so apt for the summers.

Princess Leia Crochet Hat

This pattern is best suitable for Halloween parties, fancy dress competitions in Montessori schools.

Princess Leia Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Your toddler might be a star war fan, so you must not dishearten him. Knit him this baby hat now.

Snowman Crochet Hat

Transform your baby into a tiny snowman with this adorable crocheted hat. You can also knit a full set for your baby.

Crochet Baby Hat Pattern for 6-12 Months

Crocheting patterns do not need any age to match with. So even if your baby is not a toddler, knit this pretty knotted hat.

Star Wars Yoda Crochet Hat

Yoda hats are too cute not to knit for your little ones. Turn your baby into a Yoda baby with this tiny crochet hat.

Crochet Baby Hat with Beard

Babies love bearded hats for they will look the most attractive anywhere especially as unique costumes for Halloween parties.

Crocheted Hat and Cocoon

This multicolor caterpillar pattern for a worm hat and cocoon is an irresistible costume for the newly born.

Lion Crochet Hat for Baby

Unleash the lioness in your baby girl with this bright and awesome fluffy lion hat with fantastic crochet patterns.

Baby Lion Hat Crochet Pattern

Get the easiest techniques for crocheting and creating an excellent piece of lion hat for your baby lion.

Star Wars Yoda Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Handmade Yoda hats can serve well as birthday presents for your little Yoda at home.

Crochet Baby Hat for 6-9 Months

Owl patterns are excellent for babies who are not a year old. These look extremely adorable on their tiny heads.

Crochet Baby Elf Hat with Ears

Turn your babies into magical elves with these crochet hats and knit ears on both sides for more adorability.

Crochet Baby Elf Hat

Red and white Christmas elf hats look enchanting on toddler’s heads. They feel merrier with these crochet hats.

Crochet Baby Turkey Hat Pattern

Turkey patterns also may look great for babies for their colorful and funny cartoonist designs and cute earflaps.

Crochet Baby Newsboy Hat Pattern

Newsboy hats are the trendiest of all baby hats. So you must have one for your stylish toddler this winter.

Crochet Baby Hat with Brim

One can kit these baby hats with or without brims. Brimmed hats look much more stylish than regular ones.

Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

Aviator hats are mostly cute for babies and also they are helping to keep their ears warm by the side flaps.

Crochet Cow Baby Hat

Toddlers will surely love cow patterns on their heads. Make the eyes and mouth with beads and crochet with different colors.

Crocheted Hippo Hat

You will love the bows in this hippo hat. Make a hippo crocheted hat for your tiny cute hippo with these fancy red bows.

Crochet Animal Hat for Babie

A mother can knit a whole zoo hat collection with the entire range of cute animal hats for her baby. Each day a new animal unleashes!

Crochet Baby Bunny Hat

Your girl will be the cutest creature on earth with this bunny hat crocheted in white. Get ready to hop on her all day long!

Cabbage Patch Crochet Hat for Babies

These can be perfect baby costumes for any fancy dress or Halloween parties. Cabbage patterned hats with colorful braided wigs are pretty!

Crochet Baby Fishing Hat Pattern

One must knit a colorful array of fish hats for your kiddy. Clownfishes and other will light up the moods.

Crochet Baby Hats Giraffe

You cannot keep your eyes out of this baby giraffe with a cute crochet hat! You can now have a giraffe at home!

Crochet Baby Pumpkin Hat

Cute pumpkins on cute heads! Take a bright yellow yarn bunch and knit a cute round pumpkin hat with tiny green leaves on top.

Crochet Cupcake Hat Pattern for Baby

Babies are natural cupcakes. So you must knit a cupcake hat for your little cupcake and the tiny head will be most adorable.

Crochet Baby Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

Sock monkey patterns are most incredible ones! They are the softest and the monkey face on top is perfect for babyfaces.

Crochet Baby Hello Kitty Hat Pattern

Your little kitty will surely go to love this super cute kitty hat with sweet braids and she will be all in delight!

Cabbage Patch Crochet Hat for Baby

Cabbage patch looks excellent on bubbly babies! Put on some bright colored crocheted cabbages on the tiny heads.

Crochet Hat with Cable Motifs

Babies love cables and crocheting. The more designs, they get more pleased with the hats.

Crochet Cow Hat for Babies

Even cows can be made into hats for the little ones! Mix white and black yarns for creating an excellent cow crochet hat.

Baby Crochet Hat with a Mohawk Style

Mohawk hats are most fashionable among the winter accessories. Men love and so do baby boys so you must get them one.

Crochet Koala Hat Pattern

Koala bears are the cutest animals. So you must not miss a koala hat in your baby hat collection.

Crochet Baby Hat Dog

Dog hats can be great if rightly knit. Babies love dog hats with hanging ears; they are way too adorable.

Crochet Baby Reindeer Hat

Your baby is fans of Rudolf the reindeer, so it’s your duty to turn him into a reindeer too!

Crochet Baby Giraffe Hats

Giraffe patterns are way too cuter than other animal patterns. Babies would love a bright, soft giraffe hat.

Crochet Puppy Dog hat

Puppy faces are damn cute! Knit a puppy hat for your little one at home and the baby will love a new pet.

Hello Kitty Crochet Hat for Babies

New moms check out this cute kitty hat and make a pair of your baby’s favorite hello kitty hats.

Crochet Leprechaun Hat

Learn easy steps to make and crochet leprechaun hat with all the required information available here.

Crochet Baby Hat with Cables

Cables are so adorable that you must knit them for your little angels. And this bear shaped cabled hat is more than perfect.

Crochet Leprechaun Hat Pattern

You can readily get this pattern for a leprechaun hat on our website. Use brighter green yarns for this one.

Crochet Baby Koala Hat

Koala hats, besides being cute, are warm compared to other animal hats for the yarn quality use in them and its compact style.

Crochet Baby Ladybug Hat

Baby heads can get lovelier and attractive with buggy hats on them. They would match any baby outfit.

Crochet Mohawk Baby Hat

Mohawks are lovable and trendy for every age group. Toddlers and even the newborn babies love to wear fluffy and wooly Mohawks.

Crocheted Hat with Ripples

The rippled pattern is one unique design for baby hats and accessories. They would be a bit chunky.

Crochet Ladybug Hat for Babies

Ladybug patterns are the most popular hat designs used for babies. Kids love these for the vibrancy and cute polkas.

Crochet Baby Reindeer Hat

Reindeers are kids’ favorite for their cuteness and innocence. So this Christmas all moms knit a pretty bowed reindeer hat.

Crochet Baby Ripple Hat

Ripples are fun to make and cute to wear. So you dare not miss this to include in your baby’s winter wear collection this year.

How to Crochet a White Baby Hat?

Take up white yarns and carefully follow the methods of crocheting and you will surely be able to knit up a white sweet baby hat.

How to Make a Santa Clause Crochet Hat?

Christmas is knocking at the doors! So you must learn the patterns fast and make a Santa Claus hat for your little Santa at home.

How to Crochet a Ribbed Baby Hat?

Ribbed stitches are unique in themselves and mixing them with a bit of crocheting will be an icing on top.

How to Crochet a Baby Hat?

While starting this project, you must make sure of the procedures and techniques to knit them faster.

How to Crochet a Baby Hat for Beginners?

Crocheting can be fun for beginners too! Just one needs to go through the correct techniques to knit baby hats.

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