14 Cat Embroidery Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: September 3, 2020

Grab the inexpensive supplies and get started with your embroidery project. But once you have a hoop and colorful floss, the primary thing that comes in mind is about the pattern that you want to sew. If you are a feline lover, and what would be better than embroidering different cat patterns? There are ranges of embroidery projects that involve cats. The
designs are cute and easy, so that you can complete them in a few hours. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced stitcher, the cat patterns are enjoyable to make. Hand embroidery gives you a sense of achievement once you complete the project successfully.

Cozy Corner Punch Needle Pattern

Punch needle embroidery pushes yarn into the fabric. You can try this cat pattern and show your love for the kitty.

Playful Kitties Embroidery Pattern

The pattern is perfect for beginners, as it is easy. The cats basking in the sun look lovely, and you can use it in aprons, dish towels, quilt blocks, book covers, and other handmade accessories.

Love and a Cat Pattern

Black cats are always related to superstitions, but these cute creatures look amazing, so you can enjoy making the lovely cat pattern.

Your Majesty Cat Embroidery Pattern

The unique and beautiful knitting pattern will attract every cat owner. Every pet needs royal treatment, and the design dictates the same. The fun texture looks fantastic.


Comfy Kitty Punch Needle Pattern

The cute kitty is adorable. If you are a cat owner, then make this lovely embroidery for your feline friend.

Floral Feline Pattern

This is a fun and great design. Do this beautiful project for the Mother’s day gift. Your Mother will love it for sure.

Festive Feline Pattern

The pattern is amazing and easy to follow. Grab the supplies and start making the fun pattern.

Cat Hand Embroidery Pattern

Most cats love messing flowers and plants, but here the cat seems friendly and looks elegant in her black coat.

Super-Cute Cat Pattern

We know kitty doesn’t like wearing a sweater, but still, she is looking so cute. Try making this pattern and enjoy your skill.

Cat Embroidery Pattern from DMC

The cute and real pattern is mesmerizing and accentuates the look of your home in no time.

Fat Cat at Night Cross Stitch Pattern

The pattern is amazing, and you will enjoy embroidering it for sure. The cat is so cute that you will not leave the project in between until it completes.

Floral Feline Embroidery Pattern

If you are getting bored, then this embroidery is a fun task. The kitty is so adorable, and the flowers also look elegant.

Chunky Cat Charted Pattern

The charted pattern makes use of cross stitch, and it looks different. The project is simple and easy to make.

Christmas Sweater Cat Pattern

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cat Pattern

The cat pattern looks amazing, and the cat looks cute. Kitty is not looking much happy, but she is undoubtedly cute.

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