15 Beautiful Yarn Dolls

by Kristen // updated on: December 29, 2019

Easy DIY to Make Yarn Dolls

The cute and simple toy is all time favorite of kids, and you along with your little one can make this toy easily. It is the best way to enhance creativity and spend quality time with your kid. You only need limited supplies to complete this project. Your kid is going to love this adorable doll.

Easy DIY to Make Yarn Dolls

Easy DIY to Make Yarn Dolls

This is the perfect DIY for Christmas; attach wings, and your handmade angels are ready to bless you.

Octopus Yarn Doll - Interesting Pattern

Octopus Yarn Doll – Interesting Pattern

Make this interesting, funny pattern and gift it to your lovely friend.

Easy Yarn Doll Tutorial for Kids

Follow the instructions and make this easy project in no time.

Yarn Voodoo Doll Keychain

Yarn Voodoo Doll Keychain

Start this craft with your kid and give freedom to decorate the doll with different types of beads and ribbon.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Dolls using Craft Sticks

DIY Yarn Wrapped Dolls using Craft Sticks

If you want your child to learn doll making then this is the perfect way to start; engage your child in making these dolls and see the creativity.

Making The Yarn Voodoo Doll

Follow the instructions carefully to make this DIY effortlessly.

Mexican Yarn Dolls

Mexican Yarn Dolls

Dress your doll in the cultural fabric of your choice; the female tunic and colorful male pants are attractive, and the beads are perfect for the traditional look.

Yarn Doll Angels

Yarn Doll Angels

If you love crocheting or knitting then this is an ideal craft for you; make hat separately and attach it on the dolls.


Tutorial To Make Yarn Doll 

If you are a beginner, then these instructions are going to ease your work for sure.


How to Make a Yarn Doll from Esperanza Rising?

Make sure to follow these instructions carefully; decorate it as per your choice.

How to Make Pretty Angel Dolls with Yarns?


Always keep these angels at your home to get blessings. The video helps to make the project quickly.

Make Yarn Dolls – Instructions 

Follow the instructions and show off your creativity among your friends and family.

How to Make Yarn Dolls?

This video gives an idea to create this beautiful and frugal toy easily.

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