15 Crochet Doll Patterns Free

by Kari // updated on: February 14, 2020

Maybe you’re a crochet whiz who is looking to further their skill set, or perhaps you’re simply curious about how to craft a crochet doll pattern. Regardless of the reason, these 15 free patterns will give you a plethora of inspiration. Keep reading below to see if one of these designs piques your interest.

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Pink crochet doll pattern

Brunette Crochet Doll

This adorable crochet doll patterns features fun pink “shoes” that you can knit yourself as well.

Pink Outfitted Crochet Doll

This doll is a bit more intricate than the first, as there are tights, and lace up shoes to consider.

Buttons crochet doll pattern

Redhead Crochet Doll

From the matching bows to the coordinating button colors, this doll is very fun.

Crochet Doll Duo

Two is better than one in the case of these cute dolls above. Their chevron style dresses and matching hairdos make them quite a pair.

colorful crochet doll patterns

Festive Crochet Doll

This fun crochet doll pattern features beads and bright colors — what more could you want?

Colorful Crochet Doll

Between the magenta hair and periwinkle tights, this crochet doll is sure to meet all your color needs.

Floral and Polka Dot Crochet Doll

Not only does this doll have a pretty flowered dress, but she also comes complete with a suitcase. She is sure to be stylish, and a fan favorite.

Winter Ready Doll

This crochet doll is ready to brave the elements in her sweater dress and knit hat.

Twin Crochet Dolls

If you or someone you know has twins, or even super-similar looking siblings, these dolls are right up your alley!

BFF dolls patterns crochet

BFF Dolls

One doll for you, one for a friend — what more could you ask for with these colorful characters?

Pink skirt doll pattern

Pink and Blue Crochet Doll

Vibrant blues and pretty pinks make this doll stand out among the rest.

bikini crochet doll pattern

Summertime Doll

This doll is ready for fun in the sun in a purple knitted bikini with matching shoes.

black and white crochet doll paterns

Green and Navy Outfitted Doll

This cute doll is perfect for anyone in your life, from kids to nostalgic adults.

crochet doll patterns

Bright Crochet Doll

This doll is all prettied up for springtime in a blue dress and colorful locks, which offer a nice contrast in textures.

crochet doll patterns

Dressed Up Crochet Doll

This doll’s vibrant blue dress with red trim is really pretty, plus you can even knit the matching ribbons!

Hopefully these 15 ideas helped inspire you for your next crochet project. Dolls are super cute and personal, making a thoughtful gift for someone you know, or perhaps something fun for yourself.


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