15 Free Animal Knitting Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: February 28, 2023

In this article you’ll discover free animal knitting patterns to download. We selected these knitting patterns from around the web and hope that this selection will give you inspiration to knit your own animal.

We are sure you will never get bored with our knitting techniques, and you will be more interested in what is the next animal toy to make after you finish one. You will find here easy and quick free animal knitting patterns to create unique designs of toys shaped in various animals. These creations will be loved and cherished forever by your family members and loved ones for their incredible adorability.

Amigurumi is the name of the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting tiny cute stuffed animals. They are all about cuteness. Make these beautiful little friends keep at home or give away as gifts to your dear ones.

Frog Free Knitting Pattern

Isn’t he absolutely adorable? This knitted frog will impress any adult or child you make it for!
The fun thing about this pattern is that you only need one skein of yarn (easy) and that the frog has a tennis ball inside it! So when you throw him around he’ll bounce back. Of course this is optional. You can also simply fill it with fiber fill and make it a normal knitted toy.

Get the free knitting pattern here.

Bunny Knitting Patterns

Whether you’re making knitted bunnies for Easter or just because they are so cute is completely up to you! We found a few different bunny knitting patterns for you to try.

free bunny knitting pattern
baby bunny free knitting pattern

This first pattern is a a knitting pattern for a baby bunny. Isn’t it just too cute for words?!

Here’s the video tutorial to create this bunny.

You can download the free PDF pattern here.

rabbit and bear free animal knitting pattern
rabbit and bear free knitting pattern

These bunny and bear are knitted with an irresistibly soft fur-like yarn which gives them their character.

Click here for the free PDF knitting pattern.

Bunny toy free knitting pattern

This bunny toy free knitting pattern is an easy project worked in the round seamlessly from the head to the body.

After you create an account, you can download the free PDF knitting pattern here.

Modern bunny PDF knitting pattern free
Balloon Bunny free PDF knitting pattern

If you’re looking for a more modern bunny than this balloon bunny is exactly what you’re looking for. This toy will be approximately 10 inches or 25,5cm tall when you’re done knitting. Imagine creating a whole family in different color yarn!

You can find the free pattern here.

Or if you’re ok with paying a few bucks, you can try one of the following premium knitting patterns.

Try this one:

Bunny Knitting Pattern

You can get here the best knitting patterns quick and easy to make and win everyone’s heart quite effortlessly.

Miniature Animal Knitting Patterns Free

Sometimes you just need a quick knitting project. Try one of these free knitting patterns for tiny animals. They’re super cute and you can make them in a fraction of the time it would take you to make a normal sized animal. They’re also the perfect gift especially if you imagine adding them to a keychain.

Miniature Animal Knitting Patterns Free
Miniature animal knitting pattern

Look at this little chicken. Isn’t she absolutely adorable?! and it would only take a few minutes to knit with leftover yarn.

Try this free pattern today!

Miniature cat free knitting pattern

Look at this miniature cat. Wouldn’t it be a perfect gift for any cat lovers in your life? Of course you can make them in any color which makes this a perfect project to get rid of your leftover yarn! The cat is 3 inches tall, worked in the round, and all in one piece except for the tail.

Download the free miniature cat knitting pattern here.

baby seal miniature free knitting pattern
baby seal free knitting pattern

Cuteness overload! That’s what this baby seal is. Just a little bit of white yarn and some extra time and you’ll have this adorable gift ready in no time.

Here’s the free baby seal knitting pattern.

Here are some other premium knitted bunny and chicken patterns.

Try this one:

hen knitting patterns
Hen Knitting Pattern

You must knit a dozen of woolen hens, and they are more than perfect for Christmas gifts to every little head present.

Bunny and Egg Knitting Pattern

Make sweet little bunnies for all the little people you know. This is a lovely idea and the most adorable gift for someone.

Knitted Cat Free Pattern

This cat makes me think of the Chester Cat from Alice in Wonderland! I can imagine what it would look like in purple and black stipes!
You can find the free cat knitting pattern here.

The following pictures are from premium patterns:

cat knitting patterns
Cat Knitting Patterns

Knit stuffed cat toys with colorful yarns and easy techniques available on the website. This will just amaze all.

This super adorable bundle of joy is sure to make every heart melt with its vibrant colors and cuteness at its best. It’s available as a premium pattern on Ravelry.

Dinosaur Free Knitting Pattern

A roundup with knitted animal patterns wouldn’t be complete without a dinosaur pattern. If you have a little boy in your life, I’m sure you’ll make him very happy with this knitted toy!

Triceratops Dinosaur free knitting pattern
Dinosaur free knitting pattern

This triceratops dinosaur is a simple to intermediate pattern. It’s made with straight needles and the legs are movable.
Go ahead, give this pattern a try!

You can find the free dinosaur knitting pattern here.

Here are some other examples for inspiration.

crocodile knit keychain
Crocodile Knit Keychain

Make your customized collection of crocodiles at home with instructions and best patterns available here.

Bear Knitting Patterns

A bear is the ultimate stuffed toy for kids, everyone likes a teddy bear and especially a self-knitted one!

That’s why we included a selection of free knitting patterns for bears in this roundup post.

knitted teddy bear free pattern
Teddy bear free knitting pattern

This first teddy bear is perfect for the youngest children because the eyes are sewn on. This means there’s no chocking hazard from the safety eyes. And with the ribbon, it’s easy to adjust it to fit both boy and girl babies!

Download the free bear knitting pattern here.

Colorful bear free knitting pattern
Colorful bear free knitting pattern

Next up is this very colorful bear. You can use a variegated yarn to create this multicolor effect without ever having to switch colors.

Download the free pattern here.

Free Lamb Knitting Patterns

free lamb knitting pattern
Free lamb knitting pattern

Lambs are another one of those animals that are just adorable and always make for good baby gifts.

Use fuzzy yarn to make the result even more interesting.

You can find the free lamb knitting pattern here.

This cute lamb will just bring an unforgettable smile to your kid’s face. We can bet on that. The premium pattern is available on Etsy.

Free Owl Knitting Patterns

free owl knitting patterns
Free owl knitting pattern

This huge owl will definitely steal the show. He’s 17 inches tall and 38 inches in circumference.

You can find the free owl knitting pattern here.

Tweed Owl free knitting pattern

This tweed owl is another free animal knitting pattern you’ll like to make. The finished owl is approximately 8 inches tall.

You can find the owl knitting pattern here.

Owl knitted cushion

This owl is a bit of a different model but it’s still super cute. The body is knitted and the feathers are made in crochet.

You can find the full explanations here.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to make owl related crafts, check out our article with 17 Easy Owl Crochet Patterns.

More Knitted Animals for Inspiration

Have a look at these cute wonders. One cannot resist making these with easy knitting patterns and a little dedication.

These can serve great as toys for any child, and handmade knitted lambs will add an extra dose of emotion attached to it.

Knit this cute bunny rabbit for your little bunny baby at home. She will just fall in love with your knitting skills.

Chicken loom knit pattern
Chicken Loom Knit Patterns

Look at this piece of wonder! Japanese art has invented the most incredible creation through these stuffed animal toys.

A pair of these knitted owls at any corner of your room will surely add an extraordinary creative touch and an artistic ambiance.

Have your collection of cute stuffed cats in your room, and it will surely be going to add an extra charm to your home décor.

Rabbit Knit
Rabbit Knit for Newborns

This small stuffed toy is the perfect gift you can have for kids. You may give one of these to each for Easter time.

Make a bunch of these small gators. Trust us they will not scare or bite you! In fact, you will adore them.

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