15 Macramé Hammock Patterns

by Kristen // updated on: March 20, 2023

Summers are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time for you to bask in the bright sunshine and sip a cup of cold coffee or some other beverages while enjoying a good storybook. And this kind of lounging cannot be better while lying on a hammock and swaying to and fro. Hence you can experience a relaxing outing in your garden itself with a handmade hammock. So we suggest you make a beautiful hammock with some macramé cords and enjoy the summer breezes. If one has her own garden and is willing to sunbath during the summertime or enjoy a garden or outdoor party, then a macramé hammock is the best option.

DIY Macramé Hammock

A macramé hammock can be a great way and the best project for macramé cords to add a charming décor to your house.

Macramé Hammock Patterns

Macramé is the traditional way of tying knots and knitting with cords for creating wonderful craftworks like this hammock.

Macramé Hammock

Macramé hammocks make the perfect springtime project for all you macramé lovers and you can enjoy this fun knotting season.

Macramé Hammock

If you are wondering about the tricks to make a hammock then no worries at all for we have a collection of easy tutorials.

Macramé Hammock Chair

If one has some pretty knowledge of macramé, one can create a variety of designs, craftworks and lovely patterns for the hammocks.

Macramé Hammock Pattern

Knitting can be much more comfortable for you do not need much if the macramé supplies and you need some basic knots for patterning hammocks.

Macramé Hammock Project

Macramé hammocks not only look pretty but are extremely easy to try out as projects and you can create a comfy swing for yourself and your family.

Macramé Rope Hammock

One can swing indoors as well as outdoors, lazing at your gardens beneath the trees and even you can carry these roped hammocks on islands too.

Macramé Hammock Chair Pattern

Macramé hammocks can also provide you with a range of chair patterns from single-colored to using multi-colored cords for more attractive looks.

Macramé Hammock Plan

You can place macramé hammocks at any corner of your house, at your gardens to give a classy look to your room, balcony or outdoors.

Macramé Hammock ImageMulti-colored hammocks can look marvelous and can easily adorn your gardens or your room while you relax on them.

 How to Macramé a Hammock?


Our collection of ideas, patterns, and directions along with step-by-step instructions would guide you all through the project for a perfect hammock.

How to Make a Macramé Hammock?

While acquiring some easy macramé knots, you can simplify or complicate the hammocks depending on your requirement and choice of patterns.

How to Tie a Macramé Hammock?

Try to make hammocks a bit challenging and tricky for you can have a fun experience and have a unique look for your home.

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