16 Creative Crochet Coaster Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: March 7, 2023

If you are a beginner in crocheting, crochet coasters are the easiest pattern to try because they are squares, circles, or even hexagons at their simplest. You can play with varieties of textures and stitches. After a busy day, you can refresh yourself doing crocheting. You can create crochet coasters reflecting holidays, season, and décor styles. The slightest change in colors and designs can make a big difference. It adds themes and style to your table as well as the perfect gift for loved ones. Coaster patterns can also be used to make wall art or motifs.

Crochet Fruit Coasters Free Patterns

For the summertime, the crochet fruit coasters are perfect to use. These crochet coasters are great housewarming gift to any occasion. This is one of its kind, and the handmade coasters are the token of love.

School Days Crochet Coaster Patterns

Lime, zesty oranges and yellow hues look great together. These coasters are fantastic for a garden party and add bright colors to the kitchen table. The pattern is suitable and easy for beginners.

Doughnut Coasters

These calorie-free donuts are perfect for enjoying the morning coffee. These four sets of whimsical and cute donuts bring humor to the office or home. The hand-crocheted coasters are made of acrylic yarn. These could be part of our funny crochet patterns roundup.

Filet Crochet Coasters Free Pattern

A pastel crochet coaster is a beautiful Easter gift. Your crochet stitches include double crochets, chain, and slip stitches. This is an easy pattern so beginners can also make it.


Crochet Doughnut Coasters Free Pattern (with holder)

The delicious and unique donut coasters are cute and incredible. These crochets will protect the table from stains and spills.

Tapestry Crochet Coaster Patterns

Tapestry crochet coasters are appealing, and the set of coasters look beautiful together and complement one another.

Kiwi Coasters Free Crochet Pattern

These amazing kiwi coasters are perfect for the kitchen, and if you have a themed kitchen, then it will be a great addition. It makes an awesome gift for housewarming, wedding and other celebrations.

Crochet Kitten Coasters Pattern

Cats are cute and attractive. If you love these pets, then make the kitten coasters that will add beauty to the coffee table. Gift it to your loved one who loves the cat.

Mud Cloth Crochet Coasters

Inspired by a bold tribal design, this crochet pattern is appealing. This project is perfect for beginners, as it uses simple stitches.

Mandala Wheel Crochet Coasters Pattern

Mandalas pattern is the staple in crocheting, and these are amazing religious signs of high fame. The pattern has varieties of colors, creating an incredible tone.

Mandala Wheel Coasters

You can play with colors while making the wheel coasters. The crochet pattern looks different, uplifting the beauty of your kitchen table.

Groundhog Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Everyone loves Groundhog! Isn’t it? You can enjoy beverage with this beautiful hand, crocheted coasters.

Plarn Coasters Free Crochet Pattern

Plarn crochet makes use of upcycling plastic bags to make crochet coasters. The blue, white, and red crochet coasters are the perfect way to enjoy the American holidays. The color combinations look alluring.

Dragonfly Crochet Coasters

The springtime is the perfect way to enjoy lighter and brighter projects. The dragonfly coasters are attractive and fun to make. You can choose different colors to do this project.

Lacy Shells Coaster Crochet Pattern

A lacy shell pattern is square, and the beautiful shell stitches give it a lacy design. You can utilize this coaster in any setting.


Mandala Wheel Coasters

The pattern is easy to do and simple. The coasters can use different color combinations.

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