Cool Hippie Headbands

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: April 1, 2022

Hippie headbands are the perfect choice for spring, but its rising popularity is making it favorite for all-time. Girls love them to wear several times a week. The hippie headband is a fun trend of the ’70s, and it is now regaining its popularity.

Hippie headbands are comfortable and it is simple to make and wear. If you love handmade accessories, then try making these headbands. You only need a few things and hot glue to carry out the process. To start the mission as you are going to wear it for your next outing.

Hippie Flower Headband DIY

The handmade beautiful flower headband is a perfect hair accessory for any occasion. These are designed for adults and kids.

Make a Thin Hippie Headband

This hand crochet unique hippie headband is made from cotton thread. The headband is fully adjustable and stretchable. It has a string, so it fits perfectly.

How to Make a Hippie Headband from Ribbon?

Follow the given directions for a perfect result.

Hippie Daisy Chain Headband

The sweet and straightforward headband is made from wild white daisies. It looks fresh and pretty. The flowers are mounted on the frame carefully, and its flowers are secured using an eco felt.

Cute Hippie Style Headband for You

The feminine, pretty, and modern chic style headband looks fabulous. It works great and keeps your hair under control during summers.

Free Pattern for Crochet Hippie Headband

Crocheting is an art, and if you know this art, then make the beautiful hippie headband using vibrant colors that go well with your different attires.

Cool Hippie Feather Headband

The headband features attractive peacock eye feathers along with matching beads. Feathers are firmly attached to leather lace, and it is adjustable.

Vivid Hippie Floral Headband

You can wear this flower headband in weddings. The headband is suitable for any occasion. It looks ravishing in spring too.

Braided DIY Hippie Girl Headband

A headband looks excellent at your hairline. You can wear it over the ears keeping the hair down.

Make Your Own Vintage Hippie Headband

Not every woman likes boho clothing, but if you are a woman who looks fantastic in unique and unusual styles, this headband is perfect for you.

Fashionable Women’s Hippie Headband

Colors are life! Add vibrant hues to your hippie headband, and you are all set to rock.

Unique Boho 60’s And 70’s Braided Hippie Headband

If you love fantasy movies and follower of thematic novels, this is a graceful and timeless style statement. It is easy to create, and in no time, you will look princess.


Homemade Wide Hippie Headbands

This cotton headband is comfortable to wear. You can tie it easily and will quickly adjust to the head size. You can wear it on the top of your head or the lower side for a hippie look.

Pretty Hippie Heart Headband

The headband gives you a youthful look. It is simple to create and looks fabulous with the everyday hairstyle.

Happy Hippie Headband Directions

The beautiful gold flower headband shines due to metallic rose gold flowers, leaves, and berries. It is the perfect choice for a wedding look.

Tie-Dye Hippie Headband

The colorful and bold tie-dye hairband looks fantastic. It is comfortable and easy to wear. The elastic band allows you to place it without the requirement of tying any knots.

Leather Hippie Headband

If you love leather accessories then this handcrafted headband is a perfect choice for you. You can choose the plain leather thin strip for making this headband.

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