16 Knitting Patterns for American Girl Dolls

by Ashley // updated on: December 1, 2019

Knitting or designing clothes for dolls can be the best hobby for many. You may try out new concepts, techniques or ideas for these patterns. They are smaller and also swift to knit, very handy but cute. One may use crochet or knit patterns for these dresses for girl dolls. Knit various kinds of doll outfits for different occasions or places right from the seaside outfits to office attire. Or you might even knit traditional dresses like princess gowns to ancient styled dresses. Conventional doll outfits may also look great when put on. Many of the costumes can be knit such that they will look like coming out straight of fairy tales.

You can make buttoned cardigans for the American dolls. They may look great on them.

Make a collection of decked up American dolls with your fantastic knitting patterns and turn them into glam dolls.

Take up a new project for dressing up your doll in a cute poncho and an adorable matching beret hat.

Knitting cardigans of neutral colour wouldcolorbest on American dolls. A red cardigan is most attractive.

Make your doll do modelling in new colourful knitted dresses and they will be like sunshine at your home.

A vibrant green scarf matching the doll’s hat will make her the most glamorous queen in the house.

You can gift a fully attired American doll made with your knits and gift this to your daughter or other special ones.

Knit and use this all decked up doll this Christmas and the child will be blessed having this.

You can use cabled knits for the outfits of these American dolls to give them a richer look.

You can use your creative skills in knitting to dress up your American doll for a pretty look.

Cute flowers on both the poncho and the beret hat with colourful works will add an extra dose of adorability to your doll.

Make a pair of hoodies for your doll collection and you can have the coolest American dolls for your kids.

If you want your doll shelf to look fashionable with a collection of trendy dolls, make them these dresses for sure.

Hooded stuff for American dolls is a great option to provide a funky look and also deck them up for the winters!

Add a fashion streak to your American doll’s outfit by knitting her a scarf matching the dress.

Use a light colored yarn for knitting cables and your doll will be dressed up like a fashion queen.

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