16 Men’s Knit Hat Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 16, 2019

Just like women look attractive with fashionable outfits, similarly, men look dashing with stylish hats. All men wish for a hat that will make him look cool and better. So here you can grab the chance of surprising your loved ones with various patterns of hats such as crochets, slouches and a nice wide range of knitting techniques. Make your designs especially for beloved and he will look the best in this classic knit hat. Beanies, slouchy hats or earflap hats would serve as amazing Christmas gifts. You can choose colors or have a neutral color yarn to create personalized hats.

Men’s Hat Knit Pattern Instruction

This gorgeous knit hat will undoubtedly have a sophisticated outlook on your man. All credit goes to its bright mustard color and blocked design.

Men’s Hat Knit Pattern

Adapt broken ribbed stitch pattern for your knit hat and gift it to your beloved making him fall in awe of you!

Rib Hat Knitting Pattern For Men

You can make a chunky ribbed hat with easy knitting techniques at home and present him a great Christmas surprise!

Rib Hat Knitting Pattern For Men

Give your husband or boy a blue rib knit hat, and he will surely adore it all his life.

Men’s Tri-Color Hat Knitting Pattern

You can use three different colored yarns and knit a trendy ribbed hat. It is easy to make and effortlessly cool.

Men’s Tri-Color Hat Knitting Pattern

These tricolor work patterns make the hats look more impressive, and men can be more dashing than ever.

Sine Wave Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern

Make a new innovative and attractive pattern which can prove to be a source of warmth and provides a unique style statement.

Sine Wave Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern

Beautiful textural and reversible sine wave hats are preferable to every man for their excellent elasticity ensuring great comfort.

Streetwise Brim Hat Knitting Pattern For Men

Knit this easy brim hat with soft yarn to make it comfortable. These are washable and highly fashionable for men.

Streetwise Brim Hat Crochet Pattern For Men

Unique designs of brim hats are perfect gifts for men. They are super fast and easy to knit.

Cable Knit Men’s Hat Pattern

Choose a bright color yarn and knit cabled patterns most quickly to make the instant gifts for your special one.

Cable Knit Men’s Hat Pattern

You may use lots of cables in the hat for an overall marvelous effect using a sober manly color suitable to him.

Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern Design

Discover and create the latest patterns for your special someone and see what wonders it can do to your somewhat monotonous marital life.

Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern

Light up his style with this amazing piece of bulky yarn of single color or change up colors for a more appealing look.

Easy Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern

Make these cute color popping boyfriend hats to make your man the most attractive in the lot.

Men’s Hat Knitting Pattern

Make everyone jealous of you for you have got the most adorable man so make sure you knit an intricately patterned hat for him.

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