18 Knitted Baby Yoda Patterns Free

by Kari // updated on: February 26, 2020

You know the name, and you’ve definitely seen him: the ever popular meme of Baby Yoda. While it’s from the Disney + series Star Wars: The Mandalorian, you too can craft your own baby Yoda. How? By knitting inspired patterns – outfits, hats, you name it, you can more than likely create it. Keep reading below for 18 free patterns of baby Yoda, and see if any strike your Star Wars fancy.

blue baby yoda patterns

Blue Baby Yoda Knit

Your little one would go gaga for this blue Baby Yoda knit.

orange baby yoda pattern

Red and Blue Striped Baby Yoda Knit

Take blue and amp it up with a red base. This knit does just that.

multi-color baby yoda pattern

Multicolored Baby Yoda Knit

This baby Yoda sweater marries green, blue, and even a little bit of brown together in perfect harmony.

Basic Baby Yoda Knit

Go classic with a beige Yoda-inspired sweater.

green baby yoda pattern

Jade Green Baby Yoda Knit

A bright green brings flash to this traditional baby Yoda sweater.

Purple Baby Yoda Knit

Neon purple gives the sweater a dash of boldness.

Classic Baby Yoda Knit

If you don’t have time to knit Yoda-esque ears, use the green color in the cloak instead.

tan baby yoda pattern

Baby Yoda Knit Hat

Speaking of the ears, try knitting a hat to get that look for your little one.

Knitted Baby Yoda

Full Baby Yoda Knit Outfit

Put the sweater and the “ears” together to create the full Baby Yoda look.

gray baby yoda pattern

Fun Baby Yoda Knit

Throw a twist into the Yoda-inspired cloak: knit a striped pattern!

baby yoda pattern hat

Felt Yoda Knit Ears

You don’t have to use traditional yarn to knit some Yoda ears. Try thicker felt fabric for this type of effect.

Baby Yoda Yellow Knit

Your little one will smile for this sunshine shade of a baby Yoda sweater.

baby yoda pattern green hat

Pink and Green Baby Yoda Knit Hat

If you knit baby Yoda into a hat, you can take him anywhere you go!

Brown Baby Yoda Knit

Try this dark brown baby Yoda inspired sweater on for size.

light green baby yoda pattern

Baby Yoda Knit Hat

This vibrant green color gives the baby Yoda trend a face-lift.

Dark Green Baby Yoda Knit Hat

If light’s not your thing, go dark with this emerald color.

Little Baby Yoda Sweater

The child of you or someone you know could be this giddy over a Baby Yoda sweater like the one shown above.

light green baby yoda pattern and hat

Bright Baby Yoda Knit

Go green with this fun baby Yoda knit pattern.

Now that you’ve seen some of these amazing Baby Yoda knitting patterns, one of them is sure to jump out at you. Try them out and see which one you like best.


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