19 Best Cut T-Shirt Designs

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: August 20, 2020

Get out your crafted T-shirts in the summertime and show off some skin by shedding the layers. Maybe you are bored with your t-shirts, so it’s time to apply some skills and create new patterns from the same. We have tons of fantastic ideas so you can quickly transform the little worn or faded t-shirts, and you don’t have to put them in the donation bin. Take some of your T-shirts to your craft room and create a new look instantly.

Cut out V Neck T-Shirt

This v-neck t-shirt has a cutout choker and a banded neckband slit that is cut to perfection. The attire should be there in your wardrobe collection.

Easy Cut T-Shirt Design

Show off your style with this cat cutout t-shirt. It is hand cut so you can show skin or wear something underneath.

Feminine Cut up T-Shirt Designs

Wear this beautifully crafted t-shirt and let yourself dive into the flow of compliments. You can also involve kids in this easy project.

DIY T-Shirt Cutting Into Muscle Shirt

The muscle shirt is a perfect way to add fun to your boring day. You can wear it every dayor on gym day.

DIY T-Shirt Cutting Idea

This is a fantastic cutout on the T-shirt. You can easily create a tree shape with different branches.

 How to Cut Up a T-Shirt

Follow the step by step instructions, and you are all set to create a beautiful design on your t-shirt.


Cute Way to Cut an Oversized T-Shirt

There are some lovely modifications in this t-shirt that makes it a suitable garment for summer time.

Creative T-Shirt Cutting Technique

Looking for an easy and fast project that can enhance your look? This is the simplest way to do it, so cut out the fringes from the tee bottom, and you are all set to rock.

Chic DIY Cut T-Shirt

Grab a pair of scissors, a marker, and an old tee that you want to renovate. Though the design seems tough, once you start doing it, you will go with the flow.

 Simple Cut T-Shirt Neckline Idea

Redesign the neckline, and your t-shirt will get the new look. The basic design will be enhanced with extra detail and also improves the fit.

Cool DIY T-Shirt Cutting Idea No-Sew

This easy spiderweb design looks abstract. It looks fantastic when worn with a bright color. You can try this design at the back of the tee also.

Tutorial for Cutting a T-Shirt into a Crop Top

Follow the directions for desired result.

T-Shirt Cutting Instructions Step By Step

The back of this tee looks terrific. You can prepare this design in a few minutes without the need for sewing.

Glam Cut out T-shirt

Pick the scissors and initiate cutting to create a fun design. This is an easy way to upgrade your style.

Cutting off the Shoulder T-Shirt

Off the shoulder, the t-shirt is a must have wardrobe attire. Well, if you don’t have it till now, then begin the project and convert your simple tee into a lovely wardrobe staple.

Cut a Spider Web T-Shirt

The spider web at the back of the tee looks impressive. Pick your marker and pair of scissors to accomplish the task. You can wear something underneath the tee or let show off the skin.

Cutting Sleeves off A T-Shirt to Customize It for the Gym

This is a fantastic way to customize your regular t-shirt into a workout tee. Now you will never pay for gym t-shirts.

Cut an Oversized T-Shirt into a Racerback Tank Top

Recreate an adorable racerback top from your old t-shirt and get the new look. Wear it for the gym and feel the difference.

Cute Way to Cut a Men’s T-Shirt into Women’s

Use the old t-shirt of any male member of your family and create a new look that will astonish everyone.

Stylish Cut T-Shirt Halter Top

When it comes to fashion, no one wants to step back. Pick the tools and get ready to create a beautiful halter neck top with your old tee. You will adore this idea of transformation.

Cut T-Shirt Design with Side Ties

It would be best if you look different. You can recreate the look by using scissors and tying knots.

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