19 Crochet Hammock Patterns

by Kari // updated on: March 16, 2020

A hammock is the perfect outdoor accessory, especially when you’re wanting a comfortable place to lounge around outside. What makes it even better? How about creating one yourself? Crafting your own hammock is relatively easy and fun – especially when you jazz it up with crochet. Any one of these 19 crochet hammock patterns are sure to strike you, so keep reading below for all the details.

White Crochet Hammock

This fresh look is brought to you by clean crisp yarn, as well as intriguing designs within the stitching.

Toy Hammock

Not all hammocks are for lounging. Some are used for storage, like this fringed one for toys or stuffed animals.

Corner Hammock

This hammock adds practical storage and a bit of prettiness to any space.

Hammock Chair

Take a seat in this comfortable knit hammock, which features dark gray, coral, and white thread.

Crochet Hammock Pattern

Boho Hammock

Feel trendy while lying on this white embroidered hammock.

Black Magic Hammock

Welcome to the dark side – this hammock is moody and intense in the best way possible.

Fruit Hammock

Fruits or any other food item could be stored in this netted hammock.

Tropical Hammock

Summertime is here with these easy, breezy crocheted hammock.

Pale Hammock

This hammock brings a bit of a Victorian vibe to your space.

Blue Hammock

Transport yourself to the ocean with this relaxing blue hammock.

Multicolored Hammock

Pink, blue, and coral come together beautifully in this hammock.

Beige Hammock

This cream colored hammock adds elegance to your space.

Vintage Hammock

This cocoa colored hammock gives off an earthy vibe that works anytime, anywhere, not to mention it can go with anything.

Red Hammock

This bright red hammock will bring the bold back into your life.

Nautical Hammock

Blue and white stripes give this hammock a classic look.

Neon Hammock

The vivid colors of this multi-striped hammock spice up any space.

Baby Hammock

Whether it’s your child, or someone else’s little one, this hammock gives them the perfect place to lounge around.

Golden Hammock

This sunshine yellow hammock really brightens things up.

Turquoise Tassel Hammock

What’s better than your average crocheted hammock? A teal tasseled crocheted hammock!

Now that you have seen all 19 glorious ideas for a crochet hammock, hopefully one of them will inspire you to DIY!

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