19 Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Patterns & Crafts

by Kristen // updated on: April 26, 2020

Engage your kids in this fun activity and make them learn something innovative. This DIY is the best way to spend summer holidays. You can create blooming flowers with waste toilet paper roll, and it is the perfect example of best out of the waste craft. So try this project and enjoy your holidays with fun and joy.

Spring is here, so why not get create and create a bouquet? Using pipe cleaners, glue, staples, and some pom poms, there are a multitude of ways to create the perfect flower.

Leaf toilet paper roll wreath

Toilet paper rolls are no longer just for paper flower bouquets. This ineffective, cheap way can be a nice innovative decoration to help make any bare wall in a room have character.

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

Looking towards the holidays a little earlier than expected, toilet paper roll poinsettia flower ornaments are the right small gift to for a loved one or to adorn a tree.

Toilet Paper Roll Holly wreath

If you’re having trouble finding a wreath, whether it’s for the holidays or all year round, toilet paper roll flower wreaths can help out with that. Whether you enjoy embellishing them with small beads, or prefer simple styles, toilet paper roll flowers will help make your door a little more festive.

Toilet paper roll frame wreath

Don’t fret about buying wall decorations to hang up. With some spray paint, glue, and a wooden frame, you’re bound to be asked where you got your flower art.

Colorful toilet paper roll flowers and butterflies

We know, it can be hard to find crafts that are easy and fun to make with kids, and less messy. However, a beautiful craft garden like this is a lot of fun, especially if kids are eager to learn about gardening.

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Decoration

Wall art is always a popular craft. Using canvases, your best paint brushes, and toilet paper rolls, you can make creations of any parts of nature. Such as tree branches, flowers, and even animals.

Toilet paper roll flowers

Here is a fun kids craft to do. Using glue, craft paper, and toilet paper rolls, you will be able to create the garden of your dreams.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Instructions

The step by step instructions makes the task easy and you can complete the DIY effortlessly.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

The beautiful wreath is easy to make and glorifies the home in no time. Design this artwork and welcome your guests with this unique creation.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

The amazing pattern is perfect for home décor; spray the color all over the flower in contrast with the color of the wall to make it appealing.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Wreath

The sophisticated and simple project gives ecstatic effect to the walls and elevates the grace.

Colorful Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Tutorial

This tutorial gives the systematic approach to make this DIY.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Tutorial

The step by step instructions makes the task easy and you can do this activity in minimal time.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Tutorial

Make sure to follow the directions carefully to get the desired results.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Tutorial

The tutorial gives you an idea to create the project easily without hassle.

Instructions to Make Pretty Flowers from Toilet Paper Rolls

The link gives a systematic approach to complete this DIY efficiently.

Making the Toilet Paper Roll Flower – How To?

Follow the step by step instruction to make colorful flowers in minimum time.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Enhance the beauty of your home with lovely flower; make a couple of flowers and paste them to the wallpaper to decorate the walls.

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