2 Double Knit Hat Patterns

You can adopt the double knitting technique for the hats which produces both the sides of the hat as right when reversed. Using various colorwork and stranded patterns of knitting make the thing stylish. Also, the double knitting method makes them thick and provides more warmth in during chilly conditions. Knit hat patterns have a wide range of variety, and the creator can choose any stitch that would help to keep head and ears warm, and the person feels cozy. They are easily manageable to knit in case of beginners, and gradually the knitters enjoy working on it.

Double knit hat

Double Knit Reversible Hat Pattern 

You can explore new designs for making these hats extra stretchy fitting to all heads. They serve as everyday hat suitable for everyone.

Double Knit Reversible Hat Pattern

Double Knit Reversible Hat Pattern

Double layered hats might be the best knits for hat patterns and meant for all to protect from cold breezes and chills.

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