2 Knitted Headband with Bow Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 10, 2019

It is best to merge your knitting skills and discover stylish hairdos. For this, the apt option is to make personalized headbands, one for each hairstyle. Adding a bow would make it incredibly cute. You’ll just fall in love with your hair when tied with the cute bow headband. The pattern is much easier than it seems. So follow our stitching techniques and learn this new project just within a few days time. These bow headbands make a great and adorable winter accessory. Various color scraps make them versatile, and attractive pieces fit for any outfit. Little bows on headbands are cute embellishments one can add to her attire.

Bow Headband Knitting Pattern

Warm headbands with bows make a perfect combination for girls during winters and make them much prettier.

Bow Headband Knitting Pattern

They are best as baby accessories quite versatile regarding base materials and color combinations.  Bows make babies cuter!

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