20 Easter Tulle Wreaths

by Kari // updated on: March 28, 2023

With the arrival of the spring season comes the reminder that Easter will soon be upon us too. What better way to get ready for the holiday than to decorate your space? One such decor idea is a wreath – but not just any wreath! Enter: Easter tulle wreaths, which are whimsical and wonderful, not to mention easy to create. Keep reading below for all 20 Easter tulle wreath options.

Tulle Wreaths Examples for Inspiration

The following tulle wreaths are (or were) available on Etsy but you can also use them as inspiration for your own creations!

Vivid Easter Tulle Wreath

This bold wreath will inject some life into your decor; plus how nice is that typography of ‘Happy Easter?’

Green Tulle Easter Wreath

This elegant white and green tulle make such a pretty statement.

Pink Accented Tulle Easter Wreath

Sometimes just a touch of tulle is all you need. Pink tulle plays well with the flowers in this wreath’s design.

Pastel Tulle Easter Wreath

Pale colors make a bold statement in this spring themed Easter wreath. It’s even decorated with eggs and an Easter bunny!

Yellow Tulle Easter Wreath

Lilac, rose, and pale yellow are woven together beautifully in this Easter wreath.

Green, Blue, and Purple Tulle Easter Wreath

Aquatic colors with a dash of purple make this tulle wreath really unique.

Pink Tulle Easter Wreath

Pretty in pink, this tulle Easter wreath gives your decor a feminine touch.

Bunny Feet Tulle Easter Wreath

Wreaths don’t always have to be solely round – this one tacked on little bunny feet! How inventive!

Blue & Pink Tulle Easter Wreath

Magenta and sky blue tulle make this wreath a hippity hoppity hit!

Glittery Tulle Easter Wreath

Sometimes, the tulle is a base for the accessories you place within the wreath. That’s the case here in this design: see how the tulle kind of created a little “nest” for the Easter eggs?

Pale Tulle Easter Wreath

A fuzzy white bunny, plus a few shimmery designed eggs encircle this lovely wreath made with green, pink, blue, and purple tulle.

Plush Tulle Easter Wreath

Layering tulle will get you the full effect of this wreath.

Multi colored Easter egg wreath

Nest Egg Tulle Easter Wreath

Eggs are nestled into this fluffy pastel tulle wreath. How creative!

Lilac Tulle Easter Wreath

Butterflies and flowers scream spring; the pops of cheery color make it great for the Easter season.

Stuffed Bunny Easter Tulle Wreaths

Double Layer Tulle Easter Wreath

Tightly woven tulle fans out into a wonderful airy blend with this design.

Beautiful Tulle Easter Wreath

Nature inspired colors like green and yellow make this Easter wreath a joyful addition to any space.

Easter Egg Tulle Wreaths

Neutral Tulle Easter Wreath

Beige and cream look sophisticated against traditional patterns like gingham. Plus, look at those cute mini bunnies lining the golden ribbon!

Happy Easter Tulle Wreaths

Happy Easter Tulle Wreath

Sunshine yellow and pale pink are front and center in this wreath design.

Bunny Easter Tulle Wreaths

Yellow Blended Tulle Easter Wreath

Golden ribbons of tulle are woven around pink and off-white to create the perfect spring palette in this wreath design.

Easter Tulle Wreaths

Bunny Tail Tulle Easter Wreath

Now here’s a twist on a classic: instead of a bunny face, do a play on that by making it look like the bunny went through the wreath. The fluffy tail surrounded by calming colors make a beautiful design.

Now that you have all 20 options, hopefully one of them will inspire you to create one of your own Easter themed tulle wreaths.

How to Create a Tulle Wreath for Easter

To create a tulle wreath you’ll need a wreath form like this one:

and of course tulle in the colors you like.

Then you can follow the video tutorial below to create your own.

Tule and ribbon wreath step by step tutorial


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