22 Balloon Flowers Ideas

by Kristen // updated on: January 27, 2020

Choose colorful balloons for special occasion décor and make your guests spellbound. You can also create lovely balloon flower patterns and give an eye-capturing look to your home. These are perfect decoration ideas for kid’s birthday parties or baby shower celebrations.

The balloons if filled with helium will fly up and keep the room filled with color.  They even can be favors to take home after a party ends.

Did you know it’s actually now that hard to make balloon flowers?

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Here’s what you need:


Balloons (colors you like)

Rubber bands

How to:

Cut two circles in the cardstock

1 should be 4″ in diameter

1 should be 6″ in diameter

Blow up a number of balloons to fit the 6″ circle

Blow up 2 balloons of a different color to fit in the 4″ circle

Once you have your balloons sized, start joining them together by using a rubberband on the ends of the balloon knots.

Tie the other two balloons with a rubberband

Combine the balloons together to create a beautiful flower!

Check out the designs and looks below of different balloon flower ideas.

Blue Balloon Flower

If you are organizing a party for your friends and family then use these balloon flowers for decoration purpose; they are inevitably going to give a distinct look to the décor.

DIY Beautiful Balloon Daisy Flowers

The white color daisies are mesmerizing, and the bunch is the perfect centrepiece for the glass table.

Birthday Balloon Flowers

Give your best friend a surprise birthday party and use colorful balloons for decoration purpose; your efforts are the token of love for the dearest friend.

Pretty Pink Flowers

Decorate your home with lovely pink balloon flowers and welcome newly born baby in the family.

Balloon Flowers DIY

This is an ideal craft for kids; place colorful balloon flowers of various sizes on the wall to make the room lively.

Balloon Flower Arch

Decorate the gateway with alluring colorful balloon arch and enhance the charm of the auspicious occasion.

Balloon Flower Bouquet

Create the colorful balloon flowers bouquet and arrange them in a handmade vase; this is the best idea for home décor.

Balloon Flowers Bouquets

Kids love to have balloons; the bunch of balloon flowers is a perfect gifting option for little munchkin’s birthday party.

How to Make a Flower Balloon

Follow the video till the end to create colorful balloon flowers.

Cherry Blossom Balloon Tutorial

Add charm to the birthday decoration in minimum time with the help of given instructions.

Quick and Easy Balloon Flower Tutorial

The tutorial makes your task simple and easy; you can create some balloon flowers in no time.

Quick and Easy Balloon Flower Tutorial

Make sure to follow the directions carefully to get the desired results.

How to Make a Balloon Flower

The link gives a systematic approach to complete this DIY efficiently.

How to Make a Balloon Flower Daffodil

Create a lovely flower pattern out of the balloon with the help of the instructions given in the video.

Balloon Flower Instructions

Follow the step by step instruction to make colorful flowers in minimum time.

How to Make Flower Balloons

Get an idea to make balloon flower from this video; try them with various colors.

How to Make Balloon Animals

Create a different animal pattern with the help of balloon and make your kids happy.

How to Make a Flower Out of Balloons

The link gives an accurate procedure to create colorful flowers out of balloons.

How to Make a Balloon Arch

Give special effect to the gateway decoration with beautiful balloon arch; the steps make the task easy.

How to Make Baby Shower Balloon Flowers

Decorate your friend’s home with balloon flowers; choose pink for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy.

How to Make a Flower Balloon Bouquet

Decorate the table with the lovely bouquet; the step by step instructions make the task easy.

Instructions to Make Flower Balloons

Follow the instructions and make colorful blooming flowers easily.

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