22 Crochet Baby Booties Patterns Free

by Kari // updated on: February 26, 2020

crochet baby booties

Whether you are a beginner at crochet, or you are a knitting superstar, sometimes a little inspiration can work wonders for your craft. One such idea are knitting up a pair of crochet baby booties for your baby; or a friend or family member’s little one. Below are 22 design options, ranging in color, style, and pattern. Try one – or more! – and see which one(s) works for you.

Get Prepared to Make Crochet Baby Booties

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Pink & White Baby Booties

These adorable booties feature a classic white base with some pink accents. A pink and white flower embellishment finishes it off.

Green & Brown Baby Booties

These chocolate brown booties feature a bright mint green top half, which makes them very unique. The button closures add a touch of practicality.

Yellow Baby Booties

These booties are perfect for spring and summer, as they are the color of sunshine. What baby wouldn’t be happy wearing these?

Black and Yellow Booties

Another pair of yellow booties to try, this pair adds a touch of elegance with a black edge. The criss-cross straps are a nice addition too.

Pastel Pink Baby Booties

These pastel pink booties are stylish and comfortable, thanks to the lace up detail and thicker yarn.

Baby Blue and Pink Booties

Twice as nice: try these baby blue or baby pink booties for your little boy or girl.

Pink Baby Booties

These beautiful pink baby booties are super cute, and the fun pom-pom design on the front make them that much better.

Neon Baby Booties

If your little one likes bright colors, you’re in luck. These baby booties give you noticeable neons, while still being cute enough to wear wherever you and your baby go.

Little Ladybug Booties

Even if your baby didn’t read Lucky Ladybug, they can still rock these booties. The ladybug design offers a fresh take on the traditionally plain colored bootie.

White & Red Rose Booties

Take the classic white bootie and give it a little twist with this pretty rose-colored design around the button clasp.

Red Baby Booties

These stunning red booties are perfect for any time of year, but they would especially be a hit at Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Baby Booties

Take fruits and florals to a whole new level with these booties. They are designed to mimic a strawberry with the red and green, but the flower design on top adds something special.

Multicolored Baby Booties

Get the best of both worlds with these booties, as the pink, purple, and green colors remind you of spring, but the booties will keep their little feet warm during this last bit of winter.

Purple Baby Booties

These pretty purple booties are lovely, not to mention functional thanks to the thicker yarn and button closure.

Bright Blue Booties

These bright blue booties are sure to standout on your baby’s feet.

Lavender Baby Booties

These light purple booties would make a nice addition to any collection of baby clothes.

Colorful Baby Booties

These booties are definitely unique, as the wrap around velcro clasp and zig-zag crochet pattern prove.

Green Multicolor Booties

The variation of colors on these knit booties provide a dash of style without sacrificing comfort.

Soft Green Baby Booties

These pale green baby booties offer comfort and coziness.

Blue Ribbon Booties

These booties are fun and polished, thanks to the interwoven colors and ribbon tie feature.

Another pretty pair of pink booties – these will keep any baby’s feet warm.

Button Up Baby Booties

Watch This Crochet Baby Booties Tutorial

These cute little booties are plush and have a helpful button closure to them.

Now that you have seen these 22 ideas, you’re sure to find one that is right up your alley or skill set. Happy crocheting!


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