22 Easter Clothespin Wreaths

by Kari // updated on: March 23, 2020

With spring and the Easter season coming up relatively soon, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to decorate your space for the upcoming event(s). One such way to spruce up your home, apartment, or room is to create your own wreath. These Easter clothespin wreaths are fun, and also super easy to make – aka: they’re a craft lovers dream! Keep reading below to see all 22 options.

Easter Bunny Clothespin Wreath

This colorful wreath combines ribbon with clothespins to create a one-of-a-kind creation.

Multicolored Easter Clothespin Wreath

This wreath arranges the different colored clothespins in groups, ranging from red and green to blue and yellow. Accents of eggs and bunnies make it perfect for Easter.

Grouped Easter Clothespin Wreath

Clothespins are grouped in pairs of yellows, greens, blues, pinks, and purples in this wreath design. Floral accents and a bunny in the center make it Easter-appropriate.

Berry Easter Clothespin Wreath

Magenta and plum take center stage in this Easter clothespin wreath.

Easter Ears Clothespin Wreath

This Easter wreath gets a special addition with bunny ears and a tail.

Easter Clothespin Wreath

Easter Pattern Clothespin Wreath

Each clothespin has a different, unique pattern on it, which makes this Easter wreath extra fun.

Cool Easter Clothespin Wreath

Cooler tones of slate blue, sea foam green, and coral make this clothespin wreath very chic.

Spring Easter Clothespin Wreath

Pale yellow, lavender, and blue scream spring in this clothespin wreath design.

Green Easter Clothespin Wreath

Vivid greens make this clothespin wreath a standout.

Floral Easter Clothespin Wreath

Flowers take center stage in this design, along with some crosses in the middle of the wreath.

Pretty Easter Clothespin Wreath

This design took its cues from nature with green, yellow, and blue elements, not to mention it includes a little robin’s nest for the egg accent to sit.

Sunny Easter Clothespin Wreath

This wreath gets a sunny makeover thanks to bright yellow clothespins and a nice base of brown.

Pink Easter Clothespin Wreath

Shades of pink make this wreath design super sweet.

Natural Easter Clothespin Wreath

This wreath is grounded in neutral shades of taupe, teak, and a bit of sunset orange.

Ribbons Easter Clothespin Wreath

A multitude of ribbons jazz up this colorful wreath design.

Golden Easter Clothespin Wreath

Yellow flowers and a cross accent liven up this basic clothespin wreath.

Earthy Easter Clothespin Wreath

Gold, copper, and moss green blend together to create a very earth-toned scheme for this clothespin wreath.

Blush Easter Clothespin Wreath

Rose pairs well with taupe and berry in the case of this lovely wreath design.

Happy Easter Clothespin Wreath

A brown bunny pops against the paler colors of this wreath.

Polka Dot Easter Clothespin Wreath

Polka dots cover each clothespin in this wreath’s design.

Sunflower Easter Clothespin Wreath

Sometimes a simple touch of spring can really bring the Easter spirit to life. Sunflowers and their colors in clothespins do just that here.

Flower Easter Clothespin Wreath

Oranges and pinks come together with gingham and flowers to make this spectacular wreath.

Now that you have seen all 22 Easter clothespin wreaths, maybe they will inspire you to make one for you or someone you know.


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