28 Attractive Yo-Yo Quilts Impressive Patterns

by Kristen // updated on: December 30, 2019

The elegant Yo-Yo design is easy and requires only hand stitch, the round shape fabric with the edges underside gives perfect shape. The beautiful pattern gives an excellent look at the final product.

How to Make A Yoyo Quilt?

Follow the instructions carefully to make your handcrafted simple beautiful and elegant quilt.

Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

The mesmerizing vibrant colors enhance the grace of this pattern, and the lacy edge gives it a perfect finish.

Simple Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

Simple Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

Arrange Yo-Yo’s in a perfect pattern, Make sure to use contrast color fabric to give it an attractive look.

Instruction to Make Yo-Yo Quilts

Follow these instructions step by step and get your handcrafted quilt ready in no time.

Make one Yo-Yo Quilt

This easy project is suitable for beginners; make sure to follow these instructions to get the perfect quilt.

Vintage Styled Yo-Yo Quilt

The pattern looks difficult. However, it is easy to make and gives the distinct appearance to the quilt.

 Yo-Yo Quilt Vintage Pattern

You can use leftover fabrics to do this beautiful project; the stitching makes it unique.

Yo-Yo Quilt with Backing – How To?

Make sure to follow the directions carefully to get the desired output.

Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

This pattern is easy to make; Make the Yo-Yo of contrast colors and attach them to form a  square.

The intricate stitch and the use of light and dark colors give the perfect appearance.

Instructions For Giant Yo-Yo Quilt 

Make your dream project come true with these easy tricks and tips; Get the directions and start making this beautiful pattern.

 Giant Yo-Yo Quilt

Giant Yo-Yo Quilt

The light color satin fabric at the background along with a variety of Yo-Yo all over it gives an eye-catching look.

Circular Yo-Yo Quilt

 This is the simple way to give a distinct appearance, So arrange Yo-Yo’s circularly to get this beautiful pattern.

Directions To Make a Modern Yo-Yo Quilt

Read the instructions carefully and follow the given steps to get the desired results.

Instruction –Yo-Yo Quilting 

The instructions will help you to carry out this project efficiently; you will have your handmade quilt ready within a few days.

Yo-Yo Quilt DIY Red

Complete your DIY  easily; Follow the instructions, and your beautiful quilt will be ready for use in no time.

Red Yo-Yo Quilt

The bright red color makes it perfect for Christmas and looks attractive.

Fabric Yo-Yo Quilt Pattern

The beautiful vibrant colors above white background look awesome and unique.

Yo-Yo Quilt Crochet

Crocheting this pattern enhances its grace and gives it a distinct look.

DIY Yo-Yo Quilt

Suitable for beginners, this is fun and easy to do; the color choice makes it look great.

Make Your Own Yo-Yo Patchwork Quilt

The vibrant color background elevates the grace and gives the mesmerizing appearance.

Crochet Yo-Yo Quilt

 Crocheting is an exciting way to make this pattern; Moreover, it gives the beautiful appearance.

Yo-Yo Quilt Image

The unique pattern is elegant, and the use of different bright colors makes it even more interesting.


Easy Yo-Yo Quilt Throw

The stitch forms the block shape in the set of four, and the variety of colors add grace to it.

Yo-Yo Quilt Christmas Tree

The beautiful pattern gives an eye-catching look; So try this and uniquely make your handcrafted Christmas tree.

DIY Handmade Yo-Yo Quilt

This pattern is simple to stitch and the nice option to start a new project; make sure to use different color fabrics to get the beautiful look.

Long Yo-Yo Quilt

The fun and easy to make a quilt is suitable for beginners; So go ahead and show your skills.

Colorful Quilt with Yo-Yo Patterns

The intricate stitch and the use of vibrant colors make it even more interesting.

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