29 Crochet Hammock Free Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Crocheting hammocks may sound a little hard, but with our easy steps, you can make them yourself at home! Outdoor areas seem incomplete without a place for sitting or relaxing, so hammocks are the best option. It is a pleasure to relax in a hammock and imagine if you are in a handmade one, it is indeed a heavenly feeling. You can now crochet a hammock quite easily and keep it in your garden or the porch. Many are willing to have a hammock on the front porch of houses, but they never find the perfect one in the market suiting their taste and home décor do not worry and make your hammock.

Here you can find some crochet hammock patterns. Although they may look elaborate, you can crochet them easily at home.

Adopt a few basic crochet stitches and one can do miracles with intricate patterns for a hammock. It will look heavenly.

Hammocks do not acquire limitations to relaxation for humans. Smaller hammocks can be used as fruit or vegetable baskets.

Bananas deserve a relaxing place in your home too! So you must knit a cute tiny hammock for laying your fruit collection.

Crochet Toy Hammock Pattern

Colorful hammocks may be used for sorting your kid’s toys as well as decorate your room. Colorful hammocks can be knit anywhere to keep your stuffed toys.

Crochet Toy Hammock

Accompany your hammock with colorful crochet designs using multi-colored yarns and fill it with colorful teddies! This is incredibly adorable.

Small Crochet Baby Hammock

Hammocks are best suitable for babies to sleep. The sweet colors relax your baby and help to get them soothing sleep.

It is great for babies to snug and cuddles up, relax or take a nap in these colorfully knitted hammocks.

Making hammocks involve knitting of strings or colorful cords together and it requires intricate crocheting too.

You can choose various colors for the cords of a baby hammock to lighten up the mood of your little ones.

Use gorgeous hued yarns and crochet hooks to make a chain of crochet stitches and get a heavenly place of sheer relaxing for your baby.

The hammock fibers are friendly to a baby’s body and they can be placed anywhere either indoors or outdoors to swing your baby.

One can easily get into holiday mood on the beach or even at your own garden to relax away from the hustle-bustle of daily urban life.

One can choose a preferable width and diameter for your hammock and this edgy hammock gets your relaxing session more boosted.

Crocheting hammocks may not be too difficult. Designing them using two or more colors can look exciting and incredibly creative.

Now you do not have to wait for collecting money for buying a gorgeous ferret hammock. One can instantly get it done at home with pretty crocheting.

Creative designs of crocheting make crochet hammocks and adding some colors and beauty. Your hamster hammock is ready to amaze all!

Pure white crochet patterns provide a calm and heavenly look to a hammock. Put your tiny white hamster in this purely adorable bed.

Crochet Your Own Newborn Hammock

Crochet hammocks offer you a leisurely way of swinging off all worries! This fringed baby hammock is a splendid creation suiting all purposes.

Make your kids swing to and fro either in the garden, patio or yard areas. These crochet hammocks are fun during the summer times.

Crochet a Mini Toy Storage Hammock

Combine colorful threads with crochet patterns in pinks and purples for storing your mini stuffed toys and make the corner of the room adorable.

Crochet Storage Hammock

Crochet Storage Hammock

Your kids have a new hangout area now at any corner of the room with this cute multi-colored hammock. This would be his or her playing corner.

This crocheted hammock can be decorated with colorful fruits during the festive season that can be accompanied by bonfires during winters too.

Decoratively hang your fruits this springtime and make your house look like a blooming garden!

White Pineapple Hammock in Crochet

Crochet hammocks can play the best roles during the summers. Enjoy a cup of coffee or you can read your favorite book relaxing on this white bliss.

White crocheting is itself fabulous! So why not make a hand knit hammock for a social gathering or traveling on the beaches.

Children will always love to go to their beds for this super cute pink crocheted hammock filled with teddies and bunnies!

Handmade Crochet Toy Hammock

Sit at home and surprise your little ones with this cutely adorable container for their stuffed toys. This is a little wonder!

Get the techniques and you can knit this hammock to enjoy lying down with eyes gazing the sky and your skin feeling the touch of cold breezes.

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