29 Paracord Keychain DIY Projects

by Kristen // updated on: March 29, 2023

Try one of the paracord keychain DIY projects to never lose your keys again! A paracord keychain is easy to make and is a fun gift for fathers day, anniversaries, or other holidays. The different knotting techniques will create very different results so there’s something for every style. You can easily customize the size and color to make the paracord keychain fit your vision.

Multicolor Paracord Keychains

Paracord Keychains Images

Try different knots with colorful chords and keep your keys in order.

Paracord Keychains in Blue

Jeans Paracord Keychains

Paracord Keychain

Make this handy project with the color of your choice and keep valuable keys in order.

How to Make a Paracord Carabiner Keychain? Paracord Keychain Tutorial

Follow the steps carefully and make this handy paracord keychain DIY. The knots are really simple and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Once you’ve understood how to add the key ring you can make as many keychains as you like!

Paracord Keychain with Carabiner

This is another version of the same knot as used in the video tutorial above. As you can see, when you use different accessories, it can change the look and feel of the paracord keychain a lot!

Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain
Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain

Another popular knot to make a paracord keychain is the monkey’s fist. This will create a knotted ball at the end of the keychain. The monkey’s fist is not super easy, but you’ll find a video tutorial further down in this article that will help you to create it in no time.

Paracord Keychain DIY

Have you ever done scoubidou? The same knots can be used to create a DIY paracord keychain. The knots are easy to make, and the project takes only a couple of minutes to complete.

Here’s a video tutorial to create a Barrel Stitch for your keychain

More Paracord Lanyard Ideas

The neat design makes it alluring and shows off your artistic talent.

Ball Paracord Keychains

Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain

Monkey fist looks cute and gives a traditional appearance; try it with different colors of your choice.

Autism, Awareness, Bracelet, Paracord
Autism, Awareness, Bracelet, Paracord

Another way to enhance your paracord keychains is by adding an extra cord in the center which allows you to add extra accessories like an amulet.

How to Make a Monkey Fist Paracord Keychain?

Make sure to watch the video till the end to get the perfect result.

Cool Paracord Keychain

Add style and charm with this stylish keychain; try it out and show off your artistic skills.

Paracord Keychain Designs

Try this design with two different color cords and make this an alluring keychain.

Fun Colorful Paracord Keychains

Paracord Orange and Blue Keychains

The knot used in the picture is the box knot. it’s one of the basic knots and very easy to make. All you need is 4 cords. The color combination adds grace to it; choose the combination of your choice and make this stylish DIY paracord keychain.

The hardest part in making this keychain is the beginning of the knot.

Luckily you can just follow this video to learn the box stitch for you paracord keychain.

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 550 paracord keychain MMPR
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger 550 paracord keychain MMPR

Another way to make your keychain unique is by adding a special detail to it like what they did here with the Power Ranger accessory.

Making a Paracord Keychain DIY

The simple Paracord knot is easy to make and best for beginners.

Instructions Paracord Survival Keychain 

The step-by-step instructions make this DIY easy.

Solid Color Paracord Keychains

Paracord Survival Keychain

Berserker skull paracord keychain | knife lanyard
Berserker skull paracord keychain | knife lanyard

The lightweight and straightforward keychain is trendy moreover the darker color makes it perfect for boys.

Two Color Paracord Keychain

The two contrasting colors add grace to this keychain; make this alluring pattern in a couple of minutes.

Paracord Keychain Cross

Cross Weave Paracord Keychain

If you want something more original, why not try this paracord cross? You can follow the instructions in the video below to use the box stitch to create a cross. This makes for a super unique paracord keychain.

Monkey’s Fist Paracord Keychain Fob

Here’s another cute variation on the monkey’s fist. The light color shades make it suitable for both girls and boys, and the cute pattern makes it perfect.

550 7 strand Paracord keychain
550 7 strand Paracord keychain
Cross Paracord Keychains

Paracord Cross Keychain

Choose the colors of your choice and make this pattern with two different colors.

Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain

This adorable pattern has a neat definition; try this and show off your creative skills.

Paracord Keychain Fob

Use of two colors makes the design interesting however you can try it with single color too.

Paracord Keychain Camouflage

Camouflage Paracord Keychains

Paracord Keychain Idea

Choose the colors of your choice and make this cool keychain design.

550 Paracord Keychain

Make this handy craft for your friends and use different colors as per their choice.

Basic Paracord Keychain 

Follow the tutorial and make this easy project.

Step-by-step Tutorial For Paracord Keychain Lanyard 

These step-by-step instructions makes this DIY easy.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard Keychain?

Make sure to follow every step properly to get the desired result.

How to Make a Paracord Grenade Keychain?

Follow the video and get your DIY complete in a couple of minutes. Isn’t this a super cute paracord keychain design?

How to Make a Paracord Keychain?

These instructions ease your task, and you can make the project in no time.


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