30 Crochet Earring Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Most of the people can think only making doilies while working on crocheting projects with threads. But there are a lot more pretty things to do that will improve your skills. Threads can create a variety of impressive stuff and that will be a lot to cover in one single roundup. You might get them out of hand. But on a serious note, you can make crochet earrings with the colorful thread works. You can make use too much of colors for a single pair or create them in a single colored yarn with some unusual crochet designs.

These cute red rose earrings are easy to make with our simple techniques and variety of colors and patterns.

Make a pair of pretty earrings with nice green crochet threads. Make them for yourself this season.

Lacy Blue Crochet Earrings

Make a charming pair of earrings with blue crocheting and lace designs for a lovely and gracious look for the wearer.

Crochet Earring Pattern

One can wish to choose any beautiful pattern preferable to her while crocheting. These pineapple ones look lovely though!

Peacock Earrings

Peacock earrings can glam up your looks. Crochet with blue-green threads and feel the wonder of the magical hues!

Red Crochet Danglers

These are classy pieces! A sassy red crochet earring with a tiny bead hanging in the middle can enhance your looks.

Crocheted Earrings

Design these hill tribe patterns for crocheting your earrings. These can be perfect matches with any dress.

Crocheted Wire Earrings

Choose wires instead of yarns this time and make wonderful crocheting for creating your personalized accessories.

These pretty blue hanging large earrings can do wonders! A woman can turn off heads with these adorable earpieces.

These peacock feathers are prettiest ones anyone can have in her jewelry box. These can be great accessories.

These decorative earpieces can make the most charming and thoughtful gifts for your special friends.

Hoop patterns look best for crochet earrings. Use varied colors of threads for designing those filling colors on top.

One can take a bit more stylish step and make these Syrian crochet earrings with loops and tiny tingling.

Crochet Wire Earrings

Take up copper wires this time to crochet lovely leaves patterns for a pair of elegant earrings as a quick accessory.

DIY Crochet Earrings

One can make lovely big earpieces like these bold crochet wired earrings quite comfortably at home.

Round earring patterns are the most popular ones for making and even for wearing. Women prefer these more than the regular ones!

Syrian Loops Crochet Earrings Pattern

Loop earrings can look classic on anyone with any outfit be it casuals or some party wear for any occasion.

Hoop ear pieces look cute and these colorful beaded accessories are simple but fun to make as well as wear on.

Flower patterns are always heart-melting ones. Crochet a round flower pattern with bright red threads and tassel them with tiny red beads.

Glass beads look the loveliest! Look at this bright blue glass beaded crocheted earrings, the perfect jewelry.

Crochet Wedding Earrings

These pink crochet ones are somewhat similar to bridal earrings with a classy, romantic and graceful look.

Blue roses are unique and prettiest, so you must not miss making a big, bold dangly pair of trendy earrings.

Gold Crochet Earrings

Bring about more of a royal style in your accessories with gold wire crochet works for making an excellent gold pair.

DIY Crochet Earrings

Follow the easy directions and patterns and make them quickly. These purple tasseled ones are funky crochet accessories.

Hoop patterns do not get limited to threads. You can make lovely gold hoop earrings for attending weddings or grand parties.

Leave aside the colored ones and opt for some pure white crocheting details for your earrings apt for wedding ceremonies.

Hoop earrings have a special place in ladies’ hearts for their beauty and aesthetic touch knitted with any color.

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