30 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

by Kari // updated on: February 23, 2023

Now here’s something you might not know: there’s more than one style of quilt. Specifically, there’s such a creation known as a jelly roll quilt, which is very fun and unique. Whether you’re a quilting newbie, or you’re looking for something to add to your collection, we’ve got a multitude of ideas for you to play with. Keep reading below for all 30 jelly roll quilt patterns and design options.

Large Jelly Roll Quilt

This giant tapestry is eccentric without being too extreme.

Colored Squares Quilt

Each square is filled with its own individualistic design pattern. What more could you want?

X Jelly Roll Quilt

Geometric shapes meet an “x marks the spot” pattern in this jelly roll quilt design.

Rose & Gray Quilt

Varying shades of gray and pink make this one feminine and stylish.

Neon Quilt

Bold color infuses this jelly roll quilt with life.

Primary Colors Quilt

Red, yellow, and blue get a dash of green to break up the patterns in this crafty design.

Tropical Quilt

Brighten up any space with the fun colors of this piece.

Chevron Quilt

A white Chevron design completes this rainbow quilt.

Whimsical Quilt

Pale colors mixed with bolder accents make this a standout design.

Dreamy Quilt

Florals, fruits, and other cute designs make this quilt quite a remarkable piece.

Checkered Quilt

Mini squares offer pops of color in this floral bordered design.

Scalloped Quilt

Spring colors are apparent in this quilt’s pattern, which make it perfect for this time of year.

Muted Quilt

The colors are still vibrant without being too in your face on this quilt.

Yellow Quilt

Splashes of yellow and gray surprisingly work well together in this chic design.

Saltwater Quilt

The faded jade tones of this quilt really do remind you of the sea or a beach.

Pink Quilt

A pretty pink base makes this a marvelous piece.

Fall Toned Quilt

Amber, gold, and green make a warm statement in this quilt.

Plaid Quilt

Classic with a twist is the perfect way to describe this jelly roll quilt.

Red Jelly Roll Quilt

A mix of plaid, poppies, and a pop of red give this quilt character.

Green and Red Quilt

Even though it may have Christmas themed colors, you don’t have to use it for the holidays. This works year-round!

Blue, White, and Red Quilt

Yet another color scheme which evokes a holiday theme (Fourth of July, anyone?) – but, again, you can use this anytime, anyplace!

Rose Accented Quilt

Literal roses are scattered throughout this pattern, as well as the solid mauve-like color. Both elements make this very pretty and practical.

Merry & Bright Quilt

Merry and bright is a great way to describe this one, as the vibrant colors jump out of each square – making it sort of like “a shape within a shape” (as the red base is simply a large square).

Lollipop Quilt

Bursts of red, blue, yellow, and green really spice up the white backdrop of this design.

Neptune Quilt

Seas of green are woven together beautifully in this design.

Multicolored Quilt

Bold, funky, and fresh – what more could you want?

Colorblock Quilt

Boxes never looked so cool: pink, blue, polka dotted, you name it, it’s here.

Geometric Designs Quilt

Nifty shapes make this jelly roll quilt very intriguing.

Pastel Oasis Quilt

Pastel pink makes a luxe base for the funky patterns to be layered on in this design.

Electric Jam Quilt

Neons and notice-me dots, hearts, and flowers make this a top notch quilt.

Now that you have seen all 30 jelly roll quilts, maybe one design or pattern has inspired you to make your own. Whether it’s fairly basic, or very unique, you can create something special for you or someone you know.


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