33 DIY Leaf Garland

by Kristen // updated on: December 29, 2019

Add a touch of green in your home with the help of leaf garlands. These garlands are a cost-effective and brilliant way to enhance the grace of interiors. You can choose original or artificial leaves of your choice and create lovely leaf garland. Light up your garland with colorful lights, and it is ready for use in festivals.

If you want to try one of these adorable ideas for DIY leaf garland here are some tips on materials you need:

You can use green crepe paper for paper leaf garland or you can use lemon tree leaves

Florist wire


Sewing machine

Keep the leaves in a non-linear pattern to make it look as natural as possible.

DIY Leaf Garland Ideas

Use shimmery artificial leaves to design the garland; you can also make use of original leaves to add a realistic touch.

Lemon Leaf Garland

This is perfect for dining table decoration; the garland looks lovely, and lemons give the fresh fragrance all around.

Leaf Garland

Gather the fresh green leaves from your garden and create a charming garland for the entrance door.

Magnolia Leaf Garland

Arrange the leaves in a pattern to give an excellent look; you can also embellish it with white ribbon and lovely flowers.

Make the beautiful fall leaves garland and lighten it up during festive season; you can substitute the original leaves with an artificial one.

Bay Leaf Garland

The lovely garland is an ideal choice for home décor; use faux bay leaf garland with the touch of shimmer to give an exotic look.

Artificial Bay Leaf Garland

Make a large size garland by arranging bay leaves altogether and adorn the staircase of your home.

Gold Leaf Garland

Spray metallic gold color all over the artificial leaves to give an exotic look; you can use the color combination matching to the furniture and walls.

Autumn Leaf Garland

Add charm to the door with fall leaf garland; this is beautiful and has an eye-capturing look.

The artificial leaf garland is cost-effective and remains as it is for a long time. Choose one of your choices and give a distinct look to your home.

Refreshing Lemon Leaf Garland

Enhance the grace of your dining area with lemon leaf garland; the lemons help to get rid of bad odour too.

Grape Leaf Garland

Go green and choose a natural theme for wedding decoration; you can use white ribbons and a bunch of artificial flowers to enhance the grace.

Garland with Hanging Maple Leaves

The lovely colorful garland is beautiful and gives a charming look; if you want to try something other than green color garland, then this is the best option.

Leaf Garland with Lights for Christmas

The lighted garland with green color leaves is perfect for the festive season; this goes perfectly with Christmas decoration.

The black color leaf garland is perfect for Halloween theme party; this is a must-have for theme based décor.

Eucalyptus Leaf Garland Designs

A piece of rope; florist wire and fresh green leaves are enough to create this pattern; you can also choose artificial leaves to make this garland.

Leaf Garland for Wedding

This is the perfect leaf garland for wedding decoration; the white color jasmine flowers enhance the grace and fragrance all around.

Silk Maple Leaf Garland

Go for the maple leaf garland for decorating the entrance of your home; this is perfect for autumn.

DIY Leaf Garland

The magnificent leaf garland adds charm to the dull walls and interiors; the bright green color leaves are pleasing to eyes.

Crepe Paper Leaf Garland Steps

The step by step instructions ease the task; choose the leaves from your garden area and make different garlands.

Leaf Garland Template

Shape the felt leaves with the template and make leaf garland according to the size you need.

Leaf Garland in Crochet Pattern

If you love crocheting, then this is a perfect pattern for making a garland. Try your crocheting skills for this DIY.

Jungle Leaf Garland Christmas Decoration

This is an easy way to decorate your home for Christmas celebration; hang it on walls or doors to enhance the grace of your party décor.

Leaf Garland for Thanksgiving

The lovely artificial leaf garland looks fantastic and makes your guest spellbound. Try this project and flaunt your creativity among friends and family.

The olive green garland is perfect to decorate the gateway; you can adorn the dining table too.

Get ready for a wedding party with leaf crown; the thin pattern looks elegant with party wear.

Real Olive Leaf Table Garland

Adorn your dining table with an olive leaf garland and make your guest spellbound with its mesmerizing look.

DIY Oak Leaf Garland

The artificial oak leaves are white; so splash the bright colors of your choice for a beautiful look.

Palm Leaf Garland for Festivities

Give an elegant look to the vibrant color walls with lovely palm leaf garland; it looks fancy and enhances the charm of festive décor.

Romantic Rose Leaf Garland

Roses are exclusively beautiful; so try this lovely DIY as it is the perfect decorative accessory for valentine.

The lush green garland is an affordable way to decorate; this offers the fresh feel to the interior of your lovely home.

How to Make a Leaf Garland

Follow the video and make the leaf garland effortlessly.

Making Leaf Garland with a Template

The felt leaves give a perfect look to the garland; you can embellish it with colorful artificial flowers to make it appealing.

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