39 Crochet Poncho Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Crochet poncho

Ponchos are well known and lovable garments originated somewhere in the South Americas. They have unsewn sides and a little-rounded hole to pop your head through; it is an adorable winter wear. They are light weighted and one can throw on them whenever they need a bit of extra warmth. Ponchos look fabulous on every girl and are a staple in most wardrobes. The best part is they are perfect for all weathers and in winters they provide an extra layer of warmth to our bodies, while in summer they are airy and light fashionable garments. Work on poncho designs that are simple but attractive for every occasion and we bring for you different easy patterns for crochet ponchos.

Crochet ponchos are great for colder days and the patterns are fun, easy and most interestingly free.

Fall Fantasy Women’s Poncho

Crochet a poncho that would be a bit fancier for summer days too or the fall season and you land in a fantasy land with this pink one!

Every fashion lover has a poncho always in her brain for they are the best alternatives to a jacket when one needs to have an instantly stylish outfit.

Dubonnet Poncho

Dubonnet Poncho

These ponchos would be best to wear with any casual outfit or any special dress for a grander fashion and style statements of one’s personality.

You can browse through numerous patterns that will catch your eyes and simply hit your minds for crocheting a baby poncho.

Crochet Poncho Pattern

These ponchos are best fashion accessories to adorn you during the springs and summers while you can gain a distinctive style.

Hooded Crochet Baby Poncho

Hooded ponchos are great for dressing up your babies who might get irritated with constricting clothes. Ponchos would delight them!

Toddler Poncho Crochet Pattern

There are varieties you can choose from for working up an adorable poncho for your toddler. They would be spectacular patterns for kids.

Light as a Feather Crochet Poncho Pattern

Lightweight ponchos are most fashionable for they are airy and soft but act as a perfect summer accessory for any casual attire.

We approach you with an extensive collection of poncho patterns with various color works and amazing textures that will guide you best to make a baby poncho.

You can wear them while being around at home or going to the market, park visits or hangouts with friends. These are a bit fancier!

Light & Lacy Poncho Pattern

Laces are heavenly! Light and airy, these ponchos are best for the cool summer breezy days for all fashion loving ladies.

Sweet Baby Poncho

Select ponchos with colorful textures or even in neutral colors. They would be perfect for fall and winters, especially for the little ones.

Hooded ponchos are best suitable for babies. They would look incredibly adorable with little head hoodies.

Light & Airy Poncho Pattern

Light ponchos are very comfortable and they can look adorable at dinners or any event where you can carry an attractive look.

Crochet Poncho Patterns for Women

Women can look way classier than anything with these unique patterned ponchos for night dinners or any gget-together

Colorful patterns with brighter queen pink shades of yarns can be the best fall garments for a little girl child.

Embroidery Print Poncho

Amazing embroideries look a bit more stylish than any other pattern on any clothing. And ponchos are no exception so you must try these designs.

Crocheted Poncho Pattern

Free crochet poncho patterns can simply turn your head for their beautiful creations and vibrant color combinations.

Easy Crochet Poncho Pattern

These poncho patterns can be apt for attending parties, evening get together or outings with friends and families for a rich look.

Hooded Poncho Crochet Pattern

Little faces look incredibly adorable with hooded ponchos! These are heavenly creations one can gift to a little angel.

Cables are divine patterns for any winter garment. So why leave out these ponchos. Make a cabled poncho with collars for more warmth around the neck.

Chevrons are classy so make sure you do not forget them while designing your ponchos. Colorful stripes make the crocheting even more charming.

Easy Crochet Poncho Pattern

One can easily make crocheting on ponchos with various color works and a variety of patterns on them for a fabulous output.

The Not-A-Poncho Top Pattern

Ponchos can be used as tops too! We are sure you won’t believe it so we have various patterns to prove this exclusive style.

You can directly put on this Poncho sweater and feel quite warm instead of using them as accessories over winter garments.

Children love ponchos, be it girls or boys. You must make attractive designs using varied colored yarns for an adorable look.

Poncho Crochet Pattern

Fill the ponchos with bright and cute colors and kids would love these delightful inclusions in their winter wardrobe.

Vintage Crochet Poncho Pattern

Ponchos, derived from a Mexican outfits, naturally carry a traditional style in them. Crochet them in pure white yarns to bring back the vintage feel.

Shimmer Poncho Pattern

Shimmery clothes are loved and adored by all ladies. So provide your ponchos with a bit of shimmer too for a grander outlook.

Girls Poncho Crochet Pattern

Multi color works of yarns make crocheting more lively and lovely poncho patterns. Younger girls would love to have one.

Lacy Fans Poncho

Women are big fans of laces. They would love them in any clothing and lacy ponchos will just be the best delight for them this season!

Crochet Patterns for Ponchos

Amazing crochet patterns look much trendier during the springtime or fall. The vibrant hues perfectly match the bright sunny weathers.

Girls Poncho Crochet Pattern

Little baby girls look the most adorable creatures on earth with a soft pink crocheted super warm poncho thrown over her.

Jazzy Poncho Crochet Pattern

This festive season let’s get a bit jazzy with these super cool and highly fashionable ponchos. Flaunt a glamorous style statement all together.

Poncho Crochet Pattern

You can try out this incredibly beautiful, mesmerizing and intensely colorful pattern for crocheting your ponchos for a bright and cheerful look.

Babies feel super delighted to have ponchos on them for these are very soft for them Ponchos warm up their little bodies much comfortably.

Poncho Pattern Crochet

It is undoubtedly a delight to wear ponchos and if one has hand knitted colorful ponchos with personalized crochets, they are divine.

Light and sweet shades of threads must be incorporated for making baby ponchos to maintain delicacy and softness.

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