39 Macramé Bracelets Patterns

by Kristen // updated on: March 20, 2023

Those who have all grown up during the 1970s must have spent almost every bit of their childhood days in macramé craft works. They must have spent hours in tying the ends of the cords for creating ubiquitous tree hangers as those were the icons of that era. Macramé patterns were mostly used in the ancestral houses for making plant hangers that reflects a vintage style. You can also get back to the old times with some macramé patterns but this time not for the hangers but you can create beautiful and colorful bracelets with macramé cords and knots.

Macramé Bracelet Pattern

One must get a warm and fuzzy feeling while making some adorable macramé bracelets with knots.

Bollywood Macramé Bracelet

You cannot help get tempted with these vibrant bracelets. Or you can make a bunch of these and gift each one.

Macrame Bracelet

Use up colorful beadworks for your macramé bracelets like this turquoise green one that can really tempt you.

Leather Macramé Bracelet DIY

Leather cords make your macramé bracelets even more stylish and trendy too, and you can match them with any outfit.

Leather Macramé Bracelet

Leather bracelets can add to your personality tinges of soberness and well as make you look much attractive.

Micro-Macramé Beaded Bracelets

Micro bracelets need fewer efforts as they are smaller in size, but they can look equally appealing when put on.

Silver Charm Knotted Macramé Bracelet Pattern

Macramé bracelets with charming knots and a silver charm added at the middle, or the end can keep it more valuable.

Macramé Bracelet

One need to gather up all the materials required, and the best part is that you do not require much of knitting supplies.

Asymmetrical Macramé Bracelet

One can get a bit more innovative and unique while crafting macramé bracelets and make this beautiful asymmetrical piece.

Macramé Bracelet Patterns

Bracelet is one of the favorite jewelry that has always been in fashion both for wearing as well as taking up as a project.

Micro Macramé Bracelet Pattern

A micro macramé bracelet can be smaller in size and appearance, but it can provide equal enhancement to your looks.

12-String Macramé Bracelet with Resin Rhinestone Beads

Rhinestone beads can really make you awesome bracelets like these bright blue beaded macramé bracelet.

Beaded Macrame Bracelet

Apart from the ever-so-simple macramé bracelets, these gorgeous beads can light up your somewhat monotonous lives.

Easy Macramé Bracelet

Enjoy the summer breezes with these charming macramé bracelets, and we have all the guidelines for you.

Macramé Friendship Bracelet

One can replace hemp and wooden beads for bracelets with beautiful coral beads knitted with a menagerie of colors.

Lovely Lavender Macramé Bracelet

This can mesmerize, and one would cherish this lavender bracelet with lilacs beaded all along with pretty crystal stones.

Macramé Bracelet Pattern with Beads

Silver beads can really beautify your bracelets with colorful nylon cords and glossy metallic charms.

Macramé Neon Nylon Cord Bracelet

Neon nylon cords can sizzle your accessories and make you trendier than ever for their vibrant hues and gloss.

Men’s Macramé Bracelet

Men too deserve a bit of pampering with lovely stylish bracelets. So this knotting season gift your husband one.

Pandora Bracelet Pattern

These pretty Pandora bracelets can win hearts everywhere! Nothing can be perfect as gifts than a blue beaded bracelet.

Macramé Bracelet

One just needs to follow the proper steps for making pretty knotted macramé bracelets, and one gets going with a fabulous piece.

Macramé Bracelet Poly Cord – Adjustable Sliding Knot

You do not have to always go for the studded ones. Make a simple, pretty bracelet with adjustable strings or cords.

Adjustable Macramé Bracelet

This is pretty, but simple macramé bracelet and the thin string help you to adjust your bracelet according to your wrist size.

Pandora Macrame Bracelet

Instead of the simple Pandora bracelets, you can incorporate beautiful macramé patterns with some nice string works.

Macramé Square Knot String & Hex Nut Bracelet

Hex nuts can make amusing bracelets, but they might seem a little bulky but are not at all so. Make one and try out!

DIY Lacey Macramé Bracelet

Waxed nylon cords and pretty lace works need your choice of colors and use macramé knits for crafting lovely bracelets.

Macramé Wrap Bracelet

Wrap bracelets can keep your wrist covered and groomed thus making nice samples of macramé bracelets.

Devil‘s Eye Macramé Bracelet

Macramé lovers do not miss out this unique pattern for your bracelets, and they can be pretty as birthday gifts for your special friends.

Macramé Square Knot Bracelet

Handmade macramé bracelets can be made with pleasing square knots tied in different color schemes.

DIY Beaded Stackable Macramé Bracelet

Beads can do wonders! Pops of colors can enlighten up your lives so knit them and these bracelets would delight anyone.

Intertwining Macramé Bracelet with Beads

Shining beads can pretty up your wrists with their loveliness and vibrant, cute bead works on your bracelets.

Macramé Bracelet Patterns

We provide you a whole collection of bracelet patterns right from the twisted ones to the simple ones with charms.

Macramé Hemp Bracelet

Hemp Cords can also create wonders apart from the glossy gems, stones, diamonds, and beads so try out hemp bracelets.

Easy Macramé Bracelet Pattern

Fresh summers are on their ways to set the breezes, so little girls can also make these easy bracelet jewelry with colorful cords.

Macramé Patterns for Bracelets

The most personalized gift anyone can present to her special ones has to be a charming bracelet with nice macramé knots, and there might be cute embellishments too.

DIY Macramé Bracelet

Anyone can get into the fun with minimum supplies and our guidelines and readily make macramé bracelets in excellent color schemes.

Leather + Climbing Rope Macramé Bracelets

Leather bands can be super stylish accessories both for men and women and rope or string works along with these can glam up your looks.

Evil Eye Macramé Bracelet

This is another excellent pattern for making bracelets, and one can fill them with various colorful cords.

How to Make a Macramé Bracelet?

If you have never tried macramé patterns before, do not worry at all for we have easy tutorials to show you.

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