4 Doctor Who Scarf Knitting Pattern

by Ashley // updated on: December 17, 2019

There is much history behind the development of the Doctor Who Scarf. Tom Baker, the character from Doctor Who wore a large-sized scarf and from then onwards the pattern became known to all and one must have tried making them. The best and exciting part of this stitch is that there is only a single stitch pattern that needs to be done throughout. The pattern is also very quickly learned and we provide you with helpful videos and information about the technique and different ways of knitting a Doctor Who Scarf. One can add tassels at the ends of the scarf for a more pleasant look

Free Doctor Who Knitting Scarf Pattern

We can offer you with the best patterns and ideas and you can quite comfortably knit a cool Doctor Who scarf.

Doctor Who Scarf Knitting Pattern

You must keep in mind that this stitching is not going to be quick enough and will take much time to finish.

Doctor Who Scarf Knitting Pattern

If one has no clue of making this, you need not worry at all. It is a relatively simple pattern and too easy to learn.

Doctor Who Knitting Scarf Pattern

Even if this pattern is a bit time consuming but once you get it done it’s definitely worth it!

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