40 Beautiful Yarn Pom Poms

Home Decor

Yarn Pom Poms give a fancy look to the accessories; the decorative ball adds cuteness and offers a distinct look. So do this easy project and decorate your room with Pom Pom wall hangings or try it on your handbags and other dressing accessories. Kids also love to have this colorful tuft.

Want to create your own yarn pom poms?

Here’s what you need:

Yarn of multiple colors

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Here’s what to do:

Cut off 12″ of the yarn (this will be the piece you tie with)

For the other part, take the yarn and begin wrapping it around two or three fingers depending on the size of the pom pom you want.

Wrap the yarn around 2 fingers 100 to 125 times

Wrap the yarn around 3 fingers 125 to 150 times

Once wrapped, carefully pull it off your fingers

Take the other 12″ of yarn and tie it around the center of the yarn you took off your fingers.

This will create a bow shape

Cut the ribbon ends of the yarn so they are open

Rub it between your hands to fluff if it up

Feel free to cut off yarn that is too long to make it more in the shape of a ball.


Yarn Pom Poms

You will love these colorful fluffy Pom poms and the bright shades are pleasing to eyes.

How to Make Yarn Pom Poms

The simple DIY completes in no time; use the instructions and make a beautiful balls.

Small Yarn Pom Poms

These are easy and eye-catching bobbles; try them and use in different places.

Yarn Pom Poms

Kids love to play with these colorful balls; try this DIY and see big smiles on their faces.

Pom Poms from Yarn

Gifts make everyone curious; so decorate them with cute fluffy balls and make them appealing.

How to Make a Pom Pom Out Of Yarn

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DIY Yarn Pom Poms

Pom Poms are the fun way to spend weekends and add charm to your home decoration.

Making Yarn Pom Poms

You can use yarns of a single color or different colors and make these alluring Pom Poms.

Yarn Pom Pom Balls

Make these fluffy balls and decorate your lovely home with cute balls.

Yarn Pom Pom Garlands for a Stylish Party

Make different color balls and tie them together to make a garland, and now your home is ready for the party.

Tutorial on Making a Pom Pom with Yarn

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How to Make Yarn Pom Poms for Hats

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Chubby Yarn Pom Pom Animals

Make cute and adorable animals with the help of fluffy balls. The project is easy and unique.

Easy Yarn Pom Pom Animals

PomPom gives proper texture to an animal’s body; this creativity is one of its kinds.

Homemade Yarn Pom Poms with Pom Pom Maker

The Pom Pom maker makes this project quick and super easy; try it and get a large number of balls complete in limited time.

Yarn Pom Pom Flower Instructions

Follow the instructions and make this simple project.

You can make different size of tufts; however, these mini balls look cute.

Yarn Pom Poms for the Holidays

Enjoy your holidays with colorful balls; make them and enhance your creativity.

Yarn Poms

The vibrant colors look alluring; decorate your room with bright color Pom Poms.

Yarn Pom Pom Garland

Make the balls of various colors and tie them to form a garland; decorate your entrance door with this pattern.

Massive Yarn Pom Pom

Use leftover yarn and make this large ball; the fluffy texture is appealing.

Large Yarn Pom Poms

Decorate gifting items or make rugs by joining large balls together.

Giant Yarn Pom Poms

Hang this vibrant color fluffy ball on your shoulder ball and make it attractive.

Fluffy Yarn Pom Pom Wreath

Make a wreath using various balls and add the charm to your Christmas décor.

White Yarn Pom Pom Wreath

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Adjoin white color mini pom poms and make a wreath that fits the head appropriately; now crown is ready for use.

Hanging Yarn Pom Poms

Add charm to your home décor with bright colors Pom poms wall hangings.

Yarn Pom Fruit

Make cute tiny fruits with Pom pom maker and décor your dining table with them.

Pom Pom Yarn Pattern

Colorful balls are used as bookmarks also so you can gift it to your friend who loves to read.

Pom Pom Yarn Scarf

Adjoin various Pom Poms and make the scarf of your choice; your new winter accessory is ready.

Easy Yarn Pom Poms

Use different color yarn to make these balls and decorate return gifts at a birthday party.

Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Wall hangings always look attractive; make this project and show off your creativity in the festive season.

Blue Yarn Pom Poms

The blue color is pleasing to eyes; make the balls of this color and add charm to your winter accessories.

Yarn Pom Pom Flowers

The contrast colors are attractive; make this beautiful DIY and decorate your room in no time.

How to Make Pom Poms with Yarn

The instructions make your task easy, and you can complete the project in less time.

Yarn Pom Poms for Garlands

The festive season is the best time to beautify your home; make these alluring balls and arrange them in the form of a garland.

Floral Yarn Pom Poms

Use the colors of your choice and make fluffy balls; arrange them together in the form of a bouquet.

Bright Yarn Pom Poms

Add charm to your carry bag with these bright color balls; they look beautiful and add grace.

Decorate your kitchen with bright red green and yellow color balls; the pattern is alluring.

Ravishing Yarn Pom Pom Ideas

Use bright colors to make these balls; stitch them together to form the comfortable chair cover.

Yarn Pom Pom Rug

These rugs are fluffy and soft and add charm to your home décor. This weekend project is easy and quick.