41 Crochet Rug Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 28, 2019

Rugs help to soak up water and also get the dirt off your feet! But apart from their functional parts, rugs can be perfect for home decorations. Crocheted rugs are easier to work up and take less time. One can make them quite effortlessly and save money too while adding colors to your home décor. Crocheted rugs are fun projects, funky and are the perfect ways to freshen up your living space. And you need to spend only a few pennies! With the bright sunny weather and the lovely breezes, your interiors are surely getting some dirt with dust and drab. So you need a colorful rug will help you solve this problem in style.

Twirly Crochet Rug Pattern

Add some unusual color combinations and one can easily provide the rooms with an excellent finishing touch.

Crochet Rug Pattern with Yarn

Yarns can make beautiful crochet rugs with the help of different patterns. Decorate our rooms with these.

Add a bright blue pop of color for your rug at any space of your house with these fabulous crocheted designs.

Up-cycled Crochet Rug

Use these crochet patterns and you can put them on your wooden floors, in front of your bathtubs or outside your main doors.

Making rugs in unique oval shapes is a great way to transform the age-old norms of circular rug patterns.

Pretty Little Rug

Pretty up your living space with this colorful rug pattern and add vibrancy to your décor while keeping your feet dirt free.

Make a warm rug with a semi-circular pattern and this can give your room a cozy and pleasant feeling.

crochet rag rug
crochet rag rug patterns

Crochet Rag Rug Pattern

Rag rugs are innovative ways to assert patterns using a wide range of styles and various techniques suiting your taste.

Rug making is great for beginners too for they can be easily made and does not require much time.

The Crocheted Round Rug Pattern

Round crocheted rugs are one of the most fabulous ways to pass your time during the long winter nights.

Granny Dollie Rug with Hooplayarn

Hoopla yarns are the most adorable ones for making cute rug patterns and can be made within the course of only a weekend.

Crochet Patterns for Rugs

Several rugs need to be worked upon continuously depending on the styles and patterns like this adorable one.

Rag rug pattern

Rag Rug

Learn the steps for making rug patterns available free on our website and you can be an expert soon.

Rug Home Sweet Home

This welcomes you to every space of your home from the living room to the bathrooms and every other room in between.

Crocheted Rugs Pattern

You will surely love this fun and simple crochet patterns for your rugs that are easy to make and with little effort.

Explore your creative side with these rag rugs. Follow the details mentioned here and you are ready with a beautiful rug pattern.

Simple Crochet Rug Pattern

No matter what style you opt for crocheting your rugs, they are easy to mix and match to suit your taste.

One can choose fun patterns like this owl rug and make them in any color combinations suiting their styles.

DIY Crochet Rug Pattern

Just follow the instructions given on the website and get going with a fabulous crocheted rug for your room.

Give your rugs a bit of style with colorful striped patterns all over and you can easily transform your otherwise dull rooms to a precious one.

Crochet Rug Pattern

The most amazing factor about crocheting these rugs is that you are free to use any color combinations you like to.

Millennium Loop Rug

Make your rug crocheted in this amazing blue, green color works adding life to your room décor this season.

Round Rug Crochet Pattern

Round crocheted rugs add color to your room décor while keeping your feet away from the cold floors and tiles.

You can make use of colorful fabric stripes for crocheting your rugs for this upcoming season.

Pretty in Pink Rug

Women just fall in love with pinks! So while crocheting rugs, they cannot leave out a pretty pink one for their bedroom decor.

Be creative while crocheting your rugs and incorporate these Afghan flower patterns for a lovely charm for your home.

t0shirt rag rug

Crochet T-Shirt Rug Pattern

Use up your old stuff instead of throwing them away! Bring up your stash T-shirts and knit up a gorgeous rug with the fabrics.

Crochet T-Shirt Rug

Use your old t-shirts and some pants for some scrap fabric and you can turn them into an incredibly beautiful rug for your rooms.

doily rug pattern

Giant Doily Rug Pattern

Your home will surely thank you enough for grooming it up with this giant doily gorgeous rug placed anywhere.

Wastage is foolishness! So do make use of old rags, t-shirts or pants and recycle them into new and wonderful rug patterns.

Giant Crochet Rug Pattern

Giant rugs add glamour and sophistication to your home. So do not wait anymore and take up this project.

Recycle up your old unused stuff and create a fantastic rug pattern by using up the fabrics of varied colors.

Crocheted Rag Rugs

Make complete use of rags and use your creative skills for making a fabulous piece of rug for your living space.

Crocheted Round Rag Rug Pattern

Round patterns look best for hand crocheted rugs. They can make great accent pieces for your rooms.

Crocheted Rag Rugs Pattern Directions

We have a whole lot of collection for patterns which would surely help you to weave a customized rug for your home.

These gorgeous rugs can easily decorate your rooms while putting them underneath chairs, end tables and other furniture.

Starburst Rag Crochet Rug Pattern

Make your rugs star-studded with these patterns and they look incredible with carpets or other floor decorations.

Follow the methods mentioned here and you are ready with a beautiful, charming piece of rug made with old rags. It is truly unbelievable!

Crochet Rug Pattern

Integration of gorgeous leaf and lace patterns can groom up your rugs like this classy red one pictured here.

Simple Crochet Rug Pattern

Simple rugs can be made for use in every room of your house, be it drawing rooms or bathrooms, even at balconies.

Round Rug Crochet Pattern

Circular rugs look great as décor for your interiors if placed at the entrance of your household for a warm welcome.

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