46 Snowman Ornaments DIY

by Kristen // updated on: January 4, 2020

With the arrival of the festive season, we seek to have all the decorative materials to deck our Christmas tree. Here are some unique DIYs that are perfect to enhance the charm of the magical tree; you can use scrap to make this craft. So use your creative skills and do the projects mentioned below. Hurry up and grab all the materials required to do this DIY and feel the satisfaction once you deck up the Christmas tree.

Handprint Snowman Ornament

This craft makes you expert in handprint art; this is one of the best ways to preserve your kiddos fingerprint; so try this DIY every year.

Snowman Ornaments

Make an adorable snowman with a wine cork and embellish it with ribbons; you need to paint white color on the wooden cork.

DIY Snowman Ornament

This is a simple project and requires Styrofoam ball and some paint colors. This is the last minute DIY too.

Snowman Christmas Ornament

Fill the simple plastic or glass ornament with fake snow; paint the facial features with black color along with an orange carrot nose.

Melted Snowman Ornament

Use a small amount of melted glue and some black buttons to make facial features; the glue cools quickly, and you can hang it with the help of string on your Christmas tree.

Snowman Handprint Ornaments

Color the glass ball with your favorite shade and ask your kid to dab hand in white color. Hold the ball to get handprint; now paint the facial features, and your handmade snowman is ready.

Snowman Tea light Ornament

Use battery operated tea lights, a red pipe cleaner, black and orange sharpie, red pom poms and black felt to make a cap; this DIY takes less time to get complete.

Tea Light Snowman Ornament

Use battery tea lights and a sharpie for this project; use hot glue to paste pom poms along with the black band. Your snowman with headphone is ready to enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree.

Snowman Ornaments DIY

The snowman looks perfect in festive decorations; use ornament and Styrofoam to make the body and embellish it as much as you can.

Snowman Glass Ornament

Use vase fillers to fill a glass or plastic ornament; you can use black paint or sharpie to make facial expressions.

Snowman Ornament You Can Make

Use a sock to make a snowman, fill two-thirds with rice and divide it by using ribbon; roll and fold the upper part to make a hat; use colorful buttons to embellish it.

Homemade Snowman Ornament with Clear Glass Bulb

This is an interesting way to make a snowman; fill the glass or plastic ornament with small Styrofoam balls and use a sharpie to make facial expressions.

Large Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

The three different sizes of wooden slices are used to make this craft. Paint them white and decorate it on your Christmas tree to enhance the festive decoration.

Snowman Craft Ornament

Celebrate this Christmas with zeal and enthusiasm and use your creativity to make this lovely craft.

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Ornaments

This is the best way to reuse discarded tires; paint them in white and arrange in a pattern as shown in the image to give snowman look.

Cool Snowman Fingerprint Ornament

Take the right handprint on glass ornament; use white color for this purpose. Paint the facial expression and body parts with different colors, and your project is ready in a day.

Snowman Family Hand Ornament

Make this craft and add it to your memory treasure; Start this activity from the first Christmas of your child and yes don’t forget to mention date on the bottom of the ornament.

Making Fingerprint Snowman Ornaments

Capture your child’s fingerprint on an ornament and make a snowman with cute fingerprints; embellish it with glitter and buttons.

Rustic Wooden Snowman Ornament

The wooden snowman gives a rustic look when hung from the Christmas tree.

Country Snowman Head Ornaments

Use a big Styrofoam ball to do this DIY; you can use a sharpie to make expressions. The different expressions of the face look great.

Snowman Tree Ornament Out Of Cork

Paint the cork with white color and use red pipe cleaner and pom poms to give a funky look to the snowman.

Snowman Ornament for Baby’s First Christmas

Keep your child’s birth announcement items in a unique way; you can make one for your loved ones and gift it when their baby celebrates the first Christmas.

Handmade Snowman Light Bulb Ornament

Paint the bulb with white acrylic color and sprinkle white glitter all over it. Use twines to make hands and black paint to make eyes and mouth. The orange nose looks adorable.

Marshmallow Snowman Ornaments

Deck up your home with a lovely snowman made from marshmallows; keep them one above other and use food color to make facial expressions.

Snowman Ornament Out Of Peanut

Have you ever thought of making a snowman with peanuts? Well, this is one of the best ways to utilize peanuts other than eating.

Homemade Clay Snowman Ornament

Use clay to give the desired shape to your snowman; you can embellish it with colorful buttons or clay made snowman accessories.

Handmade Felt Snowman Ornaments for Christmas

Use felt to make an adorable snowman; the googly eyes and lovely features are eye-catching. Make a couple of them and hang it on Christmas tree.

Cute Craft of Sock Snowman Ornament

Decorate Christmas tree with an adorable snowman made of the sock; you can use googly eyes and ribbons to enhance its grace.

Snowman Footprint Ornament

This is a unique way to carry out the project; take a foot impression and use acrylic colors to make facial expressions.

Delightful Thumbprint Snowman Ornaments

You can use plastic or glass ornaments for this purpose; use your kid handprint to make a charming snowman and do not forget to mention the date at the bottom.

Free Unique Stuffed Snowman Crochet Ornament Pattern

If you know crocheting than you can easily accomplish this task; Use your crocheting skills to carry out adorable activity.

Wooden Spool Snowman Ornament

Show your creativity and make jingle bell snowman using wooden spool; spray different colors on the spool to make it alluring.

Paint Stick Snowman Ornaments

Spray white color on a wooden stick and use a sharpie or acrylic paint for making facial features; you can use ribbon or red cloth to make a bow.

Salt Dough Snowman Ornament

Use salt dough to make a cute snowman; this is the best way to do this project if you lack time. Do the craft and use the oven to dry it.

Melted Snowman Ornament with Hot Glue

This activity needs very less time to get complete; pour melted hot glue in round shape make a face and small black buttons to make other facial expressions.

Blue Snowman Spoon Ornament

Draw snowman’s facial expressions on a spoon with the help of sharpie; embellish it with a felt cap to enhance its look.

Pretty Clothespin Snowman Ornaments

Use of clothespin serves a unique idea to do this task; the broom makes it distinct from all the other patterns.

Snowman Ornament with Buttons

Use buttons and make an unconventional snowman; use red ribbon to make a bow.

Bubbly Golf Ball Snowman Ornament

Use golf ball to do this activity; use of sparkling pom poms enhance the grace.

Jingle Bell Snowman Ornament

The glass or plastic ornament is required for this activity; use a black and orange sharpie for a complete appearance.

Make Your Own Snowman Ornament

The simple craft requires fewer efforts; you need to paint the glass bulbs and give it a shimmery look; use twigs as to make hands.

Clear Vintage Snowman Snow Globe Ornament

Fill the glass globe ornament with artificial snow and hang cute snowman at the centre and your DIY is complete in a couple of minutes.

How to Make Melted Snowman Ornament?

The link gives the complete information about this activity; follow it carefully and make this adorable DIY easily.

Tutorial for Snowman Ornaments

The given link gives the systematic procedure to do this project.

Melted Snowman Ornament with Hot Glue Instructions

Make sure to read the directions before starting the DIY so that you do not stick in between of your project.

How to Make Snowman Ornaments With Styrofoam Balls

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