50 Quilted Handbags

by Kristen // updated on: February 23, 2023

Handbags, purses, tote bags and shoulder bags are all that we need for daily use, be it for office work or some stylish bags for party time and special occasions. An everyday handbag is the most perfect and stylish accessory. Women can be bag lovers for most times. Believe it or not, a lady will have special bags for almost everything and every occasion under the sun! So we have rounded up a huge list of bag patterns and guess what these are quilted ones! Grab your materials and get going with some adorable quilting and start sewing colorful bags.

Quilted Patent Leather Handbag

The quilting looks more classic on leather bags, and one can easily flaunt a classy and glam look with this black leather handbag.

DIY Quilted Handbags

Get ready to make a quilted bag and craft it in the ideal size as per your requirement for carrying stuff and necessities.

Quilted Handbag in Black

Black can add a touch of elegance to your personality so do not miss to craft this stunning black quilted handbag.

Red Quilted Handbags

A cute red quilted bag can make anyone smile so make sure you take the required materials and make this lovely red one.

Quilted Handbags

Make a set of colorful quilted handbags, and you can use them as the perfect gift items for your dear ones.

Quilted Handbag

One will love the patchwork for this vibrant graphics on this quilted handbag, and you can carry this anywhere.

Quilted Handbag Made of Leather

Quilting can be more enjoyable on leather items, and these can have a classy appeal yet have a soft texture for the quilts.

Black Quilted Handbag

A black handbag can go with any of your outfits, be it simple casuals or office attire or even part wears.

Multi-colored Quilted Fabric Handbag

One can incorporate various color works for quilting her handbags adding vibrancy to the fabrics and make it lovelier.

Quilted Fabric Handbag

Fabrics can also be used for quilting bags so all you quilt lovers might experience newer techniques for crafting bags.

Quilted Black Leather Handbag (Gold Chain Strap)

Nothing can be more stylish than this- black leather and quilted handbag for ladies with a lovely golden chain strap.

Charming Quilted Handbag Patterns

Use attractive colors and make them with cute patchworks like this sweet green nature-friendly quilted handbag.

Black Quilted Leather Handbag with Chain Strap

Chain straps can do wonders to any handbag in place of the regular clothed straps so try to use them for your quilted bags.

Quilted Handbag Patterns

Use some preprinted panels of cloths for making them less time-consuming and one can work on them in no time.

Fun Quilted Handbag Purse Pattern

Some of these quilted bags or purses might take a long time to finish sewing, but it’s worth it for they are too much fun and interesting to make.

Blue Quilted Cloth Handbag

One can just whip this fancy blue quilted bag up in only an hour’s time with easy fabric patterns and some passion.

Quilted Purse and Handbag

Apart from the daily handbags and tote bags, you can also make some of the quilted purse patterns with some adorable designs.

Quilted Cloth Handbag

You can just use up your stash and take up some nice fabrics to create a beautiful as well as useful quilted handbag.

Cotton Quilted Handbag

Apart from the other materials, cotton bags can be the most adorable for their soft textures and lovely color works.

Cute Handmade Quilted Handbag

Cute craftworks can result in incredibly cute bag patterns with lovely colors used for the patchworks like this sweet green handbag.

Pretty Quilted Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are much functional than a simple handbag, so you must not miss quilting a lovely baby pink duffle bag for yourself.

Handmade Quilted Handbag

Handmade bags can give you a sewing retreat and a lovable knitting session for all you passionate quilters.

Attractive Quilted Cotton Handbag

Using varied color schemes can make your bags the most beautiful accessory even when you wear them with somewhat casual clothes.

Quilted Diaper Bag

Diaper bags can be cutest creations for anyone. Do not miss out these adorable patterns for quilting your bags.

Quilted Duffle Bag

Anyone would be excited to make these duffle bags and fill them with vibrant pops of colors and patchworks for enhancement.

Quilted Diaper Bag

Beginners can make some attractive diaper bags with our easy instructions and quilting tutorials given here.

Quilted Grab Bags with Drawstring

Nothing on earth can be more adorable as a gift as this cute drawstring bag filled with lovely patchworks and soft quilting.

Quilted Denim Handbag

Old denim can easily be recreated into some soft and sweet quilted handbags for your kids, and you can add tiny embellishments too.

Quilted Pleated Toiletry Handbag

A regular bag cannot be this cute as this floral toiletry bag with simple but adorable pleats and quilted textures.

DIY Quilted Denim Handbag

Use up all your old denim and jeans to craft an exclusive collection of denim handbags for your accessory.

Black and White Quilted Friendship Bag

Black and white patterns can make your handbags way classier than the other hued bags in your accessory collection.

Quilted Grab Bags

Enjoy this rewarding and fun quilting project and make colorful and pretty bags for each member of your family.

Quilted Hobo Handbag

Small hobo bags can serve even as your lunch bags while on your office work or on for a picnic with your friends.

Quilted Owl Handbag

If one is in search of a fun and enjoyable sewing project, then this owl quilting bag making is the perfect one for you!

Trendy Quilted Hipster Handbag

Hipster bags can be ultra stylish so try out the quilting on these colorful graphics, and they can make excellent gifts.

Crazy Quilt Handbag

Knit up some bags in the most fun ways and fill them with crazy popping colors and prints to make them cherishable forever.

Quilted Hipster Handbag

Choose colorful textures for hipster bags to make them lively, and these can go with any of our outfits particularly casuals.

DIY Quilted Designer Handbag

Give your bags an excellent structure and the finished product would have a wide opening and a flattened bottom for the best look.

Funky Quilted Ruler Bag

Ruler patterns can look very fashionable and trendy for young girls, and if these are quilted ones, then they are the cutest.

Designer Quilted Handbag

Get the ideas from the designer styles and knit yourself a beautiful piece of colorful quilted bag.

Quilted Friendship Bag

Sweet colors like this baby pink are used to craft friendship bags with some soft quilting sessions at your home.

Quilted Ruler Bag

Ruled patterns can be the simplest sewn fabric bag design so check out this and try your hand to make one.

Cheery Quilted Tote Bag

This cute, colorful bag can make anyone cheerful with their lovely color works, prints and adorable quilting.

Quilted Tote Handbag

Use the right measurements for your small tote bag and incorporate pretty colors and prints and start quilting.

Quilted Flap Handbag

Explore newer patterns and techniques to make exclusive bags for your favorite people like this flapped quilted bag.

Quilted Handbag

Pattern some handbags quite differently than the commercial ones, just as this bright blue pretty quilted and graphic bag.

Crazy Quilt Handbag for School

One can use these little cute quilted bags to carry their lunchboxes to school or colleges or even at offices.

Chic Quilted Hobo Handbag

Get ready to make some nice cute quilted hobo bags with your sewing tools, and you can have perfect small gifts.

White Quilted Flap Handbag

This pure white classic quilted bag can be the best wedding gift to anyone, and we bet that she would be the luckiest girl!

How to Quilt a Handbag?

Check out the patterns and easy techniques we offer you, and you can readily make a nice quilted handbag.

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