58 Crochet Bag Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Bags are one of the most prominent fashion accessories and style statements one can have. While carrying one, your personality gets reflected and the bag displays a large variety of things about you and your self, for instance, your likes and dislikes and also your areas of interest. One of the most exciting craft projects is crocheting bags, purses and handbags. Crochet bags are delightful where you can use a variety of crochet patterns and needlework techniques. One may include the Tunisian crochet or integrate pretty beads or even appliqués. We welcome you to our index of crochet bag patterns where you can browse over different patterns absolutely free

Learn the easy steps for crocheting a bag free from our website and you can create one while sitting at home and relaxing.

Crocodile stitches can be most glamorous and funky for crocheting bags. So you must try at least one with these trendy patterns.

You do not have to search much for patterns. We offer you the most extensive variety of beautiful patterns with the easiest techniques.

Funky Crocheted Owl Bag

You can choose this adorable owl pattern for crocheting a bag especially for your kids and they will just love it!

Rainbow Felted Bag Crochet Pattern

If you are searching for a new style, you must try this rainbow one for the most fashionable accessory for your attire.

Inga’s crocheted bag

You cannot afford to miss Inga’s Haekelbeutel pattern for your crochet bag to fill in colors in your otherwise dull outfits.

Plastic Shoulder Bag Crochet Pattern

Shoulder bags are crocheted to use up the plastic materials of all unused bags. Get a little eco-friendly this season.

Free Crochet Bag Pattern

We have a compilation of a full list of crochet bag patterns along with ideas that you can try for yourself.

You will love these argyle bags for they can be a great show with their excellent variegated yarns.

Hobo patterns give you a vintage look to your attire and you can turn on every eye on yourself with this classy one.

One can definitely fall in love with this chic crocheted bag for its lovely color combination of blues and whites.

Kawaii Totoro Drawstring Backpack

Kids would love to have these Totoro backpacks in school. So all moms must try out this cute one.

Mesh Market Bag

Mesh bags are pretty ones! Colorful mesh crochet bags are apt for carrying to fruit markets and nearby places.

Owl patterns can look the most attractive for bags and purses. So one must make sure to use this design for crocheting bags.

Crochet Hobo Bag Pattern

Hobo patterns are those patterns where you can put a bit of yourself right into your bag and amaze the world!

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

This rainbow pattern can make a fun bag for its colorful stripes with cute hues and you can make it into the large-sized bag.

Ombre Tote Bag

Ombre shades are most fabulous to flaunt a pretty and fashionable style statement. So choose to crochet bags too.

Messenger bags are way more stylish yet simple for crochet patterns. So you must try these once for a change in style.

Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Pattern

One can match her pretty yoga socks with this bright turquoise blue yoga mat bag crocheted in lovely designs.

Try to knit a colorful bunch of these bags and nothing can be more charming as Christmas gifts.

This holiday season turns a bit eco-friendly and has all plastic recycled tote bags for everyday usage.

This cute owl shoulder bag is incredible. You should not miss this pattern for yourself or your dear ones.

Patterns are also available for mesh bags. Choose bright red yarns for crocheting these lightweight, durable market bags.

Crocheted Hobo Bag Pattern

Hobo bags are the trendiest of all! Make intricate designs for Hobo bags with colorful, textural elements closely integrated.

Shopping Bag Crochet Pattern

This sweet green crochet bag is the perfect shopping bag for pretty ladies out for buying some fresh fruits or veggies.

Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Look at this beautiful bright market bag crocheted in simple patterns of green and white thread works.

Summer Squares Beach Tote

This blue square bag is perfect for your beach outings with friends or family for a beautiful summer day out!

Beginners will also find it easy to make these crocheted bags with colorful threads and quick methods.

Your make up should look as glamorous and attractive as your make up items so crochet a colorful lavish makeup bag.

Granny Square Messenger Bag

Messenger bags can look more lovely and classic with granny square patterns. Granny stitches can actually make anything classy.

Crocheted Linen Grocery Tote

One can crochet on linen bags too and can have incredible grocery bags suitable for daily use.

Beach bags must be colorful matching the hues of the oceans and the bright skies! Crochet colorful yarns and make a fantastic bag for yourself.

Easy Crochet Bag Pattern

Crocheting bags becomes easy with us! One has just to follow the right patterns and techniques for their making.

This strawberry drawstring bag is the loveliest of all crochet patterns. Drawstring ones are themselves most adorable ones.

Colors must be filled in these bags and you can see the difference! One can surely be the eye catcher with this in her hand.

Om Shanti Yoga Mat Bag

Look at this fantastic piece of crocheted colors as well as the unique pattern of this yoga mat bag! You can make this.

Carry your books to college or school flaunting this lovely pompom bag on your back to be the most stylish ever.

On the Go Makeup Bag

Make a simple but adorable makeup bag for keeping your favorite stuff. Colors make them lovelier and gorgeous.

While you are out for a weekend trip, make sure to have this mini Jackson red backpack on your back.

Sleepy Owl Tote Bag

Owl patterns are forever cute! This time is a bit more unique and make sleepy owl patterns for crocheting your bags.

All you newly become mothers get ready to make a nice pair of diaper bags for easy traveling with your babies.

Crochet String Bag

Use a much more cheerful color for a crocheted string bag like this sassy red bag. It would be a perfect Christmas gift!

Granny squares add a more aesthetic look to your crochet bags. So make sure to include one of them in your collection.

Crocheted String Bag

Large sized bags can be made for carrying food items and various raw vegetables quite easily in these string bags.

Grocery bags can also be made stylish with beautiful crocheting. Apply for bright blue thread works and see the magic.

Granny’s Valentine Bag

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Why not flaunt a Valentine bag and impress your special one!

Incorporate color works with varied hues of yarns for the best crocheting patterns of bags and purses.

Fabric Lined Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Fabric market bags are unusual ones! So one must learn to crochet these market bags them for a lovely shopping experience.

Crocheted Back Pack Pattern

Children will love to go to schools if they get this adorable buggy flower backpack with them!

Crochet String Bag Pattern

Use brighter hues for string bags for making them look much more attractive. You will look the trendiest everywhere.

Market Bag Crochet Pattern

This lovely sky blue market bag s tempting for anyone! Anyone would be craving for having this.

Messenger Laptop Bag Crochet Pattern

Why only tempt yourselves with crochet patterns? Your laptop deserves to be a bit groomed too with a crocheted bag.

Be a bit more innovative with this Mandala pattern crocheted bag filled with various color works. All will be in awe of you.

Crochet Pattern for Bag

One may adopt the crocodile stitches for crocheting her bag for a trendy and lavish look wherever she goes.

Besides crocheting bags and purses, you may also make some of these lovely backpacks for your little ones.

Granny patterns can be integrated while crocheting your handbags with multi-colored works for a sober look.

Girl children would be super delighted to get these owl patterns on their handbags. You must not miss the moment!

Knit a big fat bag to carry heavy stuff and do crocheting all over with varied color works for more intricacy and rich textures.

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