6 Knitted Pumpkin Hat Patterns

Hat Knitting Patterns

Moms try out for pumpkin eating, but they must also get involved in pumpkin knitting! We show you the easiest patterns for a simple and basic pumpkin hat. These are perfect for newborn babies, toddlers, small children and even young adults. So all the mothers get ready to present bright knit pumpkin hats for your cuties! These knit hats are easy to wash and comfortable for their soft textures. Kids find them fun to wear, and they are perfect accessories for all during the fall and cold seasons. Pumpkin hats keep heads as well as the ears of the baby warm enough, and they look most adorable.

Easy Pumpkin Hat Knitting Pattern 

Pumpkin knit hats prove to be excellent outfits in Halloween parties. So be ready to shock everyone with a pumpkin head!

Pumpkin Hat Knitting Pattern

Toddlers and infants can be the best people for these pumpkin hats as they are naturally cute and putting on these surely boost up their adorability.

Pumpkin Knitted Hat Pattern 

Make small bright yellow or orange colored pumpkin knit hats for the little heads of your family. They are the most appropriate gifts to them!

Pumpkin Knitted Hat Pattern

You can make exclusive designs for your baby’s pumpkin hat with crochet patterns for a lovely finish, and all will be in awe for your pumpkin baby!

Knit Pumpkin Hat Pattern 

Create wonders with your knitting skills and make pumpkin hats for the tiny stars of your family or make them for Christmas gifts.

Knit Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Small children may appear as the most adorable pumpkins with these hats while walking on the ramps for fancy dress competitions in the Montessori schools.