62 Crochet Table Runner Patterns

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Cover your naked tables in your dining hall with some crocheted table runners or tablecloths. You can style them up varying from classic to the modern ones too depending on the skill levels right from the beginner to the advanced stage. One can instantly create a delightful family heirloom with our most popular crochet patterns for table runners. You don’t really need a proper reason to crochet as it can be the favorite hobbies of many people.

You must undoubtedly be impressed with our unique collection of patterns for crocheting table runners, table mats, even coasters that would help groom up your tables and dining space.

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A crocheted table runner is the perfect project to jazz up any home, whether that be for the everyday or for a special occasion like the holidays. Creating something special is fun for anyone, no matter how skilled you are at crocheting. Below you will find our many patterns plus eight important things you should take into consideration when crocheting your table runner.

1) Decide on your products. You will need to decide on what type of yarn you are going to use. For your first table runner, your best bet will be wool, cotton, and/or acrylic, for their durability and user-friendliness. Another essential piece you will need is a hook for your yarn to go on: thicker yarns require larger hooks; while thinner ones use a smaller hook.

Crochet Pineapple Table Runner Pattern

Crochet Pineapple Table Runner Pattern

Pineapple patterns have the power of enriching your dining tables with their beautiful textural elemental touch.

Crochet Table Runner Pattern

Crochet Table Runner Pattern

One may like to check out some of these swoon-worthy patterns for making a table runner crocheting it all through.

Crochet Snowflake Table Runner Pattern

Crochet Snowflake Pattern

These glittering snowflake patterns can give your otherwise dull table a sophisticated as well as festive look with their intricate designs.

Crochet Victorian Oval Table Runner Pattern

Crochet Victorian Oval Pattern

Go ahead with your crocheting hooks and give a visual treat to the eyes of your family members and yourself too.

We have gathered for all you passionate crocheters exciting and enjoyable techniques for crocheting table runners.

Create a wonderful filet crocheted table runner with sunflower patterns for a delicate look on your dining table.

Light up your holiday mood with colorful crochet designs integrated into table runners for boosting up your festivals.

Crochet Table Runner Pattern

Granny squares can also from a really nice table runner.

Table runners enhance the look of your dining table as well as any living space where a table is covered with a crocheted one. Try this Christmas themed table runner using the free crochet pattern.

Hexagon Crochet Table Runner

If you’d like to create a hexagon crochet table runner, you can use this hexagon flower granny square crochet as pattern.

2) Measure your table and decide on the proportions. For example, if you are making a runner for a dining room table, that will require larger scale measurements, such as 16×72 inches. If you are designing one for a kitchen table, a smaller set of measurements, such as 12×36 inches.

Hexagon Shapes can make your table runners way classier than the other ordinary designed ones.

Check out this snowflake table runner crochet pattern if you’re looking for an original, winter inspired crochet pattern.

A Beautiful meal or beverage deserves to be laid out on this beautiful soothing green table runner for a great feast!

Doilies can enhance any décor so make sure you make a doily crocheted table runner with beautiful patterns.

Filet works can bring intricacy in crochet works so do not miss this while designing your table runners.

Filet crocheting can turn your dining table and its decoration into a more aesthetic and enriching one.

3) Consider your yarn color. If you are doing something more traditional, primary colors (red, yellow, blue) are always good options. A more modern take could use black, white, and grey.

Glorify your mornings with a wonderful filet crocheted table runner in your breakfast time along with some lovely fresh flowers.

Filets are delicate and rich textural patterns and are sure to grab anyone’s attention while dining.

Dainty hexagonal motifs worked with cute floral designs and fabulous color works and adorable lookouts.

Rounded table runners can be unique and somewhat classic for its different look and styled with cute knitted roses.

This is an ageless piece of wonder, regardless of wherever this gets displayed, either on the dining table or elsewhere.

Chestnut leaves can bring immense beauty to your dining décor for the lovely color combinations and fantastic patterns.

One can crochet a holiday table runner with unusual lacy patterns to smoothen the textures more and add much grace to your tables.

Get the ideas and techniques from us for the best results, and one can quickly crochet a nice granny table runner.

4) Traditional vs. modern. A traditional table runner could lend itself to plaid or stripes. A modern design could incorporate sparkle, texture (like felt baubles), or other unique touches. It all depends on the occasion – a party may be the perfect opportunity to shake things up, whereas a dinner may be just the place to bring out the classics.

Table runners can be easily worked on with crocheting details, and you can make great gifts for your loved ones.

Striped patterns can make anything stylish and funkier than the other crochet patterns so one must have a striped table runner too.

Lovely red roses can make your dining table bloom like fresh springtime so knit a beautiful flower table runner.

Create some cool patterns to welcome the fresh summer mornings on your breakfast tables with some lovely meals.

Cute doilies can groom up your tables with their charm and prettiness spread all over the dining table.

Pretty laceworks have the power to add the most grace and loveliness to your dining tables as well as the room décor.

Spiderweb patterns can be integrated for crocheting table runners especially for Halloween dinner parties.

While organizing for a grand lunch with your relatives or close friend circles, get this lovely hand crocheted table runner.

5) Special occasions or themed events. If it’s Christmas, a festive green and red design is appropriate. New Years? See if there’s a way to incorporate silver or gold. If you need more holiday themed ideas, consider looking outside for inspiration. Snowy weather? Try a pale blue, white, and maybe a deep navy. A Christmas tree could draw out a forest green color; while ornaments could inspire a purple, or even pink accent.

Refresh your mornings with a nice cup of coffee on this beautiful table runner filled with graphic designs all through.

You may use classic granny squares of multiple color schemes for a grand dinner with your family, friends or relatives.

One can check out our patterns and make a selection of the best ones suiting her room and dining décor.

One cannot help but get tempted with this pretty golden butterfly doily pattern for using in her table runner.

Beginner knitters might think crocheting table runners to be a tough job, but once getting into it, this is easy enough.

Crocheting learners at first may choose easy patterns for knitting an entire table runner, and they can finish them in no time.

Make a soft and elegant shell table runner made of crocheted doilies and match these with knitted coasters of vibrant green colors.

We provide you with the most excellent patterns and the best techniques for the loveliest crochet table runners.

Follow the methods, and you are ready for the prettiest thing ever- a lace crochet table runner.

Bring in the lovely autumns to your dining space with a bright flowering and starburst table runner.

6) Take into account time and where you will get your patterns. You can go to your local fabric store, or if you are online savvy, places like The Funky Stitch offer plenty of pattern inspiration, from macramé to lace. Depending on how intricate your design is, it will take quite a bit of time. For a more exact estimate, if you sit and knit once a day, get 4 rows done per day on a 50-row runner, it would take you about 12 days, so setting aside 2 weeks would be a good idea. The specific pattern you choose should tell you how many rows you will be expected to crochet, so you can plan accordingly.

Imagine pretty butterflies gathering the nectars on your feasting tables, and you can feel this by crocheting a table runner.

Pretty pink flowers blossoming on your dining tables are one of the most beautiful feelings of the world!

Make your Easter day the lost lovable with an adorable table runner filled with tiny pink and coral doilies.

Ripples have a more enriching look than the regular stitching patterns for their multi-color works.

Little pink hearts along with little flower patterns on filet crocheting can be best results for table runners.

Bright pumpkin yellow crocheting can be apt for Halloween get-togethers or some family dinners.

Table runners must be knitted in bright colors for a more appealing lookout. You can spread out this during Halloween feasts.

Crocheted snowflakes spread on your tables can give a modern look and impress your guests undoubtedly.

7) Think about all the steps, from start to finish. For a table runner, you will first need to create a foundation, as in a base for the rest of your stitching. You would then need to create the chains for your design. For a simple runner, you can do a single or double stitch. For more complex runners, there are crunch stitches for added texture, loop stitches for a rugged look, or v-stitches for a flat-lay presentation.

Bright and cute colors should be used while making ripples even if you want to use single colors for the other patterns.

Bring in the Christmas or Easter times or any other festivals with this adorable popping starry table runner.

Baby pink hearts can melt your heart as well as your guests’ hearts while having a beautiful meal.

Welcome the fall season with this bright golden, lacy table runner, and we can guide you the best with the techniques.

Imagine glittering stars on your dining tables lighting up your meals. Make a starred table runner for your eating place.

Make some festive designs for the upcoming occasions. Christmas is around the corner so groom up your tables.

Make your holiday a little more enjoyable with some lovely ornamented crochet table runners for your home.

Doilies added with flowers and leaves knitted beautifully all through the table runner for a lovely dinner during the holidays.

8) Final reminders. Check your measurements as you’re nearing the finish line. You can re-measure every few rows to track your progress. For a finishing touch, you could add a border to your table runner: a basic single stitch or a decorative reverse stitch are only a couple of ideas. Once you have tied off the ending knot, your crocheted table runner should be done!

While organizing wedding feasts, you can just leave your guests spellbound with this white vintage table runner.

Use lovely color works for crocheting some basic table runners, and you can simply amaze the world with your skills.

Make the loveliest flowers and gift them to your dining table for they too need some grooming and wonderful coverings.

Take up some lovely yarn colors and start making a hand stitched table runner weaving through all its sides.

Some spider web doily patterns can be adapted for table runners that can be used for Halloween dinners or feasts.

How to Crochet a Table Runner?

You can get the best guidance here with a varied range of patterns and quick techniques for crocheting a lovely table runner.

Hopefully these steps help in understanding the crocheting process, as well as the design possibilities. Whether it’s for your everyday life or for a special occasion, creating a table runner is certainly bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Crochet Table Runners for Beginners

Watch this how to video on crocheting table runners for beginners.

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