75 Crochet Placemat Patterns

by Kristen // updated on: March 16, 2023

Little details like crochet placemat patterns help to enhance the look and decor of your home. Whether you like oval placemats, round placemats or rectangular placemats you can crochet them! They add some style and help to show off your personality to your guests. They also add a little bit of whimsy and make you feel cozier in your space. Crochet placements are functional and they help to protect your tables, or other surfaces from being scratched, scraped, or damaged. Placemats are lovely, easy crocheting projects, affordable to do and you can get a beautiful set of placemats in the long run. Once you have one of these handmade placemats, you will surely want to make more of these.

Crocheted Placemats Tutorial

Before we get into the details of the different crochet placemat patterns, let’s go over the bases of crocheting a placemat.

The first step when you want to crochet a placemat is to decide which shape you want the placemat to have. We’ll go over the 3 basic shapes that will cover most of the common crocheted placemats.

How to Crochet a Round Placemat

Crocheting a round placemat is pretty easy once you understand how to crochet a flat round shape.

The main thing to understand is how many stitches you need to increase in order to create a perfect circle.

To create a perfectly flat round placemat, you’ll need to increase by 6 stitches with each round.

This means that if you start with a magic circle with 6 stitches, your next round will need to be 12 stitches, round 3 will have 18 stitches, and so on.

In order to create a circle and not a hexagon, you’ll need to spread out the increases and make sure you’re not increasing each time in the same stitch.

If you keep that in mind, you won’t have any trouble crocheting a round placemat.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to work in a spiral (without joining rounds) or if you want to join rounds each time. The choice will depend on the effect you’re trying to achieve. If you want distinct rows of color for example you’ll want to join rows. If you’re working in one color a spiral might be the way to go.

How to Crochet an Oval Placemat

When you look at an oval, you can see that it’s 2 half circles with a rectangle in between. This means that in order to crochet an oval placemat, you’ll need to have a series of normal stitches where you don’t increase and a series of “round” stitches where you double the number of stitches with each round.

To start an oval placemat, you’ll usually start with a chain of stitches and you’ll work around that chain, working several stitches in the first and the last chain.

The number of stitches in the starting chain will depend on the dimensions of the finished placemat and the number of rounds you’ll need to get the desired height and width.

The number of stitches worked in the first round of an oval in the first and the last chains is usually 6. This means if you’d put both sides together you’d get a circle with 12 stitches.

Now, to create a flat oval you’ll need to increase 6 stitches over the 2 half circles. This means 3 on each side, each round.

How to Crochet a Rectangular Placemat

There are two ways to crochet a rectangular placemat.

The first one is to simply work in rows and work your way up. This is without a doubt the easiest way to create a rectangular placemat. You don’t have to worry about making corners. But of course, this needs to fit the design you’re going for. The design will have to be in rows rather than in rounds.

The second way, is to work in the round and the trick to crocheting a rectangular placemat in the round lies in the corner, in order to make a straight angle between the top, bottom, and each side of the placemat, you’ll need to increase stitches at the end of the row.

However in order to create a straight angle rather than an oval shape you’ll need to add chain stitches between the increases.

Start with a chain of stitches (depending on the size of your placemat) then work 2 stitches in the 3rd chain from the hook, then work the desired stitch in each of the stitches until the last chain, in the last chain, work 2 stitches, chain 2, 2 stitches, chain 2, 2 stitches. This will allow you to turn around the chain while creating straight angles. When you arrive at the chain you first worked 2 stitches in, work 2 stitches, chain 2, 2 stitches, and join in the chain 2 you left at the beginning.

With this in mind, let us move on to some free crochet placemat patterns!

Free Crochet Placemat Patterns

While it is super simple to create a round, oval or rectangular placemat in crochet, having a pattern will help you go beyond the basics.

Flower Round Placemat Pattern

Flower round placemat crochet pattern

If you’re looking for an original round placemat pattern, look no further. This round crocheted placemat with a flower in the center is exactly what you’re looking for.

While the flower can be a bit of a challenge for the beginner, the rest of the placemat is really simple and will work up super quickly.

You can find the free pattern here.

Bohemian Rectangular Placemat

This beautiful modern rectangular placemat has a natural feel thanks to the colors of yarn. The stitch used in this pattern is the moss stitch. The moss stitch is an easy crochet stitch wich consists of alternating one chain (+ skipping a stitch) and one single crochet. The next row, simply chain above the sc and sc in the hole created by the chain and skipped stitch. Continue doing this.

You can download the free placemat PDF pattern here (the pattern is in dutch but contains a stitch diagram)

Colorblock Gingham Placemat Crochet Pattern

Color block rectangular placemat crochet pattern

A rectangular placemat is easy to crochet, that’s why it’s the perfect project to try some colorblocking on. Pick 3 colors you like and that fit your home decor and get started with this lovely free crochet pattern. This placemat is worked in double crochet stitches. The only difficulty is the color switching.

Check out the tutorial and pattern here.

Easy Round Crochet Placemat Pattern

People enjoy swapping out placemats for seasonal changes so one must also make a cool summer special crocheted placemat.

Get the patterns free from us and you can make these beautiful creations of placemats ever lively for your dining.

You can make a variety of these crocheted placemats for use during holiday seasons, or any special occasion in your home.

Oval Ripple Placemat

You have a number of crochet patterns to choose from for your placemat. Choose this unique oval shaped rippled mat for a different look.

One can never find herself be short of an inspiration to work on a handmade table décor for we offer you numerous crochet patterns for lovely placemats.

Make fantastic checkered designs for your placemat. As a result, you can easily transform the look of your dining table.

Vibrant Round Crochet Placemats

Round Crochet Placemat

Circular crochet patterns are the most adorable of all! So knit a bunch of different hues of yarns for a classic collection of vibrant placemats.

Crochet Placemat Pattern

You can make a lovely colorful collection of handmade placemats. For instance, with simple patterns they will just enhance the environment.

Rectangle Placemat Pattern

Placemats are usually of circular shapes. So break the norms by having a rectangular fresh crochet pattern for your table.

Flower Power Placemat for the Ladies

Women love flower patterns more than anything else in this world! So it is quite apparent for them to have a flower placemat.

Anyone would love to have a collection of round cute, colorful placemats for matching all seasons and occasions.

Hand Round Crocheted Placemat

Several patterns can be available in the market, but the joy of making placemats and crocheting them yourself is bliss.

Easy Solid Rectangular Placemat Patterns

Choose easier patterns at first for crocheting placemats incorporating bright neutral colors for a sober look.

Puppy Crochet Placemat Patterns

These are the cutest and quickest placemats one can make and place on their dining tables for a charming pattern.

Round Crocheted Placemat

You can dress up your table in the simplest way with stylish crocheted placemats which may add an extra value to it.

Crocheted Sunrise Placemat

Welcome the bright sunshine in your house with these beautiful crochet creations of placemats placed on your tea table or breakfast table.

Placemat Crochet Pattern

One can make placemats integrating in them pretty doily patterns for a lovely look and aesthetic value.

This is a classic set of oval placemats that provide you with a nice, cozy and comfy feeling during family dining or guest servings.

Here one can find numerous free patterns for crocheting placemats. Choose the suitable one and get going this festive season.

Multi-Color Crochet Placemat Pattern

Patchwork Placemat for Easter

Patchworks can look adorable yet classier! This Easter day set your table with one of this wonderful crocheted placemat for a grand lunch.

Crochet Square Placemat

Squares can be unique shapes for placemats. So you must knit one of these to turn on every eye to your table.

Daisies can melt your hearts! So why not plant them in your placemats too for a lovely feast with your dear ones.

Easy Crochet Placemats for fall

Crochet these leafy placemats to match the leaves changing their colors during the fall. This would be beautiful crocheting weather indeed!

Christmas is around the corner so you must hurry and make these amazing festive placemats with beautiful trees crocheted all over along with cute beads.

Cute little pockets of placemats look most adorable and they are highly useful too. You can keep your spoons or napkins in these.

Crochet Pattern for Placemat

Crochet patterns can definitely add an aesthetic value to anything. And placemats are no exception in this regard.

Oval Placemat Pattern

This lovely crocheted oval placemat may add an aesthetic value to your otherwise dull table by its beauty and grace.

Easy Rectangular Crochet Placemats

You might be a little innovative to make a unique rectangular shaped placemat patterned in Christmas colors for a grand dinner.

Lovely flower patterns are ladies’ favorite for any knitted item. Placemats should not anyhow be excluded from this design too.

Beginners too find it very interesting and fun to crochet exceptional patterns of placemats for a fresh experience.

Checkered Crochet Placemat Patterns

Crocheted Pocket Placemat

Regular placemats lie in every house. Even many can hand knit them too, but you can stand out from the others with this pocketed one.

Round Placemats can be a great attraction for both indoor and outdoor feasts and family dinners.

Dog Bone Crochet Placemat Pattern

Crocheted Dog Bone Placemat Pattern

This is an out of the world pattern for your placemats. Imagine placing your plates over cute dog bone mats.

Daisy Crochet Placemat Pattern

This lovely daisy placemat is tempting for anyone. Light sweet violet daisies on your table and your feast will be a happy one.

round crochet placemat pattern free

Kids Crochet Placemat

Make some placemats especially for your kids or as gifts to other children. Bear shaped placemats with cute ears are truly adorable.

Laces are graceful, so you must try for once crocheting your placemats with lovely lacy patterns for an enriching look.

Crochet Table Placemat

Usher in the summers with this bright, beautiful wavy patterned placemats. Your tables will be ready for a lavish feast.

The hearts of your guests will surely melt away with these lovely crocheted heart placemats with cute heart pockets.

green crochet placemat pattern

Daisy Embossed Filet Crocheted Placemat

This sweet green filet crochet placemat embossed with beautiful daisy patterns is an exceptional piece of wonder.

Holly Placemat

Holly Placemat for the Holy Season

This holy trim placemat on a sacred Christmas day is more than heavenly during your supper time.

Spiral Placemat Patterns

Make your Christmas holidays even jollier with these cute crocheted placemats made in unique designs.

Crochet Valentine Placemat

Surprise your valentine with this adorable red heart placemat and he is sure to lose his heart once again on you.

Spider Lace Crochet Placemat

Try out new and innovative patterns like this spider web crochet patterns for designing an extravagant set of placemats.

Springtime is coming to delight you soon so make these bright placemats involving various color works for more vibrancy.

Imagine lovely sunflowers blooming at your dining tables! You can experience this with crocheted sunflower placemats.

Crochet Sunflower Placemats

Flower placemats are always incredible patterns and sunflowers make them lovelier than any other crochet designs.

Snowflake Crochet Placemat Pattern

snowflake crochet placemat

Crochet Snowflake Placemat Pattern

Snowflake patterns are most adorable in white, but you can fill them with pretty colors for a lovely placemat on your table.

easy round crochet placemat patterns

Crocheted Spiral Placemat

Spirals are classy and make you feel a bit cozier. So do not miss this pattern while crocheting your placemats.

flower crochet placemat

Crochet Spring Placemat

Spring is the season for popping colors and fruitfulness. Fill in your tables too with this loveliness and vibrancy through these multi-colored placemats.

Make yourself a whole collection of sweet and charming placemats in your choice of colors. As a result, you will lift the spirits of your family and friends.

Snowmen Winter Placemat Patterns

snowman crochet placemat

Snowman Winter Placemat

Bring in cuteness at your home with this adorable blue snowman crocheted placemats. So you can celebrate winter holidays for instance.

Make patterns with celestial objects like this starry placemat on your table and you can hang out with your friends or family members.

Tunisian Crochet Placemat

Tunisian crochets are much intricate and rived richness to your placemats by use of a single color or even tricolored patterns. So you will have a beautiful bursts of color.

star crochet placemat pattern

Crochet Star Placemat

Fill in your dining table with pretty stars this festive season. Use crocheted star placemats ornamented with color works along the circle.

Spring Time Crochet Placemat Pattern

Vintage Crochet Placemat Pattern

One is definitely taken aback to the vintage era while having a meal on these pretty pink crocheted placemats.

Celebrate the colors of Christmas with this sassy red placemat and this one will surely light up the moods of all.

snowflake crochet placemat pattern

Snowflake Pattern for Placemat

Snowflakes are lovable and much enjoyable during the Christmas holidays so make a placemat filled with them and enjoy your meals.

Round Motif Placemat in Crochet

Circular shapes are the most popular motifs for designing placemats. They look the most attractive on dining tables.

Get the easy techniques for crocheting a nice pattern of placemats, use threads of lighter shades. Therefore, you will experience more beauty.

Thanksgiving Placemat Pattern

Turkey placemats

Crochet Turkey Placemat

Lovely turkeys flaunt their wings and spread colors on your dining table! This can be true with these crocheted placemats.

Placemats are not only meant to be kept on dining tables. For instance, you can light up your kitchen too with this colorful Easter placemat.

Tunisian Crochet Placemat Pattern

You must be craving to make this sunny Daze Tunisian pattern for your set of placemats. Know the patterns and get going.

Crochet Vintage Placemat

These traditional styles of beautiful vintage crochet placemats can also be used as room decorations instead of tables.

Watermelon Crochet Placemat Pattern

Children love watermelon patterns! Make a set of these placemats for your household for a grand feast. As a result your table will look super festive.

Just look at the level of classiness and grace of this pineapple red placemat. You cannot miss having this one on your table.

Fall Crochet Placemat Pattern

Set up the Halloween mood in your dining hall with these colorful placemats. Enjoy a Halloween party dinner with friends or family.

Crochet Table Placemat Pattern

This piece is a classic and vintage style so you must set your table up for a royal family get together with these placemats.

Crochet Wedge Placemat

Wedge patterns may be unique for placemats so one may wish to have a handmade collection of these for her dining table.

Pretty and attractive placemats serves as protective pads on tables in restaurant tables as well as households.

Granny Circle Crochet Placemat Pattern

Along with placemats, you can make an entire collection of the kitchen set with some colorful crocheted patterns.

square crochet placemat

Pineapple Pattern of Crochet Placemat

Pineapple patterns can look classy enough for placemats too as in other crocheted items. So you must make one.

Apple Crochet Placemat Pattern

apple shaped crochet placemat

Thanksgiving Crochet Placemat

Knit these cute apple placemats. You can use them as exceptional Thanksgiving gifts to your special ones.

How to Crochet Placemats?

Check out the different patterns for crocheting placemats. Get the techniques for easy methods for these handmade ones.

How to Crochet a Round Placemat?

Learn the steps and easy techniques for crocheting round shaped placemats comfortably sitting at home.

Want More Crochet Ideas?

Follow our Crochet patterns board.

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