9 Best Heat Press Table and Stand Options

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: August 20, 2020

If you’re using a heat press for your printing or designing business, you’ll realize the significance of a sturdy stand. A durable heat press table or stand will let you position the machine in a stable manner eventually letting you work more efficiently. A regular craft stand or table may not suffice if you own a heavy-duty multifunctional swing-away or clamshell heat press.

Whether you’re shopping for your second heat press stand or buying for the first time, ensure that it is sturdy. Make sure that the table (with the machine mounted atop) remains steady while you’re working and doesn’t shake or shift. At the same time, you’ll have to ensure that it has the appropriate height so that you can maintain your natural posture.  

Product Reviews

HPN Universal Heat Stand

The Universal Heat Stand from HPN crafted from hardwearing aluminum and steel, can easily support your hefty heat press machine. At the same time, this heat press stand offers a completely flat and surface for your machine. Though HPN has created this stand especially for the HPN Signature Series heat press machines, you can use it with other heat press brands.

Measuring 32” (L) x 21” (W) x 26” (H), this HPN Universal Heat Stand can comfortably accommodate different shapes and sizes of heat presses. The height of this stand is just right for applying optimum pressure for the heat transfer process. The stand comes equipped with lockable castor wheels that let you shift the unit from one place to another and also keep it locked in position.


  • Broad worktop for accommodating heat presses of different shapes and sizes
  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum and steel
  • Four lockable castors
  • Features a self-contained storage shelf

 Seville Classics UltraHD Mobile Workstation

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The Seville Classics UltraHD Mobile Workstation comes with a 1.5” thick wood worktop with a depth of 24” and a width of 36”. The framework of this UltraHD mobile workstation is made of industrial grade steel capable of supporting weights up to 500 lbs. The table features sturdy 5” lockable rotating wheels that enable you to move the counter with effortless ease.

This Seville Classics UltraHD Mobile Workstation serves as a stable worktop, portable workstation, food prep table, and so on.  


  • Broad work surface: Worktop measures 24” x 36” x 37.5”
  • Features four built-in lockable swivel casters (or castors)
  • Satin pewter coating for protection from rust and corrosion
  • Solid steel construction
  • Wooden work surface is 1.5-inches thick 

LapWorks Utility Cart

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You can use the LapWorks Utility Cart for installing your heat press and use the machine effectively for heat transfer projects. This utility cart also doubles up as a kitchen utility cart and a printer cart and can be used for hanging your hand tools. The compactness of the utility cart allows you to easily wheel it underneath a desk or table of standardized size.

You can use this unit as a beverage cart, dessert cart or a side-table in the pantry or kitchen. Or take it outdoor during a barbeque for loading charcoal on the lower tier and placing skewers and other BBQ supplies on the top.    


  • Across-the-board applications: use as utility cart, arts & craft cart, tool cart etc
  • Capable of supporting more than 350lbs of weight
  • Exterior dimensions: 18.5” x 14.5” x 23”
  • Compatible for adding 3-4 extra layers or attaching two or more carts end to end
  • Expandable, durable, and resilient

Hotronix Caddie Stand

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The Caddie Stand from Hotronix is one of the most heavy-duty stands specifically designed for use with Hotronix Auto Clam and MAXX heat presses. However this caddie stand is also perfectly companionable for using with several other brands of heat press machines. The stand comes with built-in self-leveling castor wheels that enable you to shift your heat press from one place to another.

You can raise or lower the flexible pedestal stand as per your working needs and convenience. This caddie stand from Hotronix has been designed ergonomically so that you can assemble it easily as well as use it comfortably.   


  • Can be set up easily
  • Adjustable pedestal
  • Hardwearing self-leveling casters for comfortable shifting of heat press
  • Especially designed for use with Hotronix HAXX Series and Auto Clam Heat Press
  • Limited one year warranty

Seville Classics Adjustable Table

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That you can adjust the height of the Seville Classics UltraHD workbench according to your needs is what makes this table so versatile. You can lower or raise the tabletop as per your working needs and lock the position using the four screw-in knobs. Shaped out of high-quality hardwood, the tabletop is layered with a coating that makes the surface highly resistant to scratches.

The legs of the table have rubberized feet that keeps the workbench firm and steady at all times. This Seville Classics table can bear loads of up to 1000lbs, enabling you to install the heftiest of heat presses. Constructed from industrial grade steel, this table is guaranteed to last over the years.


  • Weight supporting capacity: 1000lbs
  • Robust hardwood top
  • Height adjustable (manually) from 28.5’’ to 42”
  • Steel framework coated with granite-gray powder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rubber padded telescoping legs

Geo Knight DK Universal Stand

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The Geo Knight DK Universal Stand has been designed exclusively for using with Geo Knight’s DK20, DK20S, DK16, DC 16, and DC16AP heat presses. So, buy this stand only if you own any one of the aforementioned Geo Knight’s heat press models. The frame of this universal stand has been crafted out of heavy gauge steel which makes this unit incredibly durable.


  • Heavy-duty steel framework
  • Ideal height for heat transfer process
  • Robust casters makes this stand supremely portable
  • For using solely with select Geo Knight heat press models

Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet

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The Rolling Cabinet from Seville Classics is one of the most popular heat press stands used extensively by many printers and designers. This Seville Classics Rolling Cabinet has been designed and constructed with painstaking care to ensure that it stays in service for a long term. Robustly built this cabinet that can support and carry weight of up to a maximum of 300lbs and it features solid stainless steel doors.

On the other hand, this stainless steel cabinet has four hardwearing 5-inch casters that enable you to easily move the unit. Other useful features of this steel cabinet include stainless steel drawer fronts, six cushioned drawers, and a rock-solid hardwood worktop.  You can lock all the drawers with a single key which enables you to store all your articles with safety. 


  • Ideal for workspace, mailroom, warehouse, garage, and other workplaces
  • Measures 28”(width) x 18” (depth) x 34.5” (height)
  • 0.75-inch thick hardwood work surface
  • Comes with one height adjustable ledge
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Powder-coated steel framework for checking corrosion

Instakart Heat Press Stand

The heat press table from Instakart is ideally suited for use with an Instakart heat press. This stand furnishes the right height along with the ideal surface for working on your heat press machine with efficiency. This Instakart heat press stand also comes with industrial-grade casters which makes this unit very portable.

This rolling cart stand also features three built-in shelves that come in handy for keeping your heat transfer materials readily accessible. You can also use the shelves for storing various other items including work tools so that you can access them whenever you want to. Since this stand’s maximum weight supporting capacity is 300lbs, you can comfortably install your heat press atop it.   


  • Can support weights up to a maximum of 300lbs
  • Frame made from industrial grade steel
  • Three tiers of shelves for extra storage
  • Sturdy casters guaranteed to remain functional for years

Expandable Tool Table for Bench Tools by HTC (HTC HTT-31)

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HTC’s patented expandable tool table for bench tools can support heavyweight machines and machine tools weighing up to 500 pounds. The heavy gauge steel tool table has a 14” x 25” MDF top section into two parts and extends outwards for accommodating heavier and larger machines. A lower shelf measuring 18” x 27” has enough space for holding all your work tools and hand tools.

This expandable tool table from HTC stands tall at 31-inch which ensures that you don’t need to bend yourself while working. The legs of the table have rubber feet which prevents it from skidding or shaking while the powder-coated finish checks corrosion.  


  • Fully expansible MDF top
  • Ruler embossed on both ends of the top shelf
  • Legs and framework constructed of heavy gauge steel
  • 18” x 27” lower shelf (for accommodating additional hand tools)
  • 500lb weight supporting capacity


After going through the reviews of the 9 top heat press tables and stands, you’ll be able to figure out the product that best fits your needs. Most of the heat press table brands reviewed above including Hotronix and Seville Classics are somewhat expensive. However bear in mind that if you choose to buy a Geo Knight or Instakart heat press stand, you’ll get good value for your investments.

In case you’re looking for a versatile yet pocket-friendly heat press stand then the HTC HTT-31 is your best bet.

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