9 Knit Hat with Flower Patterns

by Ashley // updated on: December 29, 2019

Knit hat flower

Winters are arriving! So prepare to fight off the cold with personalized knitting patterns. Knit flowers into hats with your choice of stitch and become the center of attraction in special parties or picnics. Flowers never go out of style so you must adopt the knitting technique of flowers or pretty petals on your hats which will further enhance the look. Besides looking pretty, you will also feel warm and cozy when out in chilly weathers. This pattern is easy enough for beginners to learn and they can involve in creating various colorful flawless designs. These flower hats can provide you an exclusive look, and no one can ever find it in a store to give you competition!

Simple Hat with Flower Knitting Pattern

Your kid will look like a yummy candy in this cute little cotton candy hat with pinks, purples, and blues. The pretty flower is the cutest!

You make a simple but beautiful hat out of fluorescent yarns with a cute flower blooming at one corner, and everyone can’t help but adore you.

You can make incredibly fantastic baby outfits with flower patterns, beanie hats, and everyone will be in awe of you!

All the pretty ladies can knit a wonderful piece of crochet flower hat for themselves too and carry all grace.

Pamper yourself or your baby girl with this fabulous piece of art. Garter stitched blue hats look the prettiest with a pink flower on it.

If you wish to make your toddler ok like a cute little bunny gift her this garter stitch bunny hat with pretty colored flowers, petals and leaves knitted.

A bright daisy knitted in a different color at one side of the hat makes it look the cutest thing on the planet!

Daisy patterned hats are excellent for beginners to knit and they would fit all from newborns, toddlers to small adults.

You do not need always to knit complicated patterns. You can make a simple, pretty hat with buttons and a flower made on top to keep it cute.

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