All about the Garter Stitch


Knitting patterns make use of garter stitch for creating an edge or border that does not curl. Garter stitch is useful for making a strong, thick, and stretchy knit fabric. You need to know this stitch for any project.

It is simple and you need to know cast on. Just because garter stitch is easy does not mean that it is not suitable for special projects. Begin a scarf project that uses garter stitch and then carry on with some mitts or blankets. As you get an experience you can work on knitting a baby sweater that makes use of garter stitch. It can also be used in conjunction with other knitting stitches too.


  • Knitting needles
  • Yarn


1.The First Stitch

After casting on you can start first knit. Insert right needle through the first stitch from left to right, front to back.

2. Wrapping the yarn around the Right Needle

Around the right needle, you can bring the working yarn. Wrap counter wise with the yarn in between two needles.

3. Bring the Needle to the Front

Bring the right needle below the left one. Catch the wrapped yarn and bring the needle to the front making a new stitch on the right one.

4. Slide the Completed Stitch Off

Slide the stitch off the left needle and the new stitch is on the right stitch. Now your first stitch is completed and continues stitch work further.

5.Working on All Knit Stitches

Knit across the row, turn your work, and knit across that row. Repeat the process. The garter stitch edges stay flat and it is perfect for knitting items. An extra step can add to the garter stitch.

Start a row using a slip stitch to make the even edge and transfer the stitch purlwise. Knit stitch across the row and repeat this process.