Another Range of Crochet Angel Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: February 23, 2023

We believe in angels and want to have someone in life that is our guardian angel. This is a time when you need to turn your crochet skills and craft an angel for Christmas. These crochet angel patterns are a superb choice for celebration time. It adds a symbol of hope to home décor.

Easy Crochet Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a classic angel pattern that is made using cotton yarn. The pattern is simple yet beautiful.

Pineapple Angel Crochet Pattern For Free

The darling divine crochet angel reflects the calm Christmas spirit. It is must have décor item for the festive season.

Peace on Earth Angel Pattern to Crochet

The Angel pattern is made with medium-weight yarn. You can begin with the head top and work to the skirt base.

Weeping Angel Crochet Pattern

Make a firm base using cardboard and pipe cleaners in the arm. Wings can be large or small and sew them.

Crochet Cotton Angel of Grace

The angel adds a touch of elegance to the home décor. It can be placed as a centerpiece on your dining table too.

Free Crochet Clothespin Angel Ornament Pattern

Make this lovely clothespin angel ornament and you are all set to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

Crochet Granny Square Angel Pattern

This cute little angel pattern is an inspiration for you to be an angel for someone else life.

Crochet Angel Doll Pattern For Free

This amazing crochet angel is a lovely Christmas gift for children. They will snuggle it every night and feel safe and loved.

Crochet Icicle Angel Pattern

Bring joy and peace to your life in this holiday season and throughout the year with this amazing Icicle Angel pattern.

Cute Crochet Angel Bear

The pattern is easy to follow. The straightforward pattern can be completed step by step. It is beginner-friendly.

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