Best Weft Knitting Machine

The knitting technique used for producing fabrics from strands of different yarns like cotton or nylon originated in Egypt in the 11th century.  Since then manual knitting or weaving with bare hands has come a long way. And with the invention of knitting machine in 1579 home-based textile manufacturing evolved into cottage industries rendering manual […]

Best Circular Knitting Needles

Circular knitting needles as the name makes it clear are special needles that enable you to knit in the round. Knitting in the round or circular knitting is a specialized skill that calls for consistent practice for mastering the art. You’ll need a variety of tools and items for learning circular knitting and circular knitting […]

Best Circular Knitting Machine

Circular knitting also referred to as ‘knitting in the round’ is a special type of knitting or weaving for producing impeccable tube-style formations. Sweaters, pullovers, jerseys, and jumpers featuring planned openings such as neck, arm holes, and wrist cuffs are created using circular knitting. Circular knitting entails interlacing in rounds where you wind around in […]

Tips for Selecting Basic Supplies for Your Initial Cross-Stitch Projects

Sourcing and procuring essential supplies for your cross-stitch projects can be quite challenging and frustrating especially if you’re a beginner. One is spoilt for choice given the sheer variety of materials and products available in brick-and-mortar outlets and across e-commerce sites. However to stay on the safe side and keep things easy and simple you […]

5 Practical Tools for Organizing Your Cross-Stitch Supplies

Of all the various hand-sewing or embroidery patterns that beginner and budding embroiderers and knitters like to master, the cross-stitch is definitely one. Cross-stitch or cross-stitches continue to be extremely popular with youngsters not only because there are near endless patterns to learn but also because mastering the style poses a challenge. The versatility of […]

17 Things Knitters Cannot Do Without

Are you an interlacing enthusiast who wishes to learn the ropes of knitting and become a skilled and accomplished knitter? Minimalist knitters and weavers will tell you that you just need a ball of wool, scissors, and knitting needles. Of course you can start knitting with these bare necessities but you’ll definitely need some “extras” […]

Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Sewing or embroidering like any other profession, calls for regular sustained practice and training to acquire a high-level of proficiency. Though you can learn the ropes of sewing by mastering the different types of stitches manually, a quality sewing machine can help expedite the training process. A premium sewing machine can help you in developing […]

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine A heavy duty sewing machine, unlike a regular sewing machine, comes in handy for a variety of domestic and commercial embroidery projects.  You can use a heavy-duty sewing machine for embroidering, stitching masks and clothes, and quilting from different fabrics and materials. Hardwearing sewing machines come equipped with durable components […]

The Best Coverstitch Machines for Hemming

Creating decorative cover stitches or hemming on stretchy fabrics like Lycra, rayon or spandex with a couple of needles can be challenging. Attempting to impart multiple rows of hem on woolen garments or making two-fold needle rims on denim tees and spandex leotards manually is physically demanding. On the other hand, imparting perfect coverstitches on […]

Best Leather Sewing Machines for Beginners

Budding embroiderers and upholsterers will find a leather sewing machine very indispensable for developing and honing needlecraft and tapestry skills. As a beginner upholsterer without much sewing experience, you’ll find stitching on leather a tall order and remarkably demanding.  You cannot pin down leather as easily as say cotton or nylon, especially if you’re sewing […]