Best 16 Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns

by Jesse Luginbuhl // updated on: September 3, 2020

Crochet baby cocoons are the perfect gift for babies. This is a quick and inexpensive DIY that can be a good photo prop for newly born. The adorable crocheted cocoons can be the last-minute addition to the baby gift collection. You can make this easier if you are a beginner and gift it to your newborn baby. Your hard work is the token of affection to a cute baby. Try this project and feel the satisfaction.

Crochet baby cocoon with stuffed animal

The adorable owl cocoon for baby is crafted from the great quality soft yarn that comes in the shades of pink and lavender with pink and white contrast along with matching hat. It snuggles well and keeps the baby warm.

Easy Cocoon

The pea pod green cocoon with a cute hat is very easy and quick to make. It is a good project for beginners too. You can knit this with green and red color combination to make a beautiful Christmas Elf pattern.

Watermelon Cocoon

Keep your baby warm at an outdoor event in the evening. This colorful watermelon cocoon is appealing and cools everyone’s eyes but keep your kid warm.

Crochet watermelon baby cocoon on wood table

This watermelon crochet baby cocoon snuggles well and provides warmth to your baby, so you need not worry about the harsh chilly winds as this blanket is enough for protection.

Easy Chunky Cocoon

The adorable cocoon is perfect for newborns and babies up to three months. The crocheted cocoon has enough room to wiggle so they can grow and stretch.

COOL Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns

Watermelon Cocoon by Danyel Pink

The handmade crocheted cocoon and hat is made from soft acrylic yarn. The bright green and red colors are mesmerizing.

Baby Cocoon Free Crochet Pattern

It works up quickly, and the yarn is super soft, keeping the baby cozy on colder days. You can select the yarns of your choice depending on the baby’s gender or your preference.

Mermaid Tail Cocoon

The baby girl will enhance the beauty of this Mermaid tail cocoon. The cute little band adds to its grace. The pattern is suitable for babies up to three months.

Newborn Easter egg cocoon pattern with chick hat

Easter egg cocoon crochet pattern is a popular choice when it comes to photo props. The photos in this cute pattern are eye-gabbing and add sweetness element.

Mermaid Baby Cocoon 

This pattern is made from cotton yarn, and it is suitable for every season. The cute outfit will make your child feel cozy.

Giraffe Cocoon

The precious, cute, and cuddly giraffe pattern is unique. Select the soft yarn to make this cocoon so your child can feel cozy all the time.

Caterpillar cocoon crochet pattern with hat

Kids love caterpillar story, so it is a good idea if you make a beautiful outfit of the same character. You can pick this pattern for Halloween or just for fun.

Crochet Giraffe Baby Cocoon 

The cute pattern is an adequate baby shower gift. It is easy to make, so beginners can also try it out.

Crochet Baby Cocoon Patterns

Caterpillar Cocoon

The pattern is easy to make and will keep your baby cozy, warm, and happy.

Tulip Hat and Cocoon

The tulip hat pattern is an all time favorite of crocheter. Select the colors of choice and start the project.

Caterpillar Cocoon by Betty’s Banter

Caterpillars are cute. Make this lovely pattern, and your baby will love it for sure. The green color is relaxing, so it is the time to make this unique pattern.

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