Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Sewing Machines

Sewing or embroidering like any other profession, calls for regular sustained practice and training to acquire a high-level of proficiency. Though you can learn the ropes of sewing by mastering the different types of stitches manually, a quality sewing machine can help expedite the training process. A premium sewing machine can help you in developing and sharpening your skills in a particular category of sewing say quilting or upholstery.

However as a beginner starting on needlework, selecting a good quality sewing machine can seem remarkably challenging. Novice dressmakers and quilters, who don’t have any experience of stitching, will be better off choosing an entry-level machine without the bells and whistles. Once you attain a specific level of experience, and feel comfortable working with your first sewing machine, you can graduate to an advanced unit for becoming a thoroughbred professional.

This article walks you through some of the topnotch branded sewing machines that’ll help you to become well-versed in sewing.  

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Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774

If you want to establish yourself as a master quilter, then go for the Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine. To learn the ropes of quilting you need to become extraordinary adept in regular stitching before you start practicing the advanced stages. And that is exactly where the XR3774 quilting machine comes to your aid enabling you to pick up the nitty-gritty of quilting.

The XR3774 sewing and quilting machine features a walking foot (indispensable for budding quilters). At the same time this sewing and quilting machine from Brother comes with a detachable extension table for working on big projects. You can also take advantage of the 37 integrated stitches including a 1-step buttonhole, quilting and decorative stitches.

The Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine comes with an array of free accessories like 8 sewing feet, and a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin.


  • Includes a host of accessories including 8 sewing feet, large extension table, machine cover, and more
  • Handy free arm
  • Drop-in top loading bobbin
  • 37 integrated stitches  


  • Versatile sewing and quilting machine for heirloom projects, everyday sewing, dressmaking, and more
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Built-in 1-step buttonholer for creating customized buttonholes
  • Extra wide table for larger projects


  • Stitch length could change while sewing
  • Walking foot needs to be tautened every now and then
  • Winding the bobbin could be irksome

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Singer Confidence 7363 Electronic Sewing Machine

The Singer Confidence 7363 Electronic Sewing Machine is chock-a-block with user-friendly features making it the ideal sewing machine for beginners. The 7363 sewing machine comes equipped with 30 built-in stitches, drop-in top bobbin, automatic tension adjuster, and 5 presser feet enabling you to get started with a bang. Some other functional features that you can make good use of include skip-free sewing, lock stitch, and push-button stitch selection.

The internal frame of 7363 has been shaped out of heavy-duty metal which helps in furnishing steady support. On the other hand, the firm support offered by the metal frame keeps the mechanisms in perfect position for skip-free quilting. The automatic tension adjustment function guarantees consistent stitch quality irrespective of the fabric type you are working with.

For choosing a stitch and the precision settings for tension, pressure, balance, width, and length all you need to do is simply press a button. The automatic drop-in top bobbin relieves you from the hassle of lifting the bobbin thread before you begin stitching. The Confidence 7363 electronic sewing machine also has two LED lamps that illuminate the sewing area letting you view everything.


  • Automated needle threader
  • Select stitch with the simple push of a button
  • Maximum sewing speed: 750 stitches per minute
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter


  • Precision settings for length, width, pressure, tension, and balance
  • Built-in stitches very helpful when embroidering on Lycra and spandex
  • Fast sewing speed: 750 stitches per minute


  • Beginners have to go through a steep learning curve before they can use the machine effectively

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Singer M1500 Sewing Machine, 12lbs, White

If you’re looking for a premium sewing machine that’ll let you the tricks of the trade slowly and gradually then don’t look any further. The M1500 Sewing Machine by Singer comes stacked with versatile features, including 57 easy-to-use stitch patterns, enabling you to practice sewing effectively. The Singer M1500 Sewing Machine includes more than 65 accessories including but not limited to needles set, bobbins, all-purpose foot, seam ripper, and a needle plate screwdriver.

You can also make good use of the integrated needle threader together with the convenience of swapping stitches and also modify their size.  Setting up the M1500 proves to be a breeze and completely hassle-free, thanks to the modifiable stitch length and width. You’ll simply love to give full vent to your creativity by making the most of an automatic 4-step buttonhole and the 6 incorporated stitches.

The hardwearing internal metal frame furnishes steady support to all the built-in mechanisms and boosts the longevity of the unit. The Singer M1500 stitching machine helps you with routine mending and altering tasks and aids in piecing quilts, and sewing trendy garments. Apart from using the machine at home, you can also carry it to your embroidery classes owing to its portability.

Novice dressmakers and quilters can make optimum use of the M1500 and with remarkable ease due to the preset stitch dimensions.


  • 57 built-in stitches
  • Over 65 accessories included
  • Easy to use and maintain mechanical sewing machine


  • Full metal internal frame for lasting performance
  • LED lighting for illuminating sewing surface
  • Multiple feet for sewing convenience
  • Simple stitch selection


  • Many users have complained about the machine skipping stitches frequently
  • Adjusting the thread tension could be frustrating

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Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Another high-quality sewing machine that beginners will find extremely functional and practical is the Brother XM2701. The Brother XM2701 sewing machine equipped with numerous accessible features and featuring a lightweight design is supremely ideal for beginners. Both beginners and experienced professionals can fully exploit the 27 incorporated stitches comprising quilting and decorative stitches, and the 1-step buttonhole.

 This Brother sewing machine sports an innovative and ergonomic design which enables beginners to take optimum advantage of this unit. Among the machine’s useful features that beginners can use to good effect, some of the noteworthy ones include 6 adaptable sewing feet, zigzag stitch, blind stitch, and button sewing feet. The integrated free arm comes in perfectly handy for embroidering pant legs, sleeves, and shirt cuffs.

The automatic bobbin winding mechanism, jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin, and the inbuilt needle threader help a broad-spectrum of seamstresses. Every Brother XM2701 sewing machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty as well as a lifetime of online technical support.


  • Top loading drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 3-piece needle set, 4 bobbins, instructional DVD, 6 sewing feet, and many other accessories
  • Functional free arm


  • 27 incorporated stitches including decorative, blind hem, stretch, zigzag and utility stitches for executing a range of sewing jobs
  • Dial selection function
  • 800 stitches per minute


  • Plastic bobbin cover is flimsy
  • The LED lights are somewhat dim

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Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

You bet you won’t find a better sewing machine for beginners than the Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine. Designed with painstaking care, the 4120QDC finds extensive applications including quilting, patchwork, stretch fabric embroidering, home décor, and regular sewing. This Janome sewing machine features a prominent LCD screen, on-screen stitch editing, automatic thread cutter, and many other versatile features.

The 120 built-in stitches comprising 7 buttonholes can enable you to complete not only simple everyday jobs but also complex sewing projects. The maximum stitch width of 7mm together with the LCD display and the user-friendly control panel let you work with ease on both utility and ornamental stitches. While the extension table offers you extra space for your sewing projects, the intuitive tension adjustment dial enables you to preset the thread tension.

With the 4120QDC, you can complete up to a maximum of 820 stitches per minute without sacrificing the stitch quality.


  • Electronic sewing machine with hard case, instructional DVD, and extension table
  • Buttonhole foot, zigzag stitch foot, overedge stitch foot, ¼” seam foot with guide
  • Jam-resistant easy-to-set top loading bobbin system
  • Integrated automatic needle threader


  • 120 integrated stitches together with en-suite alphabet for working on any type of sewing project
  • User-friendly LCD control panel for effortless sewing
  • Thread cutter knob for snapping the top and bottom threads
  • Lock stitch button for finishing stitching with precision


  • At 22.4 pounds the machine is not quite portable
  • As it is a computerized machine, beginners will take some time before they can take full advantage of the unit

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Best Sewing Machine for Beginners: Buying Guide

Selecting the appropriate sewing machine makes a huge difference when it comes to completing your embroidery projects efficiently and quickly. As a beginner you should always opt for a machine that is not only durable but also easy to use. Contrary to what you may think, choosing a commercial-grade sewing machine loaded with advanced features can be a setback.

Compare and contrast 5-6 good sewing machines for beginners in terms of essential or basic features such as user-friendliness, weight, size, number of stitches, and so on. The best sewing machine for beginners should enable you to create stitches of superior quality that exude a professional look. At the same time, the machine should be solidly constructed so that it stays functional for long and also must be easily operable.

Try to understand which features will come to your aid based on the type of projects you usually work on. Depending on your line of work be it embroidery, upholstery or quilting, research on the right product type that’ll enable you to accomplish your projects. Instead of choosing the very first product you come across, review at least 5-6 machines before taking a decision.

Aspects to Keep in Mind While Shopping for a Sewing Machine for Beginners


When you’re shopping for a sewing machine designed largely for greenhorns, it does not bear emphasis you’ll go for an easy-to-use unit. To put things in perspective, you should always settle for a machine that you can use easily. Simply put, a sewing machine designed for beginners should have simple features that you can take advantage of without seeking assistance from a professional.

Solid built

No matter whichever sewing machine model you choose, you should always ensure that the product features a hardy metal frame. After all you surely intend to use the machine at least for 8-10 years and only an unit shaped out of durable materials will last that long. Additionally see to it that the unit includes a few accessories such as a drop-in bobbin, buttonhole, walking foot, and a presser foot.

Though almost every sewing machine for beginners can help you to accomplish the basic tasks, the specific features may or may not be suitable if you’re intending to master a specialty. For example, if you’re into quilting, you’d feel the need for a machine which comes with a walking foot and presser foot. 


A sewing machine’s weight also has a considerable bearing on in the different ways you wish to employ the unit. For instance if you want to carry the machine along with you to a training academy or to a quilting class then you should select a lightweight portable unit.


Some well-known sewing machine brands that beginners can research on include Singer, Janome, JUKI, Brother, Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, and Jaguar.


As a beginner you’ll come across a variety of durably constructed and user-friendly sewing machines that’ll enable you to learn the basics of stitching. In this review, we explored five sewing machines for beginners-two each from Brother and Singer, and one of Janome. While the sewing machine models of Singer and Brother come with numerous useful features and are budget-friendly, the Janome machine comes at a price but serves you well.