Best Sewing Machines for Home Use

Sewing Machines

There used to be a time when sewing machines occupied a pride of place in a good number of homes. However with passage of time the once indispensable sewing machine gradually lost its significance as inexpensive clothes and garments started becoming readily available. Nevertheless a significant proportion of dressmakers, seamstresses, quilters, and clothiers continue to complete projects from their homes helping sewing machine manufacturers stay in business.

Modern-day sewing machines designed and engineered for using at home, come equipped with multiple features and tend to be user-friendly. The best sewing machine for home use feature hundreds of stitches, and several other functional features letting you work on various types of needlecraft projects. In this review, we’ll take a close look at five top-rated sewing machines for home use. 

Product Reviews

Singer Start 1304 Sewing Machine

If you’re looking for a plain and simple sewing machine basically for home use, then you choose the Singer Start 1304. The Singer Start 1304 mechanical sewing machine has been designed with care keeping in mind the needs of home-based seamstresses. Dressmakers handling a limited number of projects as well as beginners will find the Start 1304 extremely handy for good reasons.

For a start this Singer sewing machine comes with 6 integrated stitches, and each stitch has preset width and length. So all you need to do is simply select the preferred stitch pattern and you are ready to go. A detachable extension table built into the machine provides you with a broad area for working on your projects effectively.

Detach the extension table to reveal the free arm that comes in handy for executing small projects like hemming trousers. The readily accessible stitch dial allows you to switch from stitch to another in a single step. You can sew buttonholes in four integrated and simple steps which you can keep track of on the Stitch Selector dial.


  • Treadle-powered electric sewing machine
  • Free arm
  • 57 stitch patterns with preset stitch dimensions
  • Automatic spool winding


  • Weighing just 7 pounds, this sewing machine is portable enough for carrying
  • Quick start instruction manual helps beginners
  • Comes with several accessories such as spool pin felts, foot control, and zipper foot
  • Reverse lever for securing a seam from beginning to end to check disentanglement


  • No automatic speed control
  • No control for setting the needle to stop either up or down

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Brother  HC 1850 Sewing & Quilting Machine

The Brother HC1850 Sewing & Quilting Machine offers you the flexibility and convenience of doing everything from complex decorative hemming to simple monogramming. This computerized sewing machine integrated with an extra wide extension table and sewing font features 130 exclusive stitches as well as 55 alphanumeric stitches for basic monogramming. And if you deal with quilting projects, you’ll enjoy making the most of a removable wide table, spring action quilting foot, and the free-motion quilting mechanism.

Equipped with push-button stitch selector, an affixed stitch reference flip-chart, detachable foot control, automatic threading mechanism, and 8 presser feet, the HC1850 embodies user-friendliness and versatility. Despite being packed to the brim with numerous features, this Brother sewing & quilting machine remains portable enough for taking to your sewing classes. You can take it for granted that you’ll have it easy and enjoy creating professional quality stitches thanks to the convenient threading of the top thread.

You can select your choice stitch pattern simply by pressing a stitch selector button while a backlit LCD display keeps the workspace illuminated for full visibility.     


  • Drop-in top loading bobbin with state-of-the-art needle threader
  • 185 exclusive built-in stitches including 130 sewing stitches and 55 alphanumeric stitches
  • Comes with free accessories such as extension table, manual and digital instruction manual, and 8 feet
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • Prominent LCD screen displays your settings clearly
  • LED lights to illuminate your sewing surface
  • Intuitive flipchart for viewing all built-in stitches at a glance
  • Modifiable sewing speed


  • Even the slightest of machine vibrations make the power cord come unstuck
  • LED lighting is not quite bright

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Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine

Reinforced with an array of extremely practical features and functionalities, the Simple 3232 sewing machine by Singer is sought-after by domestic dressmakers. Featuring stitch length and width adjustability, easy threading, and an automatic needle threader, the Simple 3232 comes across as a user-friendly machine. While the 32 built-in stitches and the integrated 1-step buttonhole imparts creativity to your projects and makes them striking, the hardwearing metal frame boosts durability.    

If you’re a hobbyist seamstress or prefer managing sewing projects from the comfort of your home then you’ll find the Simple 3232 incredibly handy. You’ll enjoy using this sewing machine not only because the unit enables to get going quickly but also because working becomes fun. Simple 3232 sewing machine comes with all the bells and whistles letting you work with ease and effectiveness and also with speed.

An ‘online owner’s class video’ accessible round the clock comes to your aid instantly in case you require assistance with the unit. You can thread the whole machine right from the bobbin up to the eye of the needle in no time. The incorporated needle threader helps you with inserting one end of the thread into the needle’s eye with effortless ease.

Completing large and sophisticated projects in a short span of time seems achievable owing to the machine producing 750 stitches per minute. You can embroider and hem multiple layers of heavy fabrics with the Simple 3232. On the   other hand you can lift the presser foot higher up in order to firmly position your project.   


  • Stitches per minute: 750
  • 32 integrated stitches
  • Solid metal frame
  • Inbuilt needle threader


  • Can effortlessly sew through multiple layers of fabrics and materials
  • Automatic reverse function for strengthening the sewing
  • Automatic threading through eye of the needle minimizes eye strain 


  • Many users reported that some components of the machine did not function properly
  • The machine does not include a user’s manual

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Husqvarna Viking Jade Sewing Machine

The Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 Sewing Machine designed innovatively and loaded with handy features perfectly blends aesthetics with performance. You’ll find it amazingly easy to deal with quilting, garmenting, and sophisticated interior decoration or upholstery projects owing to the broad workspace to the needle’s right. 

You bet you won’t come across any other sewing machine model featuring a sewing surface larger than that of Viking Jade 20. You’ll find a booklet placed under the lid that offers instructions on how to make the most of this Husqvarna sewing machine. All you need to do is choose the fabric and the stitching technique, and the Viking Jade 20 recommends the relevant stitch together with settings.

Therefore when you the press the Viking Jade 20 sewing machine into service, you can rest assured that the results will be excellent. You’ll simply love to flaunt the Husqvarna Viking Jade 20 thanks to its rich and ultramodern looks. This sewing machine has been designed intelligently and with painstaking care letting you conceal all the accessories including the foot pedal. 


  • Built-in needle threader
  • Drop-in top loading bobbin
  • LED lighting
  • Extra wide sewing area


  • Wide sewing surface to the needle’s right helps in stitching garments, quilts , and complex home décor projects
  • 82 gorgeous stitch patterns, each having a width of 7mm
  • Exclusively designed compartment for housing accessories
  • Adjustable foot presser pressure


  • Many users have struggled with threading the needle

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Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

The Varmax Mini Sewing Machine has an array of versatile features and functionalities that makes this unit ideal for home use. A mini-sized machine, this Varmax sewing unit weighs only 3.21 pounds allowing you to take it effortlessly to embroidery classes. This sewing machine comes with a big extension table that makes it easier for you to stitch steadily and smoothly.

An inbuilt-lamp keeps the workspace illuminated enabling you to see everything clearly especially when you’re working in a dimly-lit environment. When you’re done sewing, you can use the equipped thread cutter for trimming the thread. This mini-sewing machine from Varmax makes a good buy if your sewing projects mostly involve working with moderately hard fabrics like silk, thin canvas, and soft jeans.


  • Compatible with multiple power supply options
  • Space-saving mini-sized sewing machine
  • Includes foot pedal, extension table, adapter, sewing kit, and user manual
  • 1-year limited warranty and after sales-service


  • The machine is so user-friendly that even kids can use it
  • Easy and automatic bobbin rewinding
  • Cuff slot designed especially for embroidering on trousers and sleeves


  • As the unit has a body made out of plastic it may not be quite durable
  • Suitable only for those on the learning curve

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Best Sewing Machines for Home Use: Buying Guide

A sewing machine crafted keeping in mind the working needs of home-based embroiderers and fashion-designers, has easy-to-use features, is lightweight, and quite durable. Additionally such a sewing machine comes with a suite of unique features that enable you to fully express your creativity. If you’re a professional who has to process sewing orders of some select clients on a routine basis then you’ll find a quality sewing machine indispensable.

Of course you can stitch or embroider using your hands but if you’ve to deliver clients’ projects within deadlines then a sewing machine is a must-have. A high-quality sewing machine not only comes in handy for working on a range of projects like quilting, embroidery, and upholstery but also helps maintain quality. In this buying guide we walk you through different sewing machine types and the features that you should look for in a machine designed for domestic use.

Different Types of Sewing Machines for Home Use

Sewing Machines with Computerized Programs

Computerized sewing machines as the name indicates have several features that you can preset or preprogram for supervising your projects. Some models also feature a large LCD display or touchscreen which lets you see the settings and operations. Some of the features that you can preset on a computerized sewing unit include tension control, feed dog, buttonhole style and formation, and so on.

A computerized sewing machine comes at a price, and supremely suitable for a beginner looking to become a thorough professional.

Electronic Sewing Machines

The arrival of the electronic sewing machines ended the extensive popularity of their mechanical counterparts that had dominated the sewing industry for decades. An electronic sewing machine shares most of the features of its mechanical variant but tends to be more performance oriented. Electronic sewing units have electrically powered heavy-duty motor for controlling the needle giving you excellent stitch control and enabling you to work speedily.

Also the motor being operable by a foot pedal allows you to freely use your hands for guiding the fabric using the feeding system

Serger Machines/Overlocking Sewing Machines

Overlocking sewing machines popularly called Sergers come to your aid when you have to attend to hemming, seaming, and edging projects. A overlocking sewing machine can help achieve numerous stitch patterns starting from a single threaded to 5-threaded overlock. Dressmakers and tailors will find serger machines extremely handy for imparting finishing touches to a range of needlework projects. 

Mechanical Units

The advent of electronic sewing machines sounded the death-knell for mechanical sewing machines. You’ll come across very few clothiers and dressmakers who still use a mechanical unit as it is gradually becoming obsolete.

What to Look for in a Sewing Machine Designed for Home Use?

Basic built-in stitches

The premium sewing homes designed for domestic use always come equipped with basic stitches including button-, back-, zigzag-, and straight stitches. The more expensive models feature at least hundreds of stitch patterns, mainly comprising utility and decorative stitches.


The best sewing machine model has an outer chassis made of solid plastic while its inner skeleton is of steel. Such sewing units therefore remain steady while you work on a project and also last for many years.


If you’re planning to carry the machine with you while travelling for work or taking to sewing classes ensure that the product is portable.

Automatic needle threader

A sewing unit with an automatic needle threader relieves you from threading the needle manually which causes eye strain and weakens eyesight.

Foot Pedal

A machine having a foot pedal with an anti-skid base allows you to operate the unit in hands-free mode.

Automatic buttonholer

The automatic buttonholer enables you to create buttonholes effortlessly for stitching buttons onto garments and dresses

Speed control

If you can control the pace of the fabric’s movement beneath the needle, then you’ll be able to sew as per your needs and preferences.


All quality sewing machines for home use, by and large offer a limited warranty valid for at least a couple of years.


After going through reviews of the 5 topnotch sewing machines from Singer, Brother, Varmax, and Husqvarna Viking, you’ll have a fair idea the product that’d suit you. While some models can be used by both beginners and professionals, a couple of these are designed largely for those who wish to learn from scratch. The Varmax Mini-Sized Sewing Machine priced under $40 is one product that even children can use.