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The knitting technique used for producing fabrics from strands of different yarns like cotton or nylon originated in Egypt in the 11th century.  Since then manual knitting or weaving with bare hands has come a long way. And with the invention of knitting machine in 1579 home-based textile manufacturing evolved into cottage industries rendering manual knitting redundant.

Nowadays knitting machines produce more than 95% of all knitted garments including but not limited to sweaters, socks, scarves, and jerseys. You create loops and stitches for creating knitted fabrics (either manually or through knitting machines). Interlocking loops running horizontally and vertically on the textiles consistently lead to the formation of a knitted garment.

The interconnecting loops that run from left to right across the fabric piece are created through weft knitting technique. Alternatively warp knitting method leads to the formation of interlocking loops spanning from top to the bottom of the fabric. Weft knitting, the most extensively used knitting style, calls for just a single yarn feed for creating a straightforward stitch.

Weft knitting machines can make fabrics featuring both circular and flat knitting patterns. This review walks you through different types of weft knitting machines including single and double jersey circular knitting machines, straight bar and flat bar knitting machines.

Product Reviews

Silver Reed LK150 Mid-Gauge Knitting Machine by Walfront

If you need a quality weft knitting machine as a beginner knitter then you don’t need to look any further. A mid-gauge 6.5mm knitting machine, the Silver Reed LK150 comes in perfectly handy for inexperienced embroiderers looking to master knitting a variety of yarns from worsted- to sport weight yarns. You can press the Silver Reed into service for effectively working on and completing projects like blankets, pullovers, jerseys, and mittens.

This knitting machine is compact and lightweight as well as durable and resilient thanks to its construction from heavy-duty plastics. Make sure you feed premium worsted-weight yarn to the Silver Reed LK150 mid-gauge knitting machine to produce knitwear or sportswear. If you use inferior quality of sports- or worsted weight yarns then you’ll put undue stress on the machine, thereby shortening its active lifespan.

The Silver Reed mid-gauge knitting machine is very user-friendly and therefore can be used to good effect even by children. The machine’s design and aesthetics not only appeals to your senses but also lets you develop and hone knitting skills. If you’re attending embroidery training classes with a view to become a professional knitter then this unit will enable you to whet your raw skills.

If you work consistently using the Silver Reed LK150 knitting machine you’ll become proficient in crafting a variety of patterns.     


  • Includes needles with roller-capped latch for quiet and smooth operation
  • Easily portable: Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with essential accessories such as knitting boards, crochet hook, row counter, wire frame tool, tappet with tappet base, and more
  • Manual needle selection
  • Mid-gauge (6.5mm) knitting machine


  • Supplements your hand-knitting needs eventually boosting your knitting skills
  • Compatible with a wide variety of worsted yarns used in hand-knitting
  • Ergonomically designed and made for ensuring ease of use
  • Versatile and durable


  • You’ll need to use extra weights to keep the unit from dropping stitches
  • Many users reported that a few accessories and parts were missing
  • Very expensive

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Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio

Once you bring home the Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio you can do away with your hand-knitting needles for making garments. You can start knitting right away with the Knitting Studio as it features everything you require for weaving a beanie cap, a bespoke headscarf, and much more. Make the most of high-quality worsted-weight yarns such as wool and cashmere and Knit Posts for attractive and chic sweaters, jumpers, jerseys, and gloves.

After you learn the ropes of and master the exclusive post-knitting technique, you can try out a variety of stitches. After you’ve perfected the miscellaneous stitching patterns you’ll feel confident to craft your own masterpieces. The Knitting Studio from Knit’s Cool includes a range of accessories including but not limited to easy-knit yarn, and instructions for creating near countless stitch patterns.     

The Knitting Studio comes fully assembled which not only enables you to use it comfortably but also renders it perfectly safe, especially for children.  You can make good use of included accessories like sewing needles, 10 yards of purple artificial yarn, 20 yards of pink and blue synthetic yarns, and more.  The package also comes with an instruction booklet and four buttons that help you to start using the machine smoothly.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact: comfortable to handle and use
  • Includes three knitting posts, charms, and buttons for creating customized projects
  • Comes with many accessories including but not limited to crochet hook, 18ms of pink and blue synthetic yarn each, and 1 row counter


  • You can knit your own phone case, infinity scarf, and boho headband with the included yarn
  • So user-friendly that even a 8-year old kid can use it
  • You just need to pop in the knitting posts for getting started
  • Video tutorials for dealing with knitting projects


  • Children will struggle to make the most of this unit contrary to what the manufacturer claims
  • Use instructions could confuse you

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Caron The Ultimate Sweater Machine

Caron’s Ultimate Sweater Machine makes a good buy if you’re looking for a durable machine for knitting pullovers and have basic skills. Beginner knitters with a specific level of experience will find the Ultimate very user-friendly for creating eye-catching patterns and designs. The Caron Ultimate Sweater Machine comes reinforced with an array of versatile and handy tools that make sharpening knitting skills fun.

Even an accomplished and seasoned knitter will not be able to knit 500-700 stitches in a minute, let alone 1200. But with this performance-driven knitting machine by Caron you can knit 1200 stitches within a minute- sounds incredible but it’s true. With the Ultimate sweater machine, knitting a kid’s sweater in a day or an Afghan cardigan in a couple of days is a breeze.

Novices with little to no experience of knitting will find it remarkably easy to take advantage of this sweater machine. The Ultimate machine by Caron works seamlessly with an assortment of fibers used for knitting, including worsted- and sports weight threads. You can execute almost any hand-knitting pattern with this machine including but not limited to Fair Isle, lace, cable, and tuck stitch.  

You can set up the Ultimate with nearly any size of knitting needle, ranging from 6-10-1/2 inches, thanks to the six key-plates. You can use this machine for knitting an adult sweater with up to 100 weft patterns. On the other hand if you wish to extend stitches across the fabric you can go for a supplementary Ultimate machine or extra extension kits.

This Caron sweater machine comes with 100 built-in knitting needles that make it easier for you to produce scarves, socks, headliners, and the like. Additionally you can view instructional and training videos for boosting your knitting skills and look forward to become a professional.


  • High-quality product made in the US
  • Comes with everything you need for knitting
  • Compatible with a range of hand-knitting yarns like double-knit, worsted, cotton, mohair, and sport-worsted


  • Knit baby and kids’ wear as well as coats, Afghans, skirts, and sweaters for adults
  • Even beginners will have it easy using the machine thanks to YouTube videos and step-by-step instructions booklet
  • 100 needles for knitting up to 1000 knits per minute
  • Hand tools for shaping, ribbing, and creating striking patterns


  • Many users have complained about the unit’s substandard design
  • You’ll need to gain some knitting experience before taking advantage of this machine

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Axis 500-1 Portable Blind Stitch Hemming Machines

If you want to create elegant hems on skirts, pants cuffs and shirt sleeves choose the Axis 500-1 Portable Blind Stitch Hemming Machine. The possibilities of carrying out multiple alterations on various innerwear and outerwear items are nearly infinite if you’re adept in knitting professional hem. The Axis 500-1 comes to your aid when you need to sew precision blind for hems and folds and it does the job faster compared to other hemming machine models.  

This blind stitch sewing machine with 1:1 to 2:1true skip-stitch function comes with a host of accessories to get started. With a maximum speed of 1200RPM the Axis 500-1 works comfortably with a range of yarns including wool, cotton, and corduroy to name a few. The unit comes with a swing-away plate for knitting flat panels, features adjustable thread tension function, and a variable-speed foot controller.


  • Solid steel construction
  • The piercing of stitch can be adjusted according to fabric
  • Swing-away plate for sewing flat pieces
  • Includes several accessories to start working right away


  • Rated to accomplish 1200 stitches per minute
  • Blind stitch hemmer thread tension
  • Axis online support for information about replacement parts and warranty


  • The threading technique is somewhat complicated
  • Being heavier than several other comparable models, this hemming machine is not quite portable

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Prym MIDI Knitting Mill Machine

If you want to specialize in creating flat panels and tubes, then you don’t need to look farther than the Prym Knitting Mill. You’ll find it extraordinarily easy to make optimum use of this knitting mill’s features for producing both circular and flat patterns. This Prym MIDI knitting mill machine makes use of 20 crochet hooks for knitting tubes having a circumference of about 8”.   

On the other hand the setting for flat panel presses into service 16 hooks for producing a panel sized 4-3/4”.  The tension guide featuring multiple positions and the yarns facilitate the setting of precise tension according to type of yarn. You just need to tie a new yarn ply for changing the yarn colors.

Both adults and children can put this MIDI knitting mill machine from Prym to good effect for making scarves, gloves, mittens, sweaters, and beanies.


  • German-made knitting mill machine
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Robust construction
  • Package contains knitting mill with sturdy base, plastic needle, carrying handle, transparent cover, and instructions booklet


  • Ideal for knitting medium-size tubes and flat panels
  • Knit panels and tubes just by turning the cranking handle
  • Compatible for using with size 1-4 hand-knitting yarns
  • Multiple thread guides for achieving the appropriate tension with a range of worsted yarns


  • Skips stitches frequently
  • May not work properly if you set the yarn to high tension

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After reading this Best Weft Knitting Machine review through to the end you’ll have a fair idea which model would suit you best. However before you choose the right product, make up your mind on the knitting projects types you’d like to handle. If you’re a beginner then the Silver Reed, Knit’s Cool, and Prym’s MIDI knitting machine models would make good buys.

On the other hand experienced knitters will find Carom’s Ultimate Sweater- and Axis 500-1 Blind Stitch Hemming Machines very handy.